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Description of people:
Tim: Tall boy, 185 cm, brown short hair, blue eyes. He is 33 years old and his job is managing the computers for the people in the company. He wears a neat blue striped blouse and dark blue pants. He is single and suffers from a cold.
Lisa: Skinny girl, 165 cm, brown curly hair, brown eyes, some freckles. Little make-up. She is 29 years old. Her job is being a personal assistant. She is outsourced to many customers, but today she is in the office for fixing a problem with her new laptop. She wears a short brown skirt (just reaching her knees), high heals and a warm pink sweater.

"Ha..Hatsjoe! HAATSJOEE!" Tim sneezed wetly. "Bless you, that was a big one," Lisa said. She was positively surprised by his sneezes. I have never seen a hot one like that before, she thought. Tim looked at the girl who was standing suddenly beside him and smiled with a little bit of sadness . "Sorry.. " he said looking at her . "That was just.. a little.. Uggh" Tim had to cough and Lisa noticed his nose was red. He tried to say something but he couldn't because of his coughing fit. Lisa looked at him and said "Are you feeling okay?" Tim nodded his head. He coughed once more and said " Yes, I'm fine, just a little cold ." "I'm sorry for you, I hope you'll feel better soon," Lisa said with a smile. She sat down beside Tim and put her laptop on the table. " So what do you want to know ?" Tim asked. "Well , I was just wondering if you could help me out. I'm trying to get my new computer set up , but it doesn't work yet! " Tim was about to say something but he was blocked. He put his hand on his mouth trying to cough the mucus out of his throat. " Well, what's wrong with it ?" he asked, sniffling slightly. " I got it installed yesterday by your colleague, but the main problem now is that my sound doesn't work." Lisa explained. Tim looked at her and said with a hoarse voice: "Can you already log in? I'll be back in a minute." "Sure." Lisa replied. Tim took his mug and went to the kitchen , where he filled it with hot water and put some tea into it. He coughed again, until his lungs felt free again. After that, Tim took a tissue and blew his nose a few times in it. That would probably delay new cold symptoms for a while, he thought.

When he got back , he sat down and spend some time looking on Lisas computer. The problem was not immediately clear. Lisa looked at him , puzzled . " What 's wrong with it ?" Lisa asked after a few minutes. "I 'm not sure . I 'm going to run some updates first to check. This can take a while , Lisa ." " Okay, I'll get some coffee and wait ." she said. Lisa went to the kitchen and came back with some coffee. She tried to read some messages on her phone while her laptop was downloading updates.

Tim took a sip of his tea and sniffled a few times . He felt really bad , but he didn't want to admit it. Certainly not with a Lisa near him. He took out a tissue from his tissue bag and wiped his nose. He tried to focus on his work and reading his email. As he was reading, he suddenly felt like tickle in his nose. He put the tissue back on his nose and tried to ignore the feeling . At some point the tickle had grown so badly that Tim couldn't focus anymore and he decided to stop fighting it. "Ha-Hatttsjoe!!!" Tim sneezed into a tissue . He notice the tissue was covered in mucus. The sneeze had been wetter than he expected. He sniffed again and threw the tissue away. "Bless you again!" Lisa said. Tim looked at her a bit irritated. "Thank you, but you don't have to bless me each time I sneeze ." He said. "Why not ? I don't mind," Lisa asked. "Because I just don 't like that kind of attention." Tim answered shortly. He was a bit annoyed. He didn't like to be reminded of his condition, especially not by others. The symptoms itself were already bad enough. Tim sniffed and wiped his nose. "How is you laptop doing?" he asked in order to change the subject. "Oh , it's still downloading stuff." Lisa said. " That's quite long. Did it make any progress recently?" "No , it 's been on 89% for a while." Lisa replied. "Let me check some things." Tim said and typed some commands at Lisa's laptop. Suddenly he had to sneeze again. "HAtsjoe! HA-HATsjoee!" he sneezed in his cupped hands. It felt quite unpleasant. Lisa felt bad for him, but she had really enjoyed his sneezes. The poor boy wiped his hands on his pants and sniffed again. Lisa frowned at him, but didn't say anything. Tim went on working on Lisa's laptop pretending nothing happened. He felt that Lisa was staring at him, but tried to ignore that. "I think it's -snif- not stuck anymore on the download. Snif - Please wait a little longer until the updates -snif- have been executed." Tim said with a congested voice. "Thank you. You're really nice." Lisa responded . She had decided to try another approach for dealing with Tim's cold and she tried to comfort him a bit. "Let me know if I can do anything for you in the mean time." she offered. Tim nodded and suddenly turned away from Lisa. "HAAtsjOE! -snif - snif - Ha-HAtssjoe! HATSsjoeee !" He sneezed wetly into his hands. Lisa watched intriguing how is whole body was moving during these harsh sneezes. Tim wiped his nose and hands with a new tissue. "Ugg, I hate all this sneezing ." He spoke out loud to himself. He shivered a little . "How many times have you sneezed this morning?" Lisa asked. "I don't count them. Why do you want to know?" Tim asked defensive. "Just curious ." Lisa replied. She felt that she shouldn't say too much about his cold now. Tim went to the toilet where he could privately blow his nose, again and again until it felt at least a bit more empty.

