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Rachy’s Drabbles!!

Most will be fandom, most will be illness, most will be male for some reason. But all will include sneezing, and all sneezing characters will be presumed to be 18+!!

Yes, I do take requests!!!


  • Your Turn to Die -- (Keiji Shinogi Only)
  • The Morose Mononokean/Fukigen na Mononokean -- (Legislator, Justice, or Haruitsuki Abeno [college AU or takes place years after the manga ends.])
  • Danganronpa (Mostly V3) -- (Various characters, All characters will be assumed to be 18+)
  • Touhou Project -- (Various Characters)
  • Perhaps I’ll throw in some OCS. We’ll see how I feel.
  • More to come!!


Fandom: (Fandom)
Characters: (Bold will be sneezing, italic will be caretaking)
Sneezing Character Gender: (M or F)
Cause of Sneezing: (Will be mostly illness lol)

Ships: (Ships)
Word count: (Word count)
Notes: (Notes on when this takes place or what AU this is)
Synopsis: (Brief Description on what the drabble is about)

Extra: (Silly little extra notes about my thought/writing process)

I hope you enjoy reading my work!!

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Fandom: The Morose Mononokean/Fukigen na Mononokean
Characters: Legislator, Haruitsuki Abeno, Hanae Ashiya
Sneezing Character Gender: M
Cause of Sneezing: Illness

Ships: None
Word count: 421
Notes: Takes place somewhere after chapter 28 and before chapter 34 (Season 2 Episode 1 - Season 2 Episode 5 in the anime)
Synopsis: The legislator once again abuses his powers as an underworld leader so he doesn’t have to be alone while he’s ill.

Extra: Dude. I started writing and hit the 400 word mark before realizing it was already way too long to be a drabble and I was only half done. So I had to rewrite it but shorter. I hate drabbles. Anyway, sorry for the abrupt ending I wrote too much AGAIN.




The legislator leaned back in his chair, his tired gaze wobbling at the stack of papers on his desk that felt taller and taller the worse he felt. The words seemed to drift off the page the more he stared at it, the exhaustion clouding his mind extending to his limbs all the way to the tips of his feet. He swiped the scattered mess of tissues away from the center of his desk with his lanky arms, not that he’d be able to focus on the work underneath anyway.

He sighed heavily as he slumped in his chair, a disastrous mistake for him as he was launched into the throes of a heavy coughing fit. The awkward position he was in made his chest tight, making it even more difficult to take in air as he hacked and wheezed away the little energy he had left.

The coughing was the worst part, (probably because he refused to stop smoking,) but the next most inconvenient and annoying thing was--



That. The sneezing. Every few minutes he’d duck into a sodded tissue, feeling any remaining energy leave his body and slip out of his grasp before he even realized he had it in the first place. They were wet, and harsh, and came straight from his chest, heightening the ache in his bones as his shoulders jerked forward involuntarily.

“Heh’idDSCHhUUE!! HeEH’DSChHHooOO!!”

What’s more, was that he was out of tissues. So he either had to further soil his already mucus-damp sleeves or bury his chapped nose into a scratchy, crumpled tissue that had gone half-stiff with dried snot.

“Hih’DDScHHYuuu!! Ah’PDSChhHHewW!”

He groaned, burying his face into his arms folded on his desk. If he could make them less forceful, he would. But things didn’t work like that.

When he lifted his head, he found his forehead greeted with a cold palm. Dazed, he shifted his gaze to find that it landed on Itsuki.

“You really are sick. I thought you were lying.”

“....Huh?” The legislator croaked out. That’s right. He vaguely remembered sending an S.O.S to the mononokean, but the distant memory registered in his subconscious as a fever dream. Regardless, he was so very relieved that he didn’t have to suffer alone anymore.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Legislator, we’re here to help!” Came a familiar voice, as the owner of it-- Ashiya Hanae-- entered through the tiny door with a wobbling stack of supplies. Blankets, fever patches, and….


In that moment, Hanae Ashiya was his fucking saviour.

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