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Deuce Williams

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(The game's in early access/available to everyone now, so I hope it's alright for me to reveal things like this. Though I doubt the devs scour fetish sites for spoiler-related content)

So, the game Coral Island is out of Alpha and into early access! I've played for 5 or 6 hours now and guys.


First of all, there's a romancable character who isn't just confirmed to have a horrible pollen allergy, he sneezes twice in the first interaction you ever have. It's spelled vanilla, obviously, but it was a nice surprise for my first time playing it.

Except it doesn't stop there.

Other characters in town acknowledge and mention the fact that this character has bad allergies frequently. Like, to the degree where I'm wondering if one of the writers is one of us. A totally separate character even wonders briefly if he is developing a pollen sensitivity. Nobody shuts up about the pollen count. As an experiment, I tried to gift a flower to the allergic character and he outright threw it away without much of a reaction, which was a little disappointing, but I wonder if there will be more sneeze content in his full romance route. Something to try once the full version is released.

So yeah. Sneeze content and, also, the game's just really cute and well done. Try it out! Everyone is hot, if you need more convincing.

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It looks nice ! I'm going to try it as soon as possible ! (Absolutely not for the sneezes, no... X), but the game looks cute so...)

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