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Too Many False Starts


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I guess we are all familiar with the following scenario: you are having a conversation with some attractive person, or perhaps even just sitting across from one in some social gathering, when suddenly that good old pre-sneeze expression appears on their face. Naturally you are unable to take your eyes off as you wait for the desired catharsis... but it never comes. It was all just a false alarm.

Lately I've encountered far too many of these cases. I find those teases super sexy of course, but the lack of actual sneezes can be torturous. I always have some suspicion that it's somehow my fault. Maybe I'm not good enough in camouflaging my gaze, and so my presence causes the almost-sneezer to become too nervous...

Has anybody here felt the same?           

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2 hours ago, t5t61 said:

Has anybody here felt the same?

Yes, yes. A hundred thousand times yes. It's even worse when they're sniffling or rubbing their nose throughout the time together. And it hurts more when they say "sorry, I thought I was gonna sneeze".

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Yeah, definitely agree. Especially it wad preceded by a really good buildup or other signs of sneezes. Its worse if they don't end up sneezing at all any time afterwards. 

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Yes, this has happened to me a few times too. Mainly on buses or trains, when there aren't many people around, people are more confident to sneeze freely until they notice me looking at them. Still, I'm pretty good at pretending not to look. x)

Conversely, I have noticed that people tend to sneeze more easily when other people start sneezing before them. For example I remember once a long time ago, I was on the train, there were maybe 7 other people with me in the same car. No one in sight, I managed to sneeze out a small series of three sneezes. Very soon after, three other people started sneezing right after me. As if hearing me sneeze gave them the confidence to sneeze too. :razz:

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I love witnessing a good series of hitching false starts, especially when there's an eventual release. Just the sneezy tortured expressions are gold. False starts with no results are such a hot tease

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