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Hello readers! I don't usually write on here. Actually more like never. But I was re-watching Riverdale and felt inspired. While, Betty and Veronica are my favorite couple on the show - yes I know they aren't actually a couple, I'm choosing to ignore that - I felt inspired to write about Cheryl and Toni. So without further ado...


    When Toni Topaz awoke that Thursday morning to the sound of the alarm she knew right away that something was wrong. Opening her eyes she reached over and silenced the alarm, then turned to her girlfriend, cherry bombshell, Cheryl Blossom. She was sleeping peacefully even still... 

    Anyone who knows Cheryl knows that she is always on the move. Between school, the river vixens, the multitude of other school groups and clubs she either runs or is a part of, and now the serpents, she never stops. And so their mornings usually start with Cheryl gently waking Toni with a fresh cup of coffee just before the alarm - which is set specifically for Toni as Cheryl naturally wakes at 5 am every morning. Which is why Toni is sure that something is not right. Not that she minds waking without coffee already made or anything like that, just that she is perplexed and admittedly a little concerned that Cheryl is still sleeping. 

    Toni takes a moment to take in the image of the sleeping redhead. Her features softened and vulnerable, something Cheryl does not easily or often do. No, these moments are reserved specifically for sleeping or quiet moments between her and Toni. She slips her hand under the blood red satin sheets and gently scratches the small of Cheryl's back to rouse her. Cheryl hums, a small smile drawing across her lips. Her eyes dark brown eyes open sleepily and her smile widens. 

    "Good morning mon amour." Cheryl says, a slight rasp to her voice, barely detectable. 

    "Good morning, is everything okay?" Toni asks, her eyebrows raised in concern. 

    "Why of course. Why ever would it not be?" Cheryl replies sounding blissfully oblivious to how cosmically out of character it is for her to not only sleep in but also sleep through the alarm. 

    "You slept in Cheryl and you didn't hear the alarm." Toni states obviously. 

    "Mmm," the redhead starts, pausing to slip out of bed and don a silk robe, "I must have just strained myself during practice yesterday." She concludes, seemingly unconcerned. Toni nods simply, unconvinced, and crosses the room to kiss her on the cheek before making her way to the kitchen to make them some coffee, thinking to herself, did she feel warm?

    When Toni returns with two cups of coffee Cheryl is perched at her vanity still wearing the robe with her school clothes underneath. Her head ducks as a soft "Ktschh!" slips out. 

    "Was that a sneeze?" She asks, setting the other mug on the vanity next to Cheryl, who nods and continues to apply her signature ruby red lipstick. "Gesundtheit." She responds and Cheryl thanks her.

The rest of their morning goes by without a hitch and Toni pushes her growing concern for her Cheryl to the back of her mind. 

    When the two finally see each other once more it's in the locker rooms just before cheerleading practice. Cheryl is standing in front of her locker going through the pages of her carefully crafted routines, already changed out of her school clothes. Cheryl doesn't look up when Toni enters. 

    Toni greets the redhead from behind with a soft kiss to the cheek. She turns her laser focused attention away from the new routine they were learning for the Homecoming game to her girlfriend. Cheryl turns with a smile and greets her with a proper kiss. Cheryl steps back giving Toni a better look at her. Her cheeks are flushes with an almost pale pallor to her porcelain skin. Her sharp features softened slightly by what Toni suspects is exhaustion. 

    "I'm worried about you babe." Toni states flatly tucking a loose strand of red hair behind Cheryl's ear foregoing subtlety entirely. 

    "This again TT?" Cheryl starts. 

    "Yes this again. You look exhausted, you're pale, and you feel warm. I think you're pushing yourself too hard babe. You need to rest." Toni finishes before Cheryl can continue with some attempt to breeze passed her concern. 

    "My sweet Toni, your concern is adorable, but completely unnecessary. I promise you, I am more than okay. " She assures her, kissing her again and concluding the conversation.

