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Developing a cold from a friend


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Hung out with one of my good friends on Sunday who was battling a small head cold and I think it may have traveled to me as well. (luckily there’s been multiple negative tests for “you know what) I first noticed my friend’s when he picked me up on Sunday morning. His voice sounded stuffy/congested and there was a steady need to clear his throat. As the day progressed they developed a slight cough and began sneezing strong single fairly wet sounding sneezes every so often. Most of them were sorta like Hechsxhiuu!! 

We also hung out yesterday too and while he sounded a bit better, there was definitely still some of the cold symptoms present. Normally I don’t catch colds easily or that often and my immune system has always been strong but I’ve been pretty stressed with work lately and spreading myself very thin so I’m not really surprised that my “usual defenses” are sorta diminished at the moment. 

First noticed the beginnings of the cold this morning when my throat was a bit dry and irritated. Luckily I’m not really feeling sick or run down at the moment but I can tell my nose is already more sensitive than usual. I’ve probably sneezed around 5 or 6 times today, single harsh ones which is more than normal for sure and randomly I’ll feel the starting tickle of a sneeze but it doesn’t result to anything and sorta just disappears. 🤷🏻‍♂️😅 

Now that it’s night I’m more dealing with the growing congestion/snot and a few minutes ago I was able to induce 4 wet sneezes with a rolled up tissue (which normally doesn’t work) in an effort to clear my newly stuffy nose. 

I guess I’ll see how this cold progresses and hopefully I’ll get some satisfying sneezes out of it, lol. 🤧

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