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Hi everyone!

This is my first post and I’m not too much of a writer but I’ll do my best!

So, I’m (18F) in college and I live a few hours away from my boyfriend (18M), but not so far that I can’t drive back and see him sometimes. As we were talking on the phone, he mentioned his throat hurting. He doesn’t get sick very often, so I was really praying it was a cold and not allergies. Luckily, the next day he sounded and felt worse, with some congestion and a sore throat. At that point, I just KNEW I had to go home that weekend!

He is a very attractive man with a large, round, button-like nose. It’s incredibly cute, but also very sexy. He also has a tendency to have a visibly runny nose without realizing it!

On Friday, when I got home, he was congested and blowing his nose constantly, but not very sneezy yet. I could tell he was sick, but he was doing a pretty good job of hiding it to others still, with his voice a bit congested but not too bad. About every 15 minutes his congestion and snot would build up and he’d excuse himself to the restroom, which I knew was really just so he could blow his nose.

The next day is when things started to get real exciting. His congestion was horrible and his voice had noticeably dropped. Though I argued against it, he was in denial and thought it was just allergies, so we went to hang out with some friends. I didn’t tell him this, but secretly, this excited me, because I find contagion really sexy. Fast-forward, and some of the friends ended up catching his cold. But anyways, during our hangout, he would constantly get stuffed up and need to blow his nose. Unfortunately, even with all this time I had spent time with him, he still hadn’t sneezed on front of me! By the end of our hangout, his voice was practically gone, which was incredibly sexy. At this point, he was getting sicker by the moment, his congestion so bad he needed to blow his nose constantly, a never-ending stream of snot and almost immediate build up of congestion. His nose now was pink, and he had to leave his mouth agape because he could no longer breathe through his poor stuffed-up nose. On the drive back, he finally sneezed! It was powerful, something of a “HSHOOH”! He knows about my fetish, so, with one hand on the wheel, while stopped at a red light, he leaned over and sneezed all over me while grabbing my thigh with his other hand. He gave me a smirk after, and when I tell you, I swooned!

Once we got back to his place, I took care of him for a bit before asking him if I could induce some sneezes for him. I told him they might help him clear his congestion and he agreed. Using a tissue, all it took was a couple tickles in his nose for his nose to loose all control. Before he sneezes, he makes these desperate little noises, I guess you could call them moans, which are almost as delicious as the sneezes themselves! He leaned his head back, with hitching, moaning breaths, and flared, red nostrils before a stream of: “HAASHOO! HHSOO! HTCHOO! AAAAHTCHOO!” (warning: snot & mess ahead). Both of us in black T-Shirts, you could see mess all over both of us. Running down his cupid’s bow and onto his lips was a trail of thick white snot. He stared at me desperately, needing something to blow his nose on. I gently grabbed his curly hair and guided his head to my chest, where he promptly blew his nose all over my chest and shirt. I now had his mess all over me, but, for a brief moment, it sounded like he could breathe through his nose again. I then guided his mouth to mine, kissing him. I could feel the wetness seeping from his nose as we kissed, touching the skin under my own nose. He would break away occasionally to take a gasping breath or two, unable to breathe through his nose as we kissed, and to wipe away his dripping mess with the palm of his hand before kissing once again. He then broke away and coughed a few times before unleashing a few more sneezes, this time without his normal hitching warning, all over me once again, this time with spray that hit me in the face and arms, unlike the globs of snot from the last set of sneezes.

For the rest of the day and some of the next, his sneezes was more frequent, usually in singles but sometimes in doubles, and always aimed at me and uncovered, just as I like it! Usually, they didn’t spray much mess, just sometimes a light mist, but always resulted in wetness leaking from his beautiful, red, button-nose and an immediate need for tissues. His voice stayed raspy and horse, so bad at times that all he could do was whisper.

I had some light congestion the next week, which made me suspect that maybe I had some of his cold, but I never really got to reap the full effects :(. Surprising, considering how much I kissed him, how much time I spent with him, and especially all of his uncovered sneezes and mess right on me!

That’s all for my first obs! So grateful for my lovely boyfriend indulging my fetish! Hope you all enjoyed!

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Dang, what a ride. It's great that he is okay with indulging your fetish, especially to this level. You definitely both seem to enjoy it!

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Ahh this was absolutely amazing to read. You guys are both lucky. I wishhh my boyfriend was okay with the fetish and sneezing for me, but he’s not. He tried it once and just said it’s gross. It’s really tough for me because asi come close to 30yrs old, im wondering if a guy that doesn’t indulge will make me happy long term. I know it’s not all about a sexual aspect but there’s just something about him being super close minded that’s rubbing me some kinda way. 😕 

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