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Women's Choir Pt1? (F) (Gigantic)


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Based on a true story.  Names have been changed for privacy.  Exaggerated? Yes much so, but a lot of sneezing really did happen during this fateful day. 


Location: Montclair State University, Montclair, New Jersey

Date: September 2012


It was my first day at John J Cali’s School of Music at Montclair State.  My name is Cara.  I grew up in northern New Jersey, and I’ve always been a singer.  I was the star of my 2nd grade play.  I always had leading roles in my middle school and high school drama clubs.  It was my intention to become a music teacher and share my passion with the next generation.  MSU is not a conservatory, and you are required to take core classes, aka non-music related classes.  I took Calculus this morning, and I was much looking forward to my first day of women’s choir class.  It was a “mixed styles ensemble” meaning we would be singing music across a vast variety of genres.  Women’s Mixed Acapella choir was not to be taken lightly, it was audition based, and I proved myself to be worthy of taking such a prestigious class.  It was lunch time, and choir wasn’t until 3pm.  I had 3 hours to kill, so I went to the dining hall, swiped my card and strong aromas suddenly filled my nostrils.  “huuhhh huuuuhh aaahhh”. I pinched my nose, just in time too.  The sneeze came back when I was walking back to my table with my food.  My hands were holding the tray, there was no way I could cover it, so I as usual, clenched my jaw, and with pure willpower I stifled a rapid five sneezes, hhaa-gnk! Gnk! Gnk! Gnk! Gggnk!


“Bless you darling, I feel your pain, my hayfever is pretty bad this time of year too”

I turned around and there stood this Filipino girl, probably around my age, around the same height as me.  Her face then began to contort.  As if just talking about summoned a tickle into her nose.  Her breath began to hitch.  “at-ggnk! Haa-ggnk! Gnk! Ggnk! ATschoooo!!”

The Filipino girl fired off five sneezes of her own.  “Huuuuuhhh!!!” She took another deep inhale, and started to massage her nose.  Her breathing began to slow down, and she looked up at me and smiled.  “Bless you” I said.


“wooo! I wasn’t expecting that, I’m Isabel, nice to meet you”, she said.

“Hi Isabel, that’s a real cute sneeze you have. I’m Cara” I said.

I noticed Isabel was wearing a “Beauty and the Beast” shirt that read “OHS Cast 2011”.

I asked her, “Isabel, are you a theatre girl?”. 

She laughed and said, “yes it’s my passion”. 

So I asked, “So your high school put on “Beauty and the Beast”?”

She said. “Yea, I played Belle”.

“Wow that’s awesome.  Whats your major?” I asked.

“Music Ed”, She replied.

“f**k yea, me too”, I said.

“are you taking any choir classes?” she asked.

“yeah, ‘Women’s Mixed Acapella Choir’ at 3pm today” I replied.

“sweet, me too”, replied Isabel.

So yeah, me and Isabel hit it off right away and I knew we’d be best friends.

We began to walk to a nearby park to hang out and possibly smoke a lil grass.  I had some on me.  Isabel had told me she’d never smoked before but was eager to try it out.  We went to a nearby park.  “huuh ahhh ahhh”, my breath began to hitch. 

“Cara you okay?” asked Isabel. 

I felt my face contorting already, my nose was flaring, my mouth gaping wide, I tucked my nose into my elbow and began stifling the fit. 

“Gnk! Gnk! Gnk! Gnk!! Ahh-GGnk!! Ahh-ggnk!!! Haeeshooo!! Haeesshooo!! HAAEEESHOOOOO!!!!!!!”

The last three I screamed out as they left my nose.  I don’t usually sneeze loud, but when I do its usually really loud.  When I opened my eyes, I could see Isabel’s eyes fluttering and rolling back.  Her nostrils were flaring wide.  Her chest was heaving.  Her breath was hitching.

“Atschooo! ATschoo!!! ATTshoooo!!! ATschoooo!! AtttSCHOOO!!!  Urghhh!!, damn my nose!!”

Isabel blasted out five sneezes.  Not nearly as loud as mine, but just as intense and one right after another. 

“Bless you Isabel”, I said.

“haha bless you too Cara” she said.  I smiled.  “ready to smoke?” I asked.

“yeah for sure”, she replied.

I pulled out a joint and lighter from my bra.  “No cop is gonna look nor feel up that area, its perfect for hiding the good shit” I said.

Isabel just laughed and then let out 2 more sneezes.

I couldn’t blame her, something in this park was really getting both of us, cause I suddenly bent over with 3 huge sneezes that just barreled out of me.  The sound was tremendous, I just screamed them out.  It echoed through the trees surrounding us. 

“Just a warning, smoking grass makes me sneeze a lot, itll probably make you sneeze a lot too”

I said.

“Its okay.  Secretly, I love to sneeze.  It just feel great to let one or fifty rip.”, Isabel said.

“did you say fifty?”, I asked, astonished. 

