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Jensen: Hey honey, just letting you know I should be back tomorrow night if plans go right. 

Lydia: Okay babe. Be safe. I love you.

Jensen: Will do. Love you.

Lydia had waited two weeks to see her husband while he was away on business.

Next Evening 

Lydia was excitedly waiting for Jensen to arrive home any minute now. 
Just then she heard the door open and she leapt off the couch. 

Jensen closed the door and hung his jacket on the hook. “Hey babe.” He said sniffing and wiped his nose with the back of his wrist.

Lydia jumped into his embrace. “Hey baby. I missed you!”

”I missed you too” he said as he leaned away and sneezed a double into his elbow. “Hetscheww Hashchew”

”Bless you bless you” 

“ugh thanks. I think I may have caught a bug on the flight back but don’t worry, I’ll be better tomorrow” Jensen said as he kissed Lydia’s forehead.

Lydia pulls away to look at him, ”Awh babe. That sucks. What are your symptoms and how long have they been going on for? Oh and I need to take your temperature and you should take some NyQuil and..”

Jensen pulled Lydia back in, “shh baby, I’m fine really. It’s probably just a cold *cough cough* ugh sorry”

”Jen we gotta get you to bed. Go upstairs and get ready, I’ll be there in a minute.”

”Ok, but babe, take a deep breath. Its not that bad.” Jensen said as he headed upstairs.

He unpacked his suitcase and headed to the bathroom. He felt worse than he was going to let on. He didn’t want Lydia to worry. He wasn’t going to tell her that he felt like a brick hit him in the head of that his throat felt like he swallowed sandpaper. He hoped that tomorrow everything would be back to normal.

”Hatchew Heshew” he sneezed into his hands and muttered “oh geez” as he washed his hands. That was his reminder that tomorrow was in fact not going to be better. All he had to do was hide it from Lydia.

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