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girlfriend caught a sneezy cold


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my girlfriend is a healthy athlete, so it’s rare for her to get sick. always eating healthy food, drinks a lot of water, takes vitamin c, stuff like that. despite this, when she gets sick, she’s sick.

i woke up at around 7:05 am and made our morning coffee. that’s part of our weekend routine. it’s december in colorado, so it’s freezing outside. 

as i’m making coffee i hear a soft set of sneezes. “hhhtsch! esshhoo!” from the bedroom. my girlfriend sneezes a lot, so i didn’t think too much of it. 

but this poor girl didn’t stop. 

she started to build up. “he- ehh eh” esschho- escho! AAAAscho!”

allergies maybe? i thought to myself. then again, she wasn’t one to have allergies. i head towards the bedroom to check on her.

i leaned on the door frame and saw her in bed. she was scrolling on her phone, and i noticed her nose was slightly red, and she had dark circles under her eyes. 

“bless you!” i said with some concern in my face. 

“thank you :)” she croaked. her throat must hurt, i thought to myself. i knew she had a cold. 

“you feeling okay?” i asked, even though i knew the answer. 

“yeah, i’m just a little cold.” that’s when i noticed her wearing my sweatshirt and covered in blankets. her nostrils then started to flare, and she lifted her head towards her face and turned her head to the pillow.

aaaaashho!” she muffled her big sneeze into the pillow. “eshho!” she lifted her head up and i could see her nose become more red. she then leaned back into the pillow.

esho! esho! eeeetcho!”

i winced, because i could tell she felt awful. of course i thought the whole thing was adorable, but i knew she was miserable.

“you definitely caught a cold honey. :(“ i said. i walked over and placed my hand on her cheek. she felt like hot coal.

“baby you’re burning up. :(“ i said. i was a little worried. 

“i really don’t-“ she sharply inhaled and let out huge, wet sneezes. “eeeeAAASHO! AAAATCHSUU! eeeeAAAAHUU!” usually her sneezes were quiet, but these made her whole body tremble. “as i was trying to say, i really don’t feel good.”

“i’m so sorry honey. i’m gonna make you some tea.”

“thank you baby.” she sniffled. i leaned over to kiss her on the forehead. she felt very warm on my lips. “i don’t want you to catch this.” to be honest, i would love to catch this.

“heh-“ she let out soft hitches. she’s never done hitches before, so i found this adorable. it was so soft. “heh- ugh. i lost it.” i chucked a little, and went to grab her the tv remote. 

“i’ll be back. i’m gonna get you some medicine and some tea. we’ll get you set up and we can spend our weekend getting you better. how do cuddles sound?”

she let out a soft smile. “i love you. thank you for taking such good care of me.”

“baby, i’m your girlfriend, of course i’m gonna take care of you. :)”

i went to make her some tea. as i was getting the water in the kettle, i heard my poor girlfriend have a big sneeze attack.

hhhesh- heshhho! heetchOO! ATCH- ATCHOO! ugh i can’t stop snee- etcHOOO! UH! ETCHK! ETCHK! ETCKOO!” she finally got to catch her breath. it wasn’t too long until she started sneezing again. 

“ahh- ATCHOO! ASHHOO!” she sounded miserable. i’m almost done with her tea, and i’m feeling guilty for finding this so hot. i knew she felt miserable, but i was getting pleasure in taking care of her and witnessing her have such desperate sneezes. i grabbed her some cold medicine and went back into the bedroom.

“thank you baby,” she started to say. “can we cuddle now?” she smiled. my heart melted.

“i’m coming! let me put a blanket in the dryer!”

i come back from putting a blanket in the dryer to help her warm up, and she put the tissue box on the bed next to her. i got into bed next to her and she was laying on my chest. she was laying on top of me while she put the tissue box in her lap. i wrapped my arms around her waist. 

“i’m sorry you don’t feel good baby.” i said.

“it’s dot your fault baby. thandk you for taking care of mbe.” she sound so stuffy. “i gotta sndeeze agai- huh- he-“ she started to do her soft hitches again. i didn’t want her to stop. “heh- ugh mby god! ah- huh- heeeh- HETSCHOOO! ATSCHOO! ESCHH! heh- huh- ahhh- ATSCH- ATSCH- ATSCHOOO! oh mby gosh. why can’t i stop sndeezi- f*ck. i can’t stop- ATCHO! sndeezing.”

this. was. precious. i could barely contain myself. “i know baby, i wish i could stop this.” 

“ehh- ETSCHOOO! AAAACHO! CHEWW! ASSCHHHOOOOO! ugh! i feel so sick right nbow.” she reaches for a tissue and had a huge nose blow. then she let out a very feminine stifle. a very high pitched “knnk!” she’s a very masculine woman, so this was incredibly feminine for her. we both chuckled a little bit. 

“i’mb sorry for sndeezing so mbuch. i cand’t help it. i’ve ndever sndeezed so mbuch ind mby life.” she croaked.

“no need to apologize honey. i’m sorry you feel so sick.” she then had the biggest sneeze attack i’ve ever heard from her.

“heh-“ she whimpered. “heh- heh- HENTCHO!” the poor thing tried pinching her nose. “HENTCHO! HE- HENTCHO!” but pinching her nose seemed to make her sneezing even more. “CHHEW! ESCHT! HUH- HUH- HEEEEEETCHO! ah- mmm- ehhh- ETCH! ETSCH! ESHH! ETCHO! HEEEEISHO! AHHHHHHHCHEW!” she sneezed into her tissue. “I’m so sneezy.” she whimpered. she know what’s that does to me. “ATCHO! ugh. why can’t i stop sneezing?”

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