A while later, when Tim is working on his own laptop, he started coughing again. "It looks like you're having a hard time." Lisa noticed. Tim shrugged. "I don't feel that bad." He offended. "I have a small cold and I just want to work and not think about it." It was clear Tim was tired and didn't feel well. Lisa smiled. "I may know something that can help you feel better." She said and offered to give him a long hug. As being a personal trainer, Lisa wasn't afraid of physical contact with colleagues. And she knew that a hug would increase some hormone levels that made people feel better. Of course, she had to admit, she wouldn't mind hugging this handsome boy today in his current condition. Surprisingly for her, Tim accepted the offer. He didn't mind this pretty girl hugging him. At least he might warm up a bit, he thought. Lisa decided to start with a hug with limited body-contact, to reduce the chance Tim would feel uncomfortable. So she walked behind Tim's chair and she gently wrapped her arms around him from the back. He closed his eyes and felt her warm body. "How does this feel?" She asks. "Fine." Tim replied shortly. In fact, he really liked the warmth of Lisa on his upper body. She put her cheek against his . "It is not bad to admit if you feel bad ." Lisa told him . Tim was quiet, he didn't want to admit. He needed to sniffle, but he didn't dare now she was so close. "You are sweet." he said to her . She smiled . "Yes and you are cute ." Lisa whispered. "What am I?" he asked. "Nothing ." She said. Tim looked puzzled at her for a moment but she only smiled back. Tim closed his eyes again and enjoyed their hug. He indeed started feeling a little better. While Lisa was hugging him a bit longer Tim falls asleep started dreaming about Lisa. He thought about how she would sit on his lap, taking his head into her hands and kissing him on his forehead, on his cheeks, on his mouth...

"I think I want some new coffee ." Lisa said and she softly broke both Tims dream as their physical contact. She had given up her own hope that Tim would have to sneeze during their hug. "Do you want a drink too?" she asked him. "Eh..Yes, some tea please." he replied with a small cough. He had to came back with his mind in the real world. Lisa smiled at him and grabbed his cup . "What kind of tea do you like?" she asked. "Doesn't matter." he replied, still a bit absent. Lisa went to the kitchen, leaving Tim confused about what had just happened. He started to realise that he had been dreaming of Lisa kissing him. In fact, he still would like her to kiss him. Tim was a bit shocked by those feelings. He felt something strange that he hadn't felt for a long time. Soon his nose brought Tim really back to reality. He sniffled wetly and grabbed a clean tissue to blow his nose. Then Lisa came back and gave him the cup of tea. "Thanks," he said and tried to focus on his work again.

After a while the updates had been finished on Lisa's laptop. "I think they're finished." Lisa told him. Tim turned to her and did a last check on her laptop. "You're right ." he said, sniffling a bit. "And I see your problem is also solved. He played a test sound to demonstrate it." "Thank you very much!" the lady said. Lisa stood up and took her laptop with her. "Ha- have a n-n-nice day!" Tim said, successfully suppressing a sneeze, and waved her good bye until she crossed the corner. Tim knew that he would be able to hold back this sneeze until he would hear the door of the room closing. He was relieved that Lisa wouldn't observe any more of is annoying cold symptoms today.

However, Lisa had other plans. When she opened the door, she heard Tim quietly hitching again in the back. She immediately realised what that meant and she really would like to hear one more sneeze of him before she would leave. Lisa decided to delay her departure a bit. She closed the door and at that moment she heard Tim giving in to this new sneezing fit. Lisa quickly walked back to glance around the corner to see the poor guy sneezing into his tissue. She counted his sneezes in her head. One, two......three. O that boy is really attractive, she thought and couldn't keep an eye of him. Then there was a pause in the sneezing. It was clear for Lisa that Tim was not finished yet but the fourth sneeze had a bit more delay giving him the time to look up. He was shocked when he saw a glance of Lisa from the corner of his eyes. When he turned around to see if she was indeed still there he unfortunately pushed his cup of tea down on his table. Tim sweared and quickly turned back to his table trying to save his laptop from the liquid.

Lisa was shocked a bit. Had he seen her? What should she do? Going away, pretending she hadn't come back at all? Or helping him cleaning up the mess, risking that he would ask her why she had been watching him? She choose for the latter one and hurried to Tim. "Don't worry. I'll help you." she said, trying to dry the table with the tissues that were on the table, while Tim was holding his laptop in his one hand and his headset and mouse in the other.

