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Health & Safety (Severance)

Lady Blessington

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Mark waits, the tissues at his nose.

“Gesundheit,” Dylan says.  “Nope, he’s not done.”

Mark squeaks in desperation, then:  “HKXSH!”

“Gesundheit?” Helly tries.

Squinting, Mark pants.  “Wah—- hhhHH… HHH-hah!  AAH!—- hughhh… uhh-HAHHHHH—- HAATTTCCHHOOUOOOOOOO!”

“Kier bless you, Mark!  Good heavens,” Irving says.

Mark blows his nose, then squeezes it and sniffs.  “Thagk you,” he manages. “Ugh.  Where were we?”

“On health and safety, boss. You’re crushing it.”

Mark bravely nods.  “Great.  Let’s talk hazards.  Irv?”  

“Contagious viruses.”

Mark coughs.  “Okay.  What else?”

“How cute you are with your pink nose.”

He scowls at Dylan.  “Helly, what you got?”

“Your cold soon, boss.  Get out of here.  Kier bless.”


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10 hours ago, Prongs said:

Aaaahhh this dialogue is just great!!! 

🤩 that is so nice to hear!!! Thanks for making my day!

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50 minutes ago, Gemmia said:

It’s so good ! Thanks for sharing !

🙏🙏🙏 thanks for the wonderful comments! 💛

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