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Web series ideas  

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  1. 1. If i were to create a web series on my YT Channel involving big noses/Sneezing, Which one would you wanna see?

    • One about a heroic nature lover with bad allergies 🌼🌲🐦
    • One about a Secret agent with a cybernetic nose with all kinds of gadgets
    • A series of Sneezy retellings of classic fairy tales 👸🧚‍♀️
    • One about rich girl who sneezes out gold coins 🤑
    • Other (Tell me your own ideas)

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33 minutes ago, Kaitlynne said:

I also really like the sneezy fairytales idea. I’m down to help is you need anyone.

That's great! I'm always looking for a helping hand for my vids. I'll let you know if i need anything from you.

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Hey ! What about sneezes with some magic ? I don’t know if you could do this, but  I really don’t see them often so it would be great to see more like that ! And all of your ideas were great by the way !

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