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(Probably) allergic guy in class


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Sorry this happened quite a while ago and I kind of forgot some of the details/spelling but I will try my best to make it accurate. Probably got a little carried away with background info haha. 


I take biology waaay too early in the morning and sacrificing sleep may have just paid off.

Someone in this class, who we will call 'S' , usually sits at a spot near me at the lab. Until recently, I had thought very little of him. Or at least not a whole lot more than dozens of other people I had never seen before either on the first day. Average height, curly (ish) brown hair, almost blonde but not quite. His nose is on the larger side, with a flat, lightly freckled bridge and round tip. Fairly outgoing, often seems to feel the need to make some comment or another no matter the subject.

A few weeks ago we were given an assignment where we brought in lots of flowers and basically tested a bunch of different things with them to see what could make them last the longest. People volunteered to bring in the flowers from wherever they go so we could have a variety to test, S being one of them oddly enough. As soon as I heard the assignment I thought of all those scenarios and stories I have come across on here where students are doing something that involves managing flowers/pollen and wondered if I could possibly get as lucky as all those fictional people. 

The next class we went to set up the stuff and S didn't show up. I really only noticed because his flowers didn't show up either so we didn't have as many as expected. Eventually I noticed that he seemed to only be showing up on the days that our professor said we wouldn't analyze the flowers. I wondered if he had allergies so bad he would actually miss class to get away from them. It isn't impossible. So we got through all the tests (some worked, others didn't, the girl who tried something to do with sprite attracted a bunch of ants, if we care), and unfortunately nobody in the class erupted into a beautiful, allergic fit as I could have hoped. 

Fast forward to more recently, a couple of classes ago. We were all taking notes when S gives the smallest hint of a *snf*. I mostly tried to ignore it, but also wanted to prove my silly theory about him right. Minutes passed when I heard it again, slightly more urgent. *snnff*

I waited what felt like forever when finally,


A few people glanced his way and he looked back, flustered. Oh god. Sometimes stifles annoy me but people who are super extroverted and cool about everything, yet embarrassed about sneezing in front of people are just.......something else. I was positioned so that I could glance his direction while looking like I am looking at the clock behind him. So I 'checked the time' to see his hand casually positioned with a finger near his nose, preparing for whatever else it might decide to do. His head tilts back slightly, in preperation for


A few people around S casually blessed him. I struggled to draw my eyes back to my paper. The sneezing continued every thirty to sixty seconds or so for maybe around eight minutes. Sometimes he would manage to stifle or at least halfway stifle, but sometimes it became too much, and these usually came in doubles.

"HEHCHeeuuh... *snff*  eeH! ChOooooo"

This was the fit I had wanted in the days of the flower lab. The lecture continued, although I think the professor did pause a few times for the disruption, to the likely horror of a now very red S. I can only guess what the irritant was or what caused it. A window was open, though he always sits on the opposite side of the room.

The next day at a very similar time (I do see the clock a lot and all), S goes off into another fit, this time slightly smaller. This time more people ignored it and he seemed to contain everything a bit better, though he sat with his hand ready and sometimes under his nose for the rest of the class.


I can't really stop thinking about this so I figured it was good enough to share. If people are interested I will try to update if there is one.



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