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   "Val! Val wake up! There's a flower show in town! I wanna go! Come on, it will be fun! Wake up already!" Parker yelped up at his sleeping boyfriend, who happened to be a giant. That said giant then shifted slightly before his eyes blinked open with a heavy yawn.

   "Parker, are you sure it's a good idea for us, mainly me, to go to a flower show?." Val asked as he looked down at his smaller partner, a soft smile coming to his face. Parker was already dressed and ready to leave. A large puffy rainbow sweater to go alongside a glittering sequined skirt that went to about their knees, a big blue satchel strung across his shoulders, and to top off the lovely outfit: some plain black sandals. 

   "Yeh! I'm very sure! Come on, hurry up and get dressed!" Parker whined, putting on a slight pout for empathize.

  "Don't take that face with me, you know I can't hold my ground with that face you twig." Val huffed as he got out of his bed. Parker just giggled at the insult.

   "I'll meetcha in the living room!" Parker told their boyfriend before spinning around and leaving the bedroom. Val sighed as he shuffled over to his dresser. His wardrobe wasn't as flashy as Parker's, not by a mile. He just pulled on a plain black hoodie, jeans, and his neon green tennis shoes. Only his shoes really stood out. 

   Once dressed, and after he combed his hair, he made his way to the living room. He saw Parker by the front door already. The smaller was already bouncing in place out of pure excitement.

 "You ready to go, big guy?" Parker asked with a tilt of the head.

    "I can't get breakfast first? I just woke up!" Val protested with a soft pout.

"We can get brunch after the flower show! I'll pay, let's just go!" Parker responded with a grin.

   Val shook his head, but still crouched down and offered his hand to his partner. Parker instantly hoisted themselves up and hugged the hand's thumb. Val stood back up and held the smaller at chest level.

  "I'll forfeit breakfast, fine, but I want to go to the ramien barn afterwards." The giant mumbled as he got his house keys out of the bowl and pocketed them, Left the house and locked the door before leaving for the town. "And are you absolutely sure you want to take me of all people to a flower show?"

  "The ramen barn?" Parker laughed with a grin on his face. "So predictable. Yes yes, I'll take you to the ramien barn. And absolutely yes I want you at the flower show with me! I can't do romantic shit without the love of my life!" 

  "Oh so romantic." Val chuckled with a tinge of sarcasm in his voice, gently ruffling Parker's hair. "But fine, you win. We're almost there anyway." He hummed out the last sentence as the town, now covered in flowers, came into view. Val could have sworn his nose already itched just by looking at it all. 

  Parker gave a gasp. "It's all so beautiful! Let's get closer and walk around!"

  "Ya, beautiful." Val mumbled skeptically as he shuffled into the human town, trying to keep from wrinkling his nose. No one batted an eye at the giant, as he was a part of the community. Val gently placed Parker down on the ground, and the smaller instantly skipped away from the taller to look at all the colorful flowers.

  Val smiled seeing Parker so happy, and just wandered after them. He didn't notice his nose had started to itch from all the pollen and the mere fragrance of hundreds of flowers. An absentminded finger came up to knuckle at his nose, accompanied by yet another sniff. 

  The giant eventually started to zone out, as there wasn't much he could do at a human sized event. He didn't know how long he was staring off into empty space, but he was yanked out of his peaceful trance by a question from his boyfriend. 

  "You alright there? You're sniffling an awful lot vally."

  Val gave a heavy blink before he turned his golden eyes down to look at Parker. "Huh? What do you mean I'm-" he started to say before the itch in his nose suddenly hit him, making him squint his eyes. He brought a hand to knuckle at his nose, hard. He was now actively trying to quell this itch.

  "My nose itches…" Val breathed airly, trying to give Parker some warning. Out of the corner of his eyes he could see a few bystanders move away, not that he blamed them. He also saw Parker step a few steps closer.

  "Your nose is all itchy? Maybe this wasn't a good idea after all!" Parker giggled nervously, watching Val's nose scrunch up. "Should we go to the ramien barn now? That sounds like a good idea!" The smaller then yelped as they watched their bigger partner lose focus with his chest swelling slightly. Parker started to nervously play with his finger tips before stepping forwards some more to run on val's pant leg. "Come on, let's go!"

  Val gave a tight nod and shuffled forward a few feet before needing to stop as his body gave the first few despite hitches. His chin tilted slightly as his lips parted. "Mmhuuuuuhh…huuuh! HUUUH!"

  "You can't sneeze here val! Not in town… not at an event!" Parker yipped in panic, pushing themselves against Val's leg thinking it would be the safest place for when the inevitable happened.

  "I d-dhuuuhhh…n't think I ha-haaaahhhave much of a…Huuuhhh..uuuhh! Ch-choice." Val hitched and snuffled through his sentence, trying to fan a hand in front of his slightly scrunched up face but it was to no avail.

 "Just hold it back Valerian, think about something else! Think about rainbows or your favorite book or… or fluffy kittens!" Parker yipped, using Val's full name instead of the nickname, as they covered their ears before their eyes widened "or don't think about fluffy kittens! Don't think about those at all!"

  None of Parker's advice was helpful, and Val found himself giving off the last few hitches that lead to the explosion.

  "Haaahhh….huuuhhh! HUUHhh! HUHSHOUU'uh!" 

 The sneeze sent flower displays, chairs, booths, and stands flying and  tumbling down the road. A tree had also been stripped of its leaves.

 Val was left sniffling after the sneeze, but he wasn't done. The giant always sneezed in threes. Soon his chest swelled again, breath hitching a single time before the second sneeze crashed down, the third quickly following.

  " HhhuuuuhhhhH! HUH'TSHUO!...HAH'CHU'uuh!... Snf" Val snuffled and rubbed his nose against the cuff of his sleeve as he sheepishly looked around at the ruined event and shook up people.

  "Sorry everyone… my, um, nose itched…." Val mumbled in embarrassment, keeping his sleeve over his mouth and nose so there wouldn't be a repeat incident. Val gave another nervous chuckle as he crouched down to pick up his dazed partner, cradling them in his hand. Once Parker was picked up the giant quickly shuffled out of town.

  Once Parker was out of his dazed state he looked up at Val and rolled their eyes a little bit. "Bless you love bug, I guess taking a giant with a problematic nose to a flower show wasn't a good idea, huh?"

  "It was a terrible idea, but you were so excited that I couldn't decline… can we still go to the ramen barn?" Val responded, then asked, and set Parker on his shoulder.

  Parker snuggled up to Val's neck with a small but happy sigh. "Only if you can keep that sniffer under control." They teased, making Val grin and nod in confirmation, starting his walk to his favorite restaurant.


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