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Hello forum !

Since I’m new, I wanted to share with you some stories I’ve imagine with (good, huge,…) sneezes ! So here I am !

I kind of like doing plans so here some stuff you’ll see in each stories :

Fast presentation of OCs if you never saw them, relationship… - Power they gets - What kind of creatures they are - What type of sneezer they are, if they have allergies, … - Presentation of the situation of course ! - People with the sneezer if they are - Last, what type of sneezes you’ll see (huge, quick, allergy, illness, male, female)

I think I need to warn you, the stories you’re going to read are mostly magic. I don’t really like normal sneezes with no consequences except wind, mucus and this type of things. I found the sneezes more exciting when they can cause catastrophes ! 🤭

Anyways, I’ll will not start with a story today but I can telle you my preferences/what I like/ what you’ll often see 

Male, magic sneezes, dragons or giant or magical sneezes, good description, stuck sneezes, love in relationships, tickles of the nose made on purpose, allergies (especially when the sneezer is allergic to his/her/… boyfriend/girlfriend…), gay stories, and so much more !

I don’t mind and get upset about reviews when they can improve myself !
English is not my native langage so I’m sorry about grammatical mistakes or disrespect/bad langage (sometimes in mine it’s fine but not in this langage). 
Also I’ll try to change the stories, make them original or change the form (like dialogue, descriptions, POVs…).

You’ll surely going to see (sometimes) stories with no sneezes at all, only information about an OC or the type of the creatures (I know I can do a story without sneezes, I believe in it TwT), don’t hesitate to ask questions about it if you didn’t understand something! I also like when people makes comments, suggestions, …, about my story !

If you didn’t see my last topic, maybe I’ll do it right here ! 
Well, now that is over, what about you tell me your preferences ? If you like magic, what creatures do you like, what type of sneezes do you like to see ? I think it’ll make me happy to know best this awesome forum !

Have a good day/night !

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Hum… I don’t know… You’re speaking about the sneezes, how I make my sneezer sneeze (logically X) ) I guess ? Well if we don’t mind the 836490265 hum… SOME ways to do it, ha ha… X) I will tell that I prefer when it comes of someone like when they’re hiding and the partner’s hair gets inside the nose of the sneezer or something like that. But I love all the ways to be honest ! Feathers, animals (inside the nose), allergies are my favorites ! What about yours ?

If I didn’t answer correctly, please let me know and I’ll answer to your question right !

Thanks for the replying by the way ! 

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Okay, here the first story !

Introduction of the Character :

I said I prefer male sneezes, but I'll start with a girl one cause why not ? Actually, she is very important in my story so it's better to start with her because she kind of start everything. 

The OC is a young lady, she is 22 years old, her name... just call her the Créatrice okay ? (I took some words of another langage for my OCs, don't be afraid of the accent on the "e" X) it mean the Creator (but for females) in French ! It sounds kind of cool, no ?). She is kind, smart, she doubt of herself sometimes (like everyone I guess) but never give up ! She is really sweet but she doesn't have a boyfriend or a girlfriend beacuse she prefers studying than going outside. But she has a lot of friends with whom she has so much fun ! She has a little brother named Nathan (he is the cutest thing ever but still young). 

She is a Creator. What's that ? Very simple ! Creators are a race, a type of creatures. They look like normal humans, they are normal humans with one exception, when they are young enough (around 5-6 years old) they get a Tablet (a sort of iPad). The Tablet helps them to make stories. This stories are stored in the Tablet and grow up with their Creator. But they are magic ! The Creators live on an Island in the center of the Universe. It's not a planet but it got an athmosphere and all life needs to live peacefully. The Island of Creators looks like an Earth with some exceptions of course. And so, the Creators make Creations on their Tablet and the Tablet send them in the rest of the Universe ! No matter the kind, no matter the size, no matter the magic, no matter what, the Creations can live in the Universe. The Universe is big, isn't it ? Then, the Creators make stories for their Creations ! Like a writer do for his characters ! But the Creations can live even if the story of their Creators are unfinished because they don't know they are Creations ! They think they are like us, normal and no controlled by something else... Only a few Creations knows the existence of the Creators. Okay, it's all for the description of the creatures !

So she only got the power of making stories. She can't create things in her real life unfotunately for her because she wishes so hard to get her Creations's powers ! 

She really don't sneeze often and have cute and little sneezes. (Boys like her for that)

Introduction of the situation :

She is alone in her office. It's a female little quick sneeze. Cause : hair. Description : not the best, short. 


Story :

She was all alone at home, her little brother was to school. She stretched while yawning. She just discovered a new forum with some things she likes. She didn't really know how to talk to them... Are they going to laugh at her beacuse she is new ? Her stories are good enough to be published or not ? Will she be rejected ? No, she is good enough. She knows how to write stories since she is born ! What could happen ? And if they don't like them then it's okay ! No need to stress for that...

She sighed, cursed conflictiong emotions !

She tilted her head back, thinking about what she could write. Maybe boy story ? Nah... not at the beginning... And not so long ! But it's the first time, they don't know anything about her Creations ! Yeah but if it's too long it'll be boring ! 

"This won't do if I keep thinking like that... What about a new story ? I coul imagine a bunch of new Creations !"

Her motivation grew up instantly She straightened up on her chair.

"Yes ! I've got an... huh... a new... huh...! idea..."

Her nose twitched as she felt she tickle grew and grew in her nostrils. She tried to keep her mouth closed to not sneeze on her Tablet. Her hair got stuck in her nostrils and tickled her with every breath. She felt her cavity twitch as the hair touched them. She tried to ignore that. She took a breath that accentuated the ticklish sensation. She brought her hands in front of his mouth.

"Huh... Huh! Aaa! HHkschew !

She sneezed and it made her feel much better. She rubbed her nose with her finger. She doesn't sneeze like that just because of her hair... 

Suddenly she felt her nose curling up. Her hair tickled her cavity again. Her nose twitched so hard this time !

" Huh... Wh... What the... huh... the... huh... aaa...!"

She was going to sneeze. She felt that in every part of her body. She closed her eyes feeling a chill running on her back.

She grabbed her hair out of her nose and sighed in relief. She posed a finger under her nose and sniffed. Was their Creations getting their revenge for all the time they made them sneeze ? 


Here the end of the story ! Sorry if it's short but it's my first story and I hope you'll like it !

Don't hesitate to ask questions if you didn't understand something and give me your opinion ! I really want to know if you liked my story ! 

Also if I did some mistakes in my story (orthograph, grammar...), don't be shy and tell me beacuse I need to practise ! I want to write very well in English !

Have a good day/night !

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I love this!  I'm so glad you decided to share your OCs with us because they, and their world, are so creative.  Wow.  I look forward to seeing more. :)

By the way, you might want to contact a mod or admin to get this moved to the Stories sub-forum.  More people will see it there.  This section is for talking about ideas for stories and stuff like that, and it might get overlooked here.  (The forum structure does take some getting used to at first!)

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Thanks for the reply !
It’s an awesome idea but I don’t know how to do it 🥲

Anyways, thanks for liking my stories !

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