It did not take long before Tims sneezing fit had come back. "H- h-I ...I have t -to ...h," he tried to warn Lisa that he needed a tissue, but the sneezes came too fast. "Ha-ha ...HHAATSSJJOE!! Ha-ha-HATSJOE!! Snif, h-h-h...ha...HATTSSJOOOE!!" Lisa looked back over her shoulder to watch him. Tim was sneezing uncovered on his laptop, since his hands were full with stuff. Afterwards, a thick droplet of snot was hanging from his left nostril. Tim sniffed it partly back up into his nose and made a movement as if he wanted to grab a tissue. "Don't move darling, just wait." Lisa told him. Tim nodded, sniffling heavily. Lisa took a tissue and positioned herself in front of Tim, as closely as possible. She gently wiped the snot from his face. However, the tissue tickled Tims nose again and he immediately let out another wet sneeze. Lisa was able to catch part of it in the tissue, although she also felt some wetness on her face. She blushed, she hadn't expect Tims nose being that sensitive. " I'm sorry, -Snif- I didn't mean to..." Tim stuttered . "D-did I sneeze on you ?" He asked being embarrassed. Lisa didn't respond on that. She felt excited and betrayed and avoided eye contact. She quickly went on drying the table and the keyboard and the other stuff on the table. She was so shocked by what had just happened that she didn't notice that she was drying the table with the same tissue Tim had just sneezed into. When the girl noticed that the tissue box had become empty, she quickly went to the kitchen to get some towels.

When the table was dry again, Lisa finally dared to look at Tim again. She took his laptop to clean it up. "O dear, you quite sprayed your laptop." Lisa noticed. A thick droplet of snot was indeed hanging on the screen, besides all the other smaller droplets. Tim felt even more ashamed and was still sniffling. "Here," Lisa said, "blow your nose," when handing him a towel. Tim did so, while Lisa cleaned the laptop. After some time everything looked dry again. Only Tims shirt was still wet on one side. "I think we've had everything." Lisa said and grabbed the dirty towels to bring them to the laundry bag in the kitchen. "You don't have to..." Tim started. "Don't worry, I'll back in a minute." Lisa said. Tim sat down in his chair, letting his head rest between his hands on the table. He felt cold and tired and on top of that he really messed up with Lisa. Not only did she witness a gross uncovered wet sneezing fit of him, he probably also sneezed on her face.

When he heard Lisa walking back to him he sat up. Lisa had even brought a new cup of tea for him. " You okay ?" Lisa asked. Tim nodded , wiping away a few drops of snot from his shirt he hadn't noticed before. "Yeah, thanks for asking," Tim said. "Lisa, I'm really really sorry about what just happened." Lisa smiled. " You can't help that you're sick." She said. Tim immediately wanted to protest. "I'm not s.." he started. "Well, maybe I am... a bit." He corrected himself when seeing the expression on Lisa's face. He was not really in the position now protest. "Well, then I'm now going back to my own office." Lisa announced trying to avoid more conversations about sneezing. "Wait," Tim said . "Did- did I just sneeze on you ?" He asked her worriedly. Lisa blushed and doubted for a moment. She didn't really know how she should respond. She just nodded and tried to keep a poker face. " Yes, you did." "I was already afraid for that. Dear Lisa, I'm so sorry. I really didn't want to." Tim regretted. "As I already said, you can't help that you're sick." Lisa repeated politely. Although she sounded calm, inside she was still in survival mode, trying to avoid Tim noticing her fascination for his sneezes. Tim coughed and asked "How can I make this up to you?" Lisa hesitated. She hadn't expect this question. Her heart said she would love to go on a date with this cute, sneezy guy, but that would be quite inappropriate. "I don't know something yet." she said. It sounded harder than she meant. "I'm really going now" she said, trying to get rid of this uncomfortable situation. Tim nodded. "I understand. Thank you very much for all your help and kindness," He said. "Let me know if I can do anything back for you." "You already fixed my laptop." Lisa said with a wink, tactically changing the subject and feeling she was back into control. Tim laughed, ending up coughing again. 'Poor guy', Lisa thought. "Ugghe .. just one more question... ugh" Tim said in between his coughs. "Yeah?" Lisa said a bit afraid of what was coming. Tim coughed again to free his lungs and then he asked: "Why did you watch me sneezing after you had already left?" Lisa turned a bit red. "Well....eh....I...eh ...forgot to......bring my own cup ...back to the kitchen." she improvised when she noticed her own cup was still standing on the table. Tim nodded. That sounded very logical. How did he dare to think she had been watching him? "Then, don't forget it now," he said, handing her her cup. Lisa smiled, she was very lucky her excuse had worked. "Thank you. Now I really go." She said, taking her coffee cup. "Take care of yourself," she added. "Thank you. Have a nice day!" Tim waved. Lisa smiled and walked to the door. On her way out she held back at the corner. "O, one more thing, Tim?" she said. "Yes?" He asked, turning around to look at her. "Bless you!" Lisa said confidently with a wink and finally walked out of the room.

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Amazing story!  I also can't wait to hear about Lisa getting this cold as well, or hear about her nose blowing exploits!

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