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Hi all, I am not a skilled writer by any stretch. However, reading Babyganjas amazing Elvis story inspired me to write my own…This is not a well researched story, it’s overly dramatic and cringe AF. I am a huge Elvis fan, would never have wanted the actual Elvis to suffer in the way he does in my story but this is pure self endulging fetish fiction. Please don’t call me out on any of the ridiculousness of it or my terrible grammar, running sentences, etc thank you!

Not much sneezing in chapter 1 but there will be in the next chapter :)

(Also there is a lot of coughing, Elvis had asthma IRL so I wrote it in) 

-At this point where the story starts, Linda had been away, in another city for a week while Elvis was doing a mega full two shows/night at the hotel. She came home a day early to surprise Elvis but due to bad weather, got in super late and missed the first show and almost all of the second show.  


……….  Chapter 1


Hurrying to get back stage, Lindas heart beated fast with excitement to see him again. The closer she got, the more giddy she felt. 

She made it just in time to watch Elvis perform his last scheduled song of the night (before his expected encore of course) and boy was he performing. As he always did, he was an incredible performer. 

Watching her man sing downstage, close to the crowd, as he danced and swivelled on those sharp hips of his, sweat beading on his brow and a crooked, sexy-devilish smirk on his face was one of her most favorite things in the whole world. She felt so incredibly lucky that he chose her as his girlfriend. 

He was focused on his performance, completely unaware that she was back and was watching him from beside the stage.

She couldn’t wait to finally connect with him in person. A week away from Elvis was too long, she vowed to herself, not to leave him alone for that long ever again.

She noticed him move the microphone to his side as he turned his face away few times during the bridge but he sang the end of the song with building vigour, bringing the audience to shrieks of excitement. 

When the song was over, he thanked the sold out audience as they stood up and cheered. He waved to the crowd as the curtains dropped but Elvis didn’t turn to notice Linda. 

As soon as the curtain was fully closed and while the crowd was still screaming and whistling for him, Elvis’s big crooked smile disappeared and he immediately launched into a major coughing fit, she couldn’t hear him through all the bustle backstage but it bent him over and looked brutal. The sudden intensity of it startled her. 

His men came to him with water to drink and towels to wipe the sweat off his brow right away, as they always did between songs and after a show. 

Linda’s concern grew as Elvis, still coughing, fell to his knees then about collapsed into the mens arms. His men, steadied him and began taking him off stage. 

She started rushing towards the men carrying Elvis off, as did others from the Memphis mafia that were also just backstage. The guys reached  Elvis faster than she could and effectively blocked Linda’s access to him entirely. 

She could hear someone announcing to the crowd that the king would not provide an encore tonight but didn’t catch anything else that was said.

Her focus was on Elvis. He didn’t, nor did anyone else close to him respond to Linda calling for him. There was much background noise to hear her. She tried to break through the crowd to get close to him. Everyone gathering round was concerned for the king but no one besides Linda seemed surprised at his condition. Had he been this sick for awhile? They hadn’t talked in the phone since Tuesday but he sounded fine then..

She had seen Elvis exhausted many, many times since she met him. He pushed himself harder then anyone else she knew. Exhaustion comes with touring, practicing, performing, repeatedly, night after night like he does but she had never seen him actually collapse before. 

In the glimpses she caught of him, through the crowd of people around him, he looked limp in their arms and she couldn’t tell if he was even conscious or not. 

He was brought down the hall and carried into the elevator and disappeared up it before Linda reached him through the crowd but she knew where they were taking him. 

She was in the next elevator up after him. She ran passed the security without issue, they knew her by now. She headed straight down the hall towards the presidential suite. 

Elvis and his crew had private access to the whole floor actually. It was a secure private floor for only him and everyone else close to him but the suite at the end was reserved as his own home away from home. 

She pounded on the locked door until someone answered it. 

The colonel appeared but he didn’t welcome her into the room. 

He carefully stepped out of the room and shut the door behind him immediately. 

“Is Elvis alright?”

 “He will be, yes” he answered without any urgency in his voice. 

“Welcome back Linda…I can’t let you in here tonight. Elvis needs his rest. We both know that he will not rest if you come in this room tonight my dear..” His voice was calm and matter of fancy. 

“Let’s get you settled down the hall and you can check in on him tomorrow, as soon as he is awake”

“No. I want to see him now” she demanded 

“I understand your concern but that is not possible my dear. He is being taken care of by the doctor and his nurse…You will see him tomorrow. Let him rest so he can get well now, shall we” 

“I need to see him. Is he alright?” She repeated

“He has gotten medication now and just needs to sleep….Let’s go” He motioned for her to go. 