“yeah, since freshman year of high school, I’ve been stifling or holding back my sneezes in class.  I got really good at it, and I can hold back pretty much any tickle for several hours.  Today is a random freak occurrence, I don’t usually sneeze this hard in public very often.  But, so as a result of holding back sneezes all day, when I got to lunchtime or home after school, I would lock myself in the bathroom, and just let the fit take full control of me.  I’ve counted upwards of 50-60-70 sneezes, my worst, or “personal best”, however you wanna interpret it, was 120 sneezes in a row, but I had been holding back for over two days.  My nose was on fire all throughout the last few hours before I let the fit take me over.  It felt like an army of fire ants were crawling all up in my nose, and it felt like I could go nuclear any second.  But I was taking the SATs and I wasn’t about to start blasting off sneeze after sneeze in the testing hall.  I had stayed up two days in a row studying my ass off for this test, and for some reason held back every tickle I felt in that time.  I was focused on the exam, and somehow while fighting off the worst tickle I felt in my life, I managed to achieve a perfect score.  And when I got home, I unleashed the sneezing fit of my life.  No stifling, I let rip sneeze after sneeze.  They were so rapid and clustered, yet they were also intense, and desperate and loud? My family took cover, and covered their ears for the 15 minutes I was sneezing my head off.  I’d never sneezed so aggressively, loudly, violently, nor rapidly in my life. Each one was louder and more intense than the previous.  My mother counted at least 120 sneezes.  It was legendary, and I was an exhausted mess after.  Later that night, I had another fit.  Even louder and more violent than the one I had earlier in the day, but these sneezes were longer, more drawn out, I just screamed them out with no control.  My sister was studying and screamed herself, out of fear and surprise from just the sheer volume of my first sneeze.  Unfortunately for her, and myself, my nose decided to unleash a mighty eighty sneezes in a row, each louder than the last.  With the final ten me bending over and over just screaming out at the top of my lungs.  I had never sneezed like that, I vowed never to hold back a fit longer than a day.  This was crazy.” 

Isabel looked ever so slightly sneezy as she told her story.  By the time she was done, it was clear that something was bothering her nose.  I laughed at her story, and said, “I thought I was the only one who sneezes more than a hundred times a day”.

“You too?.....haaaaah”

“Yeah girl, lemme try something, hold still”, I said.

I placed my hand on Isabel’s nose, and began rubbing her soft, irritated skin around her nostrils.  Isabel’s hitching breaths began to calm down.  After about 30 seconds, I removed my hand and Isabel took a few experimental sniffs. 

“Wow, how’d you do that, I was about to sneeze, really hard actually”, she said.

“I didn’t think that trick would actually work on anyone other than myself.  Don’t be too excited though, knowing both our noses, that sneeze will be back soon, and stronger with a vengeance.”, I said

“haha, I know”, Isabel said. 

“so, grass?”, I asked.

Isabel nodded. 

I said, “it’s really simple, it’s like smoking a cigarette.  You place the joint in between your lips.  And suck, or take a deep breath and inhale the smoke.  Hold it in your lungs for about four seconds, and then let it out.  Try not to blow the smoke out your nose, knowing your nose and mine are similar that’s a definite recipe for a violent sneezing fit.”

I put the joint in my mouth, and lit the end.  A few puffs and I passed it to Isabel.  She took it, smiled and said, “well shit, here we go”.  She put the joint in her mouth and took a deep drag.  She was chugging it down like a child drinking a juice pouch.  I should’ve taken a lighter hit, she thinks this is how first timers should smoke.  This was a recipe for disaster, and before I could stop her, Isabel was coughing her lungs out.  Smoke poured out her nostrils, and her breath started to hitch.

“ahhh….ahhhh….hah..hahh….haaahhh…..hzzzzhh hhzzzhh hiieee hieee hzzzhhh….”

She was hitching and wheezing, and coughing up a storm.  Suddenly, while facing me, she let out a loud.


A fine mist crashed against my face, my ears rang from intercepting this nasal explosion at such close range.  Isabel looked like she was ready to fire off another.  “haah..HAHH..HAAAAH!!!....


Another screamer, echoing throughout the park, once again, unintentionally spraying my face with a fine mist and I swear, my hair was slightly ruffled by the blast.  I looked over at my new friend, and her eyes were rolling back, her nostrils were flaring, her cheeks and nose were pink, almost red, easily viewable despite her darker Filipino complexion.  She looked ready to fire off a round of violent nasal explosions.  And I was right.

“haaah…haahh…haaaahhhhh……..gnk!! ggnk!! Ggnk!! ATschooOOO!!  ATschooOOO!!! ATSCHOOOO!!! HAEESSHOOOOO!!!!! HAEEESSHOOOO!!! WAAHHH---SHOOOOOO!!!!!”

Her stifles were unbelieveably violent.  Her body snapping over double, with every expulsion.  Each sneeze louder, wetter and more violent than the last.  I was misted over and over by my ultra sneezy new friend.  It wasn’t my imagination, this time some of the later sneezes in Isabel’s mighty fit, didn’t just ruffle my long blonde hair, nah, they straight up blew my hair back, and now my face and my hair are glistening with Isabel’s mighty spray. 

            Finally done with her fit, Isabel decided to take another drag.  This time she paced herself, and took a small hit, blowing the smoke out her mouth.  Her eyes were slightly bloodshot, this shit was strong, and it was already affecting Isabel.  I took the joint back, and took several deep, long drags.  Totally by mistake I blew the smoke out my nostrils after a particularly huge hit.  It looked pretty cool, I probably looked like a dragon, and my lungs and throat are conditioned to the smoke so I didn’t cough, but damn my nostrils were suddenly very much irritated. 

“GGnk!! Ggnk! Ggnk! Umph! Umph! Umph! HAAA-UMPH!!! HAEESHOOO!!!!.....HATSCHOOOOO!!!!!.......ATTSHOOOOO!!!!......ATSCHOOOO!!!......HAEEESHOOOOO!!!.....HAEESHH!!!....HAESSHHH!!!....HAEEEESHH!!!!.....HARRASSHOOO!!!!!!!!!!”