    Toni resists the urge to argue and let's it go, for now. Choosing to reserve her energy for the many stubborn encounters she is sure are to come as Cheryl is sure to continue to resist her obvious need for rest. They head into the gym, hands intertwined, where the rest of the vixens are stretching. They drop hands and head separate ways, Toni towards the other vixens and Cheryl front and center. 

    Toni notes that practice is becoming more intense than usual. With Cheryl yelling more and more as every minute passes. Mostly about how incompetent they are when her impossibly high expectations aren't met, threatening to keep them there all night until they get it right, or worse, bench them all and recruit a whole set of new vixens. Toni knows it is an empty threat. Cheryl loves her vixens, though she has an unconventional way of showing it to say the least. The other vixens, however, shudder with fear of the wrath of Cheryl Bombshell. Toni also notices that her voice is becoming hoarse, but she wouldn't dare question Cheryl about it in front of the other vixens. That would surely shut her down entirely, which is exactly the opposite of what Toni was trying to do. 

    Towards the end of practice Toni watches as Cheryl turns away from the group, her head ducking slightly once, twice. She pauses before turning back to the squad as if nothing had happened. 

    "That's it," She yells, "I can't watch any more of this pitiful excuse of a cheer squad. Go home. And I suggest you make sure that these moves are perfect by tomorrow." She finishes with her signature cold yet fiery stare and storms off to the locker room. Toni quickly follows her slipping through the door behind her, unnoticed. 

    "Hhh..." she hears a soft gasp, followed by a quiet sneeze "Hh-ktsschhh!" It's wetter than the small sneeze from the vanity this morning. Toni steps out from behind the lockers to where Cheryl was standing. Her eyes are closed a small crease just between her red brows, ruby red lips parted slightly, "Chhxshhh!" her head ducks forward, red hair rushing over her shoulders, as she sneezes once more.

    "Babe, why didn't you tell me you were sick?" Toni says announcing her presence. She strides past Cheryl and takes a paper towel from the automatic dispenser by the sinks, handing it to the redheaded girl who remained fixed in the same spot. Toni frowns wishing it was something softer than the rough brown paper but options were limited in the the Riverdale High School locker room. 

    "That is because I am not sick my sweet. Blossom's don't get sick." She states, accepting the paper towel from her and gently dabs the underside of her nose.

    "Cheryl please, it's just me and you. Everyone gets sick, including Blossoms." Toni sighs, almost begging, brushing her pale rather warm cheek with her hand, "Besides, I have never heard you sneeze. Not once since the day we met." She ends playfully, hoping to get a smile out of her and soften her up a bit. 

    Cheryl grows quiet, looking downward. She starts to sniffle and at first Toni thinks it is because her nose is running, but then she watches a tear fall to the floor. Toni wraps her arms around her and the crying intensifies. "Shhhh, it's okay, I've got you." Toni comforts her, sure that the crying is from finally letting go of trying to be perfect and hiding how truly awful she feels. 

    "I don't know what to do." Cheryl sobs and Toni's heart breaks. The thought of Cheryl growing up in a home that was so toxic and unsafe that she didn't even know how to take care of herself, let alone let someone else take care of her when she was sick was almost unbearable. 

    "I do. We are going to go home, get in our pajamas, and drink tea and watch movies until you feel better." Toni explains, wiping Cheryl's teary eyes. The tears cease and she starts to smile. 

    "That doesn't sound too bad." She admits with a sniffle. She draws the paper towel back up to her face and dabs her eyes, tossing it in the trash when she finishes. Cheryl then laces her fingers with Toni's and grabs her bag, signaling that she was ready to go home.

    Toni pulls her closer feeling triumphant, finally getting Cheryl to take an evening off. The two head towards the locker room door when Cheryl stops. Toni feels her take a shaky breath, the same expression as before on her face, "Hehh-ktschhoo!!" the sneeze bends her forward at the waist but Toni steady's her with a hand on the petite redhead's back. 

    "Bless you." Toni says while Cheryl composes herself. 

    "Thank you my love." She responds and strides out into the halls of Riverdale High. Toni may get to know that she is under the weather, but the rest of Riverdale High? Not a chance. 

Not sure if I am going to continue or not, but hope you enjoyed! 

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