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The cold is going around (self obs)


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Hi. So I’m pretty sure I’ve got a cold. I’m stuck at home in bed and too tired to do much so I’ve decided to write a bit about it. :turned:

I think I caught it when I was at Thanksgiving dinner with my cousins. The night after, I was blowing my nose a little more than usual but that was all. Then the day after when I went back to my aunt’s place to see them again, that’s when it got a bit worse.


I was decorating the place for my little cousin’s birthday, and during the party I kept having to blow my nose because it would keep getting stuffed up. And I don’t get sick often so I thought maybe I might just be allergic to something, maybe some perfume or dust even, since we were sitting on the floor most of the time.


But then I started sneezing. At first, just a single or a double. Still, I would have to keep blowing my nose which was kind of annoying to me since I’m not too fond of doing that in front of people - sometimes I would step away to the bathroom or just try to do it softly. My pockets were getting filled with used tissues. Thankfully my aunt had a box in the bathroom that I kept frequenting. I would be fine for a few minutes and then feel a tingling sensation in the back of my nose and have to sneeze again. Sometimes I’d try to hold it back, if we were in a conversation or eating, but then the tickle would still linger and my nose would get stuffy again.


I’ve never really tried to describe my own sneezes, since I don’t consider myself the sneeziest person. But they’re generally soft, like - “kdschh!” I started sneezing in triples, which is when I started to consider maybe we should leave, if it was an allergy attack. But the thing was it was only sneezing and a runny nose, otherwise I felt fine. After I’d blow my nose, I’d feel this ‘hot’ sensation and soreness in my nose which I think was there from all the sneezing. Sometimes I would sneeze more than three times in a row, and laugh it off.


The next day is when knew it was a cold. Yesterday I was still stuffy, I had some sinus pressure but today it’s mostly gone. With all the nose blowing I’ve been doing, the skin around my nose and upper lip is getting sore. I took some Buckleys (pills, hallelujah) and luckily my fridge had a variety of soups from all the family gatherings we’ve been having, so that’s been helping too. 


I haven’t been sneezing as much as the night of the party, but this morning I did a couple of times. The second one hurt a little bit - you know that feeling when it like scrapes against your throat? Ech. But after I got up, I had some coffee and soup and felt a little better. :)


In my misery I texted my friend that I was sick, and he replied saying he had the cold last week, that it’s been going around. He even asked what stage I was at (sore throat? sinus? cough? ha, all of the above).


Thankfully it’s not covid. I hope with all the water and soup I’ve been having it goes away soon, but I thought I’d write about it because it’s technically the first sneezy cold I’ve had, like ever. I guess it is that season.


And I guess that’s it for now, I think I’m gonna try and nap it off. Thanks for reading and hope y’all are well. ❤️

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Sorry you’re sick. There do seem to be some colds going around. I can only imagine how difficult it must have been to hide your cold from your family members. Bless you and I hope you feel better soon.

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