Before I knew it I was exploding with huge sneeze after sneeze.  Isabel was standing right in front of me, in the blast zone, and I sprayed her with every screamed out sneeze.  They were so wet, I felt so bad.  My sneezes echoed throughout the park too.  And I completely lost control.  I kept sneezing, each one louder than the last, just really screamed them out.  And I was moving serious air, not just sound waves.  Isabel’s hair was blown back and her clothes ruffled and slightly wet by my massive wet sneezes.  We both had huge sneezes.  And terrible allergies.  This choir class was going to be interesting. 

I passed the J back to Isabel, she really paced herself this time.  Let out only a few sneezes, although they were infact quite huge, enough to blow around the leaves surrounding us a little bit.  Nothing too huge yet though.  The trees were still solid and in their place.  Even the leaves on the trees were chilling, only the dead leaves on the ground kinda moved a little bit.  I finished off the rest of the J, and had my own fair share of sneezes.

“ggnk! Ggnk! Ggnk!! Ggnkkk!!! Atschooo!! ATschoo!!! ATTSCHOOOOO!!!!!....”
My nose erupted with several huge sneezes, I managed to stifle the first few, but once my nose really got going, I could stop.  Isabel said she counted at least 20 mammoth sneezes exited my nasal cannon.  Y’know if you looked at Isabel and I, you really wouldn’t expect us to have the sneezes we do.  We were both about 5’2, both weighing in just around 100lbs.  We both had skinny bodies, with small chests.  I was blonde and had a pale complexion with slight freckles.  Isabel was a brunette and had a darker south east Asian Filipino complexion.  Both of us had small, round, very cute, and dainty looking noses, despite our rather violent and explosive sneezes.  Perhaps the small size, is what traps irritants and prevents them from being expulsed via a normal amount of sneezes, and thus requires us to experience violent fits instead of just a few sneezes like a normal person would.  I don’t know.  Just a theory I had to explain Isabel’s and I’s distinct sneezing fits.

I looked over at Isabel, she slowly picked her head up, and sluggishly swung her head around to gaze into my eyes.  Her eyes were bloodshot, and looked very glassy.  Isabel was stoned.  And so was I.  It was just 1:30, choir wasn’t until 3, we still had an hour and a half to kill.  So we walked over to the playground.  We were both eighteen, but we were still immature and children at heart so we jumped on the swings and swung up and down higher and faster each time.  It was still during school hours, so no children were in the playground.  We took full advantage, and started laughing hysterically.  We were GONE.  For some reason Isabel looked over at a small patch of flowers at the other side of the playground, and she approached them and picked a few flowers that looked so potent, just the sight of them began to irritate my nose. 

“Cara, you can say no, but maybe would you let me make you sneeze?”, Isabel asked.

“Actually?  Yea you can do that, secretly I love to sneeze too.  On one condition though, I get to make you sneeze too, and you need to let them out as big, loud, full, wet, violent, and explosive as you can.  I want you to blow me away.  Let’s do this inside one of the John J Cali School of Music’s rehearsal rooms.”, I replied.

“Why a rehearsal room?”, Isabel asked.

“Because, I wanna experience your sneezes in closed quarters, the sound will be deafening.  And whatever wind you kick up will blow around the room and will feel exponentially stronger, AND, its soundproof, or as soundproof as it can be.  Im not sure if they will be able to hold yours or my bigger sneezes.” I said. 

“Okay let’s do it.  Pick some flowers too.” Isabel instructed. 

I walked over to the flower patch, pinched my nostrils shut with my left hand while pulling flowers with my free, right hand. 


Isabel suddenly roared.  “Damn these flowers are potent.” She said.

I released my grip on my nose to say “Bless you……haah….haaah..”

“ggnk!! Ggnk!! Ggnk! GGNK!!! HAAGGNK!!!!!!” I tucked my nose into my elbow once again and violently stifled five sneezes. 

Yeah, Isabel was right, these flowers were indeed quite potent.  As we walked over to the building with all the rehearsal spaces.  We both stopped here and there to let out a few sneezes.  Both of us stifling even the seemingly huge unstoppable sneezes, but yea Isabel and I were sneeze professionals.  We decided before hand, there was to be no sneezes in the lobby of the building when we are waiting to get a room to use.  We weren’t gonna be known for our distinctive and disruptive sneezes.  At least not yet.  I got on line.  I almost lost it and blasted out a huge sneeze.  I caught it just in time.  Pinched my nose shut, clenched my jaw and held my lips closed as tightly has humanly possible.  My breath still hitched, and I wheezed.  But through straight will power alone I held back what would turn out to be the first of a series of unreal monstrous sneezes.  “you got room 5, until 2:45”.  The attendant said to us.

“hiigieee…hiieee….hzzhhaaahzzzz….aahhhhh”, Isabel began to hitch and wheeze, we got our room.  “C’mon Isabel you got this.  Hold it in, we’ll be in the room in just a few seconds.”

Isabel passed the flowers in her hands off to me, and began massaging her nose.  Her breathing slowed down and we walked down the hall, and entered our room.  Immediately as I closed the door and sealed and locked it.  Isabel was still massaging her nose, but I saw her nostrils flaring.  Her breath had once again become rapid, and she was hyperventilating.  Taking deeper breaths each time.  She must have gotten some pollen rubbed on to her hands while holding the flowers, and now with that same pollen covered hand she was now massaging her already irritated nostrils. “Oh god, its coming, its gonna be big…..aaahh……ahhhh…..haaahhhh……haaahhhhh…..” Isabel moaned.