She realized that standing there arguing was pointless, the colonel was not going to relent. She suspected he was right too. Elvis would be so excited to see her, he wouldn’t want to sleep no matter how sick he was. So she followed the colonel to where her quarters would be for the night.


A gorgeous, spacious room she would spend the rest of the night alone in, awake and worrying about Elvis. 

She called Vernon’s room but there was no answer. It seemed Vernon was permitted to stay with his son. His presence surely wouldn’t keep Elvis awake. 


Linda knew Elvis was a night owl. He always had been but his performance schedule made him even more so. On a normal day, Elvis would sleep all day and be up all night. 

She knew that he was likely not awake at 7:00am but that is when she headed back to his suite then anyways. 

 She was a bit surprised when she was permitted in so early in the morning. Vernon was the one that opened the door to her this time. He embraced her in a warm welcome, told her Elvis had gotten some much needed sleep and that he was going to go to his room to shower and catch some zzzs himself. 

She went into the quiet room, found the doctor by the table, putting various medicines back into his bag and a nurse washing a few items in the sink.

Elvis was in the middle of the large bed under thick blankets with his head propped up on pillows. He looked like he had just woken up…. he probably woke up from her knocking. She felt a twinge of guilt at that thought. 

His eyes met hers and he smiled, that gorgeous crooked smile of his. 

He looked so utterly ill at that moment but was somehow still the most handsome man she had ever seen. 

His black hair was messy, his skin flushed, his gorgeous blue eyes had dark bags under them, his pink nostrils were flaring as he breathed and chest was rising in a way that looked like breathing was a chore right now. He always wanted to look his best and would be mortified if he could see himself right then. 

Linda crawled up onto the bed to reached for her sick boyfriend. She put her hand on his forehead and gasped. 

Ignoring her concerned expression, Elvis turned his head away from her hand and lifted his arm up so she could cuddle in next to him.

“Hey you. Come here” He commanded. His voice sounded much thicker than usual though. 

She obliged. 

Lifting up the blanket, to move in next to him, she was surprised to see that he was shirtless. The gooseflesh on his perfectly toned chest and slight shiver that ran through him told her to get him tucked back under cover with her right away. 

She snuggled in beside him, draping the blanket back over them, carefully ensuring he was fully covered, she could feel his feverish body heat warming her up immediately. 

“I actually got in last night Elvis. I saw you collapse. They wouldn’t let me in to see you, I was so worried about you” she said kissing the lower side of his face she could reach without moving away from her close position beside him. 

“Awe, honey, I’ll be fine….just need to rest my voice for tonight” He cleared his throat. 

Linda’s eyes grew as she couldn’t hide her surprise and horror at the thought of him performing tonight.

“You’re joking Elvis. You’re not singing tonight”

He let out a small laugh that caused him to cough enough that he had to sit up and turned away from her to cough some more. Deep chest rattling coughs. 

She cloaked his back with the blanket to keep him warm then gently rubbed his covered back  until the fit eased. The nurse came around the bed with some water. 

He took it and drank a bit once he was able to. He nodded politely at the nurse as he handed the glass back. 

He then turned to Linda and opened his mouth like he was going to say something but stopped. His eyes grew hazy and his breath hitched, once, twice..

Quickly, he turned back just in time to sneeze forcefully into the back of his hand and away from her. “HEESHHUH!!-uh!!” He sniffed, wiped his nose and looked back at her again.

“Bless you” she offered. 

“Honey, it’s a cold.” He said and sniffed again. Then his body tensed back and he raised his head a bit as his eyes flickered shut. It looked like he might sneeze again but after a moment in that position, his body relaxed and he sighed. 

“I got a-bit worn out, s’all. I’ll be all rested up, full of meds. I’ll be right as rain, you’ll see”

He pawed at his nose some more. Clearly, still irrigated by the congestion.

It almost seemed comical to Linda that Elvis thought he would be ok to perform in 10 hours but she knew he was serious. He hated letting his fans down. The thought of him being that sick on stage again scared her. 

“You collapsed last night Elvis….” 

“I have just one night left here. Tomorrow we can go home to Graceland and sleep for weeks for all I care…” 

“You are in no shape to perform Elvis…”

Elvis had had enough of this conversation now. 

“Look here” He interrupted her. His temper flaring. 

““I’m gonna rest a bit now. You can stay or you can go but there won’t be any discussion on whether I’m fit to sing or not. No more. Im singing tonight and that’s the end of this conversation”

Elvis pulled on the blanket she had wrapped around him as he laid himself back down. He rolled over away from  facing her, attempting, unsuccessfully, to stifle another rough coughing fit as it took hold of him. 

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