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Unique ways of rubbing a nose


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We all know typical ways that people do to get an itch out of their nose but non conventional ways really interest me. 

For instance, my wife will sometimes scrunch her nose and move it side to side and then take her upper lip and curl it up towards her nose. This seems to do the trick and stop the itch for her and I’ve never seen anyone else do that before. I love when she does this and always stare out of the corner of my eye lol. She also sometimes curls her lip towards her nostrils randomly maybe because she likes the feeling or smell of her lips/lip gloss, so maybe that’s why she itches her nose this way.

If anyone else has experienced any unique nose rubbing, please share!

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sometimes after a sneezing fit i press the side of a curled finger against the top of my nose (pushing it up) and just give a big sniffle or two before starting to actually rub it

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I myself do the side to side finger under my nose type of rub. This is the only type of rubbing that satisfies an itch for me.

What I love to see starts out finger under the nose and side to side. But then they rub upward on their nose at least once. That's usually followed up by a nice nostril flare

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