“HHHAAAHHHH!!!!! HAAAAAAHHH!!!! HEEEEEHHHHH!!!!!!”, a major tickle suddenly overtook my nose.  I took huge deep breaths.  My breath was hitching.  My chest was rising and falling, my breasts seemingly expanding with each huge breath. 

“HATTTSHOOOO!!!!!” Isabel started off our sneezy face off with a loud blast that shook the room, made my face glisten as the mist crashed against my skin.  And ruffled my hair ever so slightly. 

“ggnk!! Haaa-gnkk!! HAAGGnk!!! HAAAAAHH HAAAAAH aaaaaahhhhhHHHHH!!!!!!!”

As if in response, I violently stifled three huge sneezes.  And I started taking huge deep breaths.  I was still breathing in, sucking down air, compressing in it in my lungs and my nasal cavities.  A huge sneeze was brewing within me, and I was almost afraid to let it out.  Isabel interrupted my train of thought with a series of fifteen rapid fire, thunderous, truly mammoth sneezes.  As usual, each one exponentially louder than the last.  The last few bending her double, just absolutely roaring with each sneeze, shaking the room.  Spraying my face with that sneezy mist and this time blowing my hair back and severely ruffling my clothes.  But I almost didn’t notice, to be honest, I barely even heard her after the fifth sneeze or so, I was too enthralled with my own intense buildup.  I gulped down vast quantities of air, compressing it deep within me.  My chest swelled to well, my breasts looked huge, my lungs were so stretched out and filled with compressed air that it made my rather small chest look huge.  It was close, I was a ticking time bomb. Who knew what would happen when I finally let this monster out.  I couldn’t predict just how massive this sneeze was gonna be.  I knew it was gonna be huge, and little did I know it would turn out to be way more than just one measly sneeze to appease my severely irritated schnozz. 

“ahh-umph!! Haa-umph!! Ggnk! Ggnk! GGNK!! GGNKKK!!! HAA-GGGNKKK!!!!!”, my fit began, I stifled as much as I could until it became too big to hold back.

“Bless you Cara”, Isabel said.


“Don’t worry about me, just let it out Cara.”

I never even heard her. 



I exploded.  My nose and mouth absolutely exploded.  I’d never sneezed so hard in my life.  I kept my eyes shut as I screamed out those three enormous nasal explosions.  I felt all that air rushing out my nose and mouth.  They were huge.  I was afraid to open my eyes.  Isabel was on the floor, slumped over and seemingly had just been slammed into the wall behind her.  The wall she sat up against was dripping with my spray, and were those cracks in the drywall I saw? They had to have been there before.  It couldn’t have beeeeen…beehhh… been… meee?




I felt an enormous amount of air rush out my nose and mouth.  These three truly mammoth sneezes felt well even more “mammoth” than the last.  I very much exploded.  There was a section of dry wall had now had a rather large hole in it.  Isabel had rushed over to the corner of the room and had braced herself.  It was like a mini hurricane had passed through the room.  The craziest part? I wasn’t done.  My huge sneezes had kicked up a lot of dust.  More for me to inhale.  Isabel unsurprisingly began ripping thunderous sneeze after sneeze.  The dust was definitely getting to her too.  I turned away from her, now facing an old upright piano, I hoped the piano would survive, because I was about to vent my nose some more, and the sneezes within me felt even stronger than the previous monsters.  There wasn’t really anywhere else I felt comfortable aiming my nose. 






The lid on the old piano flew right off, ripped clean off its hinges, more cracks formed in the dry wall.  Wind rushed around the room, it felt like a mini tornado, as my huge gale-like sneezes and Isabel’s own gale-like sneezes hit eachother and blew around the room.  By 2:30 we both were laying on the floor.  Our noses red, cheeks puffy, and lungs exhausted.  My nose was done for now, unfortunately Isabel wasn’t as lucky, she continued to have a fit of five or so sneezes every two or three minutes.  Her nose, while not quite as powerful as mine, was far more sensitive and clearly she had more intense allergies than I.  I felt for her.  Well, it was nearly time for Women’s Mixed Acapella Choir.  We went to the bathroom to clean ourselves up a bit, my eyeliner had ran down my face terribly, I looked awful.  So I cleaned the makeup off my face.  Isabel tried to evict the tickle once and for all by aggressively blowing her nose.  Honestly I was quite impressed by the volume her nose blows were achieving.  Almost as loud as her sneezes themselves, however as powerful and forceful her blows were, they failed to relieve the tickle completely.  In fact, just as Isabel lowered the now soaked tissue from her face, she began to sneeze, violent sneeze after sneeze, you guessed it, each one louder, wetter, more violent than the last.  After twenty or so humongous sneezes.  She moaned and then blew her nose again, this time in a fresh, crisp hankerchief.  It was about time.  We went back into the lobby and handed in our rehearsal room key to the attendant at the front desk.  He looked back at me, looked at my reddened, slightly dripping nose, and then looked over at Isabel who looked like she was fighting off a big one and could very well explode at any moment with yet another fit of enormous and wet sneezes.  He said, “oh, wow it really was yall sneezing in there…my boy said it was sneezing, I thought someone got hurt or someone was vandalizing university property, but we couldn’t exactly tell where it was coming from because it was echoing down all the hallways.  Isabel and I turned beet red.  We were mortified that pretty much everyone in the building heard us absolutely exploding, sneezing our heads off in a rehearsal room.  I awkwardly chuckled.  The attendant said, “well, bless you both, that’s some sneezes yall got there, I really thought things were getting broken or something.  I didn’t know anyone could sneeze that hard.”

I awkwardly chuckled again.  I was beyond embarrassed.  I wanted to lock myself in my dorm room and not come out for a week.  But choir was in fifteen minutes.   I had been looking forwards to this all day.  I wasn’t gonna let my stupid hay fever ruin it.  I could stifle every single sneeze if I really wanted to.  Yeah Id probably have quite the monstrous fit after class, but hopefully I could find a private place to really let rip.  We left the rehearsal building, and headed towards the vocal department.  Isabel really couldn’t hold back any longer.  She managed to stifle the first twelve or so sneezes.  But she really couldn’t hold back any more than that.  Before we knew it, Isabel’s nose was exploding with sneeze after sneeze.  I think I counted thirty.   I thought I sneezed a lot.  I do sneeze a lot, but Isabel sneezes more.  I don’t envy her allergies.  This was gonna be an interesting choir class.  Little did I know just how interesting it would turn out to be. 

Isabel and I entered the vocal department building and began to walk towards our classroom.  Isabel’s nose had finally calmed down, and so had mine. 

HAAAHH!!-ggnkk!!  HAAAAHH!!-ggnkk!!! HAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!-GGGNKKKK!!!!!”

Isabel and I both almost broke our necks, we turned our heads so quickly.  Three huge, thunderous, yet slightly girly stifles echoed down the hall.  Our attention turned to this skinny, taller than us, probably 5’6, (we were both around 5’2), black haired Latina girl.  Her face was contorting, her large nostrils flaring wide.  Even though she sat by the classroom door, waiting for our professor to unlock it, and we stood hundreds of feet down by the opposite end of the hallway, we could hear her hitching breaths.  We walked closer and closer to her, not just to see her sneeze, we were also in the same class as her, and were going to wait for our professor to come and unlock the door.  When we were maybe 50 feet away or less.  Her head tilted back, eyes fluttered then shut.  Her mouth was gaping, her huge nostrils flaring and clearly red despite her Latina dark complexion.  She had entered the sneezy point of no return, “here they come.” I thought to myself. 

HAAAHHH-ggnkk!!  HAAAAHH!!!-gggnkkk!!! HAAAHH!!!-ggnkk!!!  HAAAAAHH!!!!!---HUH!—ESSSCHOOOOOOOIEEE!!!!!!

Another three massive stifles echoed down the hall, making our ears ring with these half screamed out stifles.  And the last one.  She tried to stifle, but it was just too powerful, and while it didn’t appear that she was moving a lot of wind, the volume was incredible.  Even at 50 feet away, my ears rang.  This Latina girl continued to stifle, or more accurately, half stifle every sneeze, not daring to unleash one of her own mammoth sneezes.  I stifled four quick sneezes into my elbow, and Isabel started hitching too.  Before long Isabel was trapped in yet another fit.  And so was I.  I stifled twenty five rapid sneezes, they were quite strong, but I managed to keep them in.  Isabel, while not as rapid as me, let out a slightly loud, but very girly sneeze every few seconds for about a minute.  The Latina girl took notice of us and smiled and said, “Bless you both.  I’m Annalise, what are your…hhaaahh….names…?”

“ATTSCHOOO!!! Huuuhhhh….I’m Isabel, ATchoooOOO!!!! Fuhh freshmannn.  ATschOOOO!! Violin performance major, music ed minor….ATTSCHOOOOIEEE!!!!!”

“ggnk! Ggnk!! Ggnk!! Haa-umph!! Ha-umph!! I’m Cara, HAAAHH!!!! Nuuuh nice to meet you Annnnnnaaaaahhh Annalise! HAAA-GGNK!!! GGNKKK!!!! GGGNKKK!!!!”

“hay fever?” Annalise asked.

“Hay fever, pollen allergies, fur allergies, dust allergies, and I’m a frequent photic sneezer”, said Isabel

“what about you Cara?” asked Annalise.

“Hayfever, dust, pollen, fur, and yeah im pretty sensitive to sudden light changes. 

“Im pretty much the same as you both except im pretty okay with sudden light changes.  Regardless I sneeze alot” said Annalise.

“so do we” I said.

Professor W. Otis finally appeared and unlocked the door to the choir room.  She was a larger woman.  Big and busty.  She stood about 5’8.  Big nose, huge nostrils.  Would I ever get to hear her sneeze?  My nose twitched upon entering.  I looked over at Annalise and Isabel, their noses’ were twitching too, but the very loud hitching breaths we all heard didn’t come from either of them.  To our surprise, the first one to fire off a huge sneeze was gonna be our professor.  She was pinching her nose shut, but her mouth was gaping open, and she was wheezing and taking hitching breaths.  Soon Isabel’s nose had enough and began to tickle too.  Annalise, was wheezing already, and I noticed my nose was doing more than twitching.  I was about to let rip, so I pinched my nose and prepared to stifle.

Professor Otis turned from the class and roared,



The choir roomed reverberated with Professor Otis’s huge sneezes.  As my eyes were closing, my body finally submitting to the tremendous tickle burning in my nose, I saw why our class was about to erupt in a cacophony, or to me a beautiful glorious symphony of mammoth sneezes; very clearly this room hadn’t been cleaned at least since the spring semester, there was thick layers of dust over everything, and all the windows had been left open over the summer, letting pollen, dust and mold build up on a multitude of surfaces in the choir room most notably the choir risers, the riser chairs and even the music folders.  One window was actually smashed, with a huge bush of flowers outside, all of that pollen was flowing into the room, and things were about to get really crazy.  

“Excuse me, I have really bad pollen and dust allergies, as well as hayfever.  And as yall heard my sneezes are quite loud.  I’m probably gonna be sneezing all class, just a warning to yall.  Hopefully we can get this room cleaned and ventilated before class tomorrow.” Professor Otis said.

I couldn’t hold back anymore, I tucked my nose deep into my elbow and let rip.

“ggnk! Ggnk!! Ggnk!! Ggnkk!! HAA!!-GGNK!!! HAAH-GGNK! HAAH!!-GGNK!!!”

These stifles barely gave me any relief.  My nose was on fire.  I was probably gonna end up letting loose my real big sneezes.  I hope not in class.  Id have to be very careful with my nose this class. 

Annalise was next, “HAH!!-GGNK!! HAAH!!-GGNK!! HAH!!!-GGGNKKK!!!! HHAAIIIIIISHOOOOOO!!!!!!! HAEESSHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! HAEESSHOOOOO!!!!!!!! HAIIIIIISHOOOOOO!!!!!! HARREESSSHH!!!!!!!” Annalise roared with too many sneezes for me to write out.  It was very much a spectacular fit.  Even Professor Otis looked surprised.  Annalise’s sneezes were rivaling her own.  Isabel not surprisingly was next.  While she didn’t win any records for volume, she had still a very violent and long fit of fifty or so sneezes.  Each one more intense than the last.

While Isabel was deep in her fit of violent, yet girly sneezes, the girl sitting infront of me on the rise below, began rocking back and forth.  She was of Asian descent, either Korean or Vietnamese, I couldn’t tell.  Her name was Mary.  She stood about 5’4, skinny, yet slightly curvy with a more than ample bosom. 

“ggnk! Ggnk! Ggnk! Ggnk!” She stifled four sneezes before, “Oh god…” she said very sneezily. 

“AHCHOOO!!!!! AAEESSHOOOO!!!!  HAEEESSSHHHHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!” Mary screamed out.  The room reverberated once again, this time with Mary’s huge sneezes.  Professor Otis was clearly once again fighting off a tremendous fit of sneezes.  She blasted out ten huge sneezes, each one significantly louder than the last.  Possibly the loudest sneezes I’d ever heard besides my own, I mean my really big sneezes.  I don’t think anyone could rival those.  Well maybe if Isabel held back for a while maybe it would be quite huge.  Then I heard and experienced the most powerful sneeze all of us had ever witnessed.



A gale ripped through the whole classroom.  The vibration of the risers it caused was violent enough itself to knock most students to the ground, and then we were blown around the room like a plastic bag in a hurricane.  I got up, a little dazed, brushed myself off, I wasn’t injured.


Huge tides of air were being blown from one side of the room to another.  I’d never witnessed such a buildup.  Never had I witnessed such a huge sneeze.  Where was this coming from?  I turned around and on the top row of the risers sitting dead center was this cute Asian girl.  Maybe 5’0.  Maybe shorter, either way she was taking in MASSIVE breaths.  She had a small nose, but it was flaring wide, her mouth was wide open.  Her shirt had a sticker that read “Hi! My name is Janice!”.  Her first sneeze was tremendous and hit everyone sitting in front of her quite hard.  She turned around and faced the windows.  Her head tilted back, and we all covered our ears anticipating the sneeze of the century.  And boy did she not disappoint us. 


The windows shattered into a million pieces and were blown out, the gale that didn’t make it out the windows, blew back into the room blowing everything and everyone around.  Dust, pollen, mildew, all the allergens were blown into the air, and before I knew it I was sneezing my head off, screaming out monster sneeze after sneeze.  And these were my big sneezes.  I was blowing stuff and other students around too.  Soon Professor Otis couldn’t hold back either and we began to have a sneeze off, every sneeze louder and louder, more powerful, more air being blown around.  Mary’s nose couldn’t stand the allergens in the air either, and soon was too sneezing her head off, exploding with thunderous sneeze after sneeze.  Isabel had long since lost the battle against her nose and was entering the hundreds within just one fit.  Annalise, set a new personal sneezing record that day, fifty in a row.  So much dust was kicked up, eventually the whole class was sneezing their heads off.  What a way to start my college experience, I thought.

To be continued??



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This was so enjoyable to read! And I loved the gigantic sneeze element added in! Hope to see a part 2!

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This was great! Thanks so much for posting. Always tricky to get a lot of different big sneezers into the same story but you did it effectively. Love a giant sneeze story!

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Mr. Black Cherry Berry Tea, I'm honored you enjoyed my story.  I have thoroughly enjoyed your stories over the years.  You're the G.O.A.T of gigantic sneezing stories.

Part II:

This took place a few hours after the events of part one.  Our whole class was stopped and let out early that day.  Professor Otis couldn’t get a grip on her nose, rather quite literally, and was blasting out sneeze after sneeze.  She managed in between her huge nasal explosions, to say, “ggguhh goooo huuuhhooommmme ehhh early! Tuhhh today!!!”

Isabel had been locked in a desperate, violent sneezing fit.  She was sneezing her head off.  I couldn’t stifle anymore and unbelievably huge sneezes were exploding from my tiny frame.  Mary looked like she was almost erotically enjoying the enormous sneezes roaring out her mouth.  And Janice, ran out the room the moment she blew out the windows.  We heard one more unreal loud sneeze from far away, probably outside.  This was a few hours after this all unfolded. 

            Turns out, Isabel and I live in the same building.  I lived on the 8th floor in dorm room 813.  I lived with three other girls, Charis Choo from Montvale, Dina Lee and Kaitlyn Li both from Fort Lee, NJ.  Since we went to school in Montclair, New Jersey; there was a healthy Asian population, and a lot of people were from towns like Palisades Park, Leonia and Fort Lee.  Isabel on the other hand lived down on the first floor.  Room 101 right by the lobby.  She only had one roommate, Kat Seo from down south in New Brunswick.  I knew Kat from a summer camp a few years ago, so today I decided to hang out in their dorm room.  The cleanliness in this room was immaculate.  There was no dust… anywhere.  There was an air purifier on in the room.  Everything in this room was geared to reduce any and all sneezing as much as possible.  Yet…..


Isabel snapped forwards with an aggressive and loud double. 

She sniffed, rubbed her nose and took deep slow breaths while massaging her nose.  Her breath shallowed and she was okay. 

“Bless you Isabel”, I said. 

“Theres more where that came fro- ATschooo!!! Atschoooo!!! AAshoooo!!! AEESHOOOOO!!!!”

Isabel sneezed out a solid quadruple which grew in volume as they were released. 

“Bless you again girl,…. Whats making you sneeze? This room is immaculate.” I said.

“I dunno girl, I just sneeze a lot haha, so does Kat actually, and just warning ya, she’s louder than me, by alot”, Isabel replied.

I hoped I would get to hear Kat sneeze soon.  I’d known Kat for a few years now, but I’d never heard her sneeze, and never thought it’d be notable enough that I’d need a warning about it.

We sang along with our favorite songs, watched reruns of Seinfeld.  Talked about boys…. And then started talking about girls.  We broke the ice with that real quick.  We talked about our relationship preferences, and honestly I tried hard not to show too much attraction to Isabel at first even though she clicked off every one of my boxes for an ideal girlfriend.  Kat broke our conservation with a sudden roar of sneeze.


It was sudden, it was really Loud, it had no buildup and Kat was left rubbing her nose after. 

“Wow Kat, Bless yo-“I said


Kat roared again, shaking the walls with its volume.  Almost as if seeing this could summon the sensation into my own nose, but I was soon overcome by a HUGE tickle.  I started taking huge deep sneezy breaths.  Isabel and Kat’s drawers started being pulled out.  The papers on their desks flew around the room.  I was taking in so much air, everything in the room began moving and the lighter stuff all flew around in the air.  Isabel suddenly jumped into action and pinched my nose shut with one hand and with the other was massaging my nostrils.  Somehow she managed to calm the tickle down and somehow the sneeze went away.  For now.  Just thirty minutes later the tickle came back, more acutely and stronger this time.  I blew things around again as I built to this sure to be monster sneeze.  Isabel jumped into action once again and did her thing.  Bravely too, my inhales sucked her close to my face.  It was a whole minute of Isabel intuitively rubbing my nose, and me trying to hold back, praying I don’t literally blow Isabel away.  After a minute of intense rubbing and massaging, the tickle vanished.  My breathing returned to normal, and I smiled up at Isabel, who looked in that moment like she was in fear for her life.  Well, if I had sneezed that hard, that close to her, she might’ve actually gotten hurt so I understand.  She was a brave one indeed. 

Later that day we went to Dining Hall A for dinner.  It was about 7pm, the sun was pretty much all the way down.  The pollen count was high today, and it was starting get to Isabel.

“Att-schooo!!! ATschooo!!! ATschooooo!! AT-CHOWW!!!

Suddenly I heard a huge flurry of sneezes come from behind us.



When I turned to look at the mystery sneezer.  I saw Annalise, rubbing her nose.  Kat Seo said. “Bless you! Those were huge!”

Annalise replied, “haha thanks, Im Annalise”

“Im Kat, Isabel’s roommate”, said Kat.

Annalise joined our party and we entered the dining hall.  It was an assault on my nose, the sudden jab of crazy scents and aromas.  “Huuuuhhh…”I took a deep breath.  And rubbed my nose, there was no tickle, yet, but I was making sure this didn’t blossom into a tickle.  My breathing relaxed and I was fine.  Thank the lord.  Annalise’s nose had other ideas.  She turned around and screamed out some rather loud stifles.  I asked her, “why are you stifling right now?”

She said, “Cuz my sneezes are hella loud girl.  You’ve heard them”

“Your stifles aren’t much quieter girl, might as well just let them out full blast”

“Im trying hard, its hard as hell”

We got our food and sat down at a table in the middle of the cafeteria.  Big mistake.  My nose started tickling.  It was a huge tickle.  Like HUGE.  I started taking huge breaths.  Kat and Annalise’s hair blew around in the breeze, their skirts blew around in the breeze.  Isabel sprung into action, started doing her thing trying to calm my nasal cannon down.  Annalise, still sneezing every ten seconds or so, managed to stammer out between sneezes, “noo Cara, you can’t, not hereee  HAATT!!!—GGNKK!!!”.  I was so close to absolutely fully letting loose, and totally exploding.  But, there were hundreds of students, innocent students in this dining hall, I couldn’t possibly let loose this monster in here, it would be a disaster.  I was swallowing huge amounts of air.  My head tilted all the way back, I was leaning backwards in fact, my chest had puffed up, my normally smaller bosom oddly looking unusually large, larger than normal.  I went from my usual A cup to an easy, perky C cup.  This happens when I have a large amount of air within me, my breasts swell up.  Even though I was swallowing and moving huge tides of air, no students around us had noticed.  My sneezy breaths while huge, aren’t the loudest breaths I’ve heard.  Kat Seo I think had the loudest sneezy breaths I had ever heard, that was, until I heard that girl in choir, Janice I think her name was.  Her breaths were ginormous and while they warped the room with their sudden and enormous movements of air, but the volume made my ears rattle, and my heart stop dead in its tracks.  She was the first in a while to strike a feeling of both fear and reverence in me.  And the sneeze that followed did not disappoint, not one bit, she blew most of us away, at least those sitting close to her.  She rearranged the whole room within 5 seconds of her sudden, huge, violent detonation.  It was truly explosive.  But enough about that, I was about to blow all of us to kingdom come. The tickle I felt in my nose, and the size of my breasts at this point, I swear they swelled to at least a D cup, maybe even a DD or DDD.  They were huge, they normally aren’t big at all, they’re perky for sure, but small by most standards.  At this moment they looked huge, and that was the result of the ridiculous amount of air built up within me.  If I had let this one go, I think it would’ve eclipsed even Janice’s sneezes today, in terms of size, volume, shock factor and overall damage.  Yeah Janice has a huge sneeze.  But.  I had been building up all day only to stop the tickle and not release the air.  I had HUGE amounts of air within me, just built up, pressurized, ready to blow at any moment.  I had to be careful.  Isabel strategically stood shoulder to shoulder with me this time, instead of right in front of me, just in case I couldn’t hold this one back, her hands didn’t work or it just slipped out, even a tiny bit of that air stored up could do major damage.  So she stood to my side and stretched her arm out and attempted to work her magic.  Isabel worked quickly defusing the bomb on my face.  Within a minute the tickle had fully receded and my breathing relaxed, and we were good.  Isabel had magic hands.  The dining hall and all the students inside it were safe.  And most were none the wiser.  They had no idea, this lil 5’4 skinny blonde girl with a small nose was about to blow this building to kingdom come.  None of them realized their lives were really at stake, in the hands of a small 18 year old Filipino girl with a lot of sneezing, stifling, and holding back experience, whose hands were simply made to stop even the biggest of sneezes.  And with those hands she could induce too, but she didn’t tell me that.  Yet.

            The rest of that meal was relatively uneventful, although Isabel turned to her left to let loose a few sneezes every thirty seconds or so.  Her nose clearly had its grip fairly tight on her.  They were harmless though, just a tad bit ear piercing.  Very cute in my opinion, very girly, yet powerful in their own way.  I loved the way Isabel sneezed.  From the way her eyes flutter shut, and she tilts her head back.  Her nostrils flare wide, as she takes deep sneezy breaths.  And then they come, raising in pitch as they exit her nose and mouth, getting really high on the “OOOO” part of her trademark “ATschoooOOOO!!!” sneeze.  Annalise was also suffering a quite a bit.  Her stifles had become louder and louder, more and more desperate each time.  With each sneeze released, they came exponentially closer in time, slowly becoming a rapid sneezing fit.  When she started really sneezing a lot, a few every minute, to a few every five seconds or so.  To literally just sneezing twenty or so rapid stifles in a row. She was so out of breath by the end of the fit, but it wasn’t over.  She began violently inhaling.  Huhhh! Haaah!!! HUUUHHH!!! HAAAAAHHHH!!!!!! HEEHH…HEEEHHH….HEEIIIIAAAAHHHH..HHIIEESSHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She screamed this one out.  It cut through the sounds of the dining hall like a hot knife through butter.  Annalise’s breathing started to even out.  She looked at me with an elated expression, it must have felt so good to let that sneeze out, despite now literally everyone in the cafeteria had their eyes on our table and more specifically Annalise.  Suddenly it was quiet in the dining hall.  Annalise’s nose had betrayed her, the silence was quickly interrupted by the sounds of Annalise building up to another, larger sneeze. 


This time, Annalise began to move some air.  My hair blew around in the breeze.  Hundreds of students watched in anticipation of this interesting, performance? They seemed to think this was a performance, Annalise however thought this was a nightmare in real life.  She was about to let loose one of her biggest sneezes in public.  This was a sneeze that she’d only release probably deep in the woods at the dead of night, far away from anyone who could hear her or be affected by the damage of her huge windstorm.  Usually Annalise would holdback, stifle or usually in public if she fully let out a sneeze, it’d be kinda loud but it would be much smaller than one of her real big sneezes. Those real big sneezes would build up throughout the day, but she’d only let them loose in the dead of night.  Away from anyone.  That would change soon though.  Annalise’s eyes began to cross, and then they rolled up and her eyelids fluttered shut.  She leaned back, and her hitching breaths rattled the plates on our table.  Kat’s hair blew around in the breeze, my hair blew around in the breeze.  All of a sudden. 


My hair was blown back and my ears rang with the volume, and I shook in shock because I was not expecting to be sneezed on.  I actually flinched as the spray cloud slammed into my face. This one hadn’t come from Annalise, nor Isabel.  The air Annalise had kicked up, contained lots of dust from this hall had desperately needed to be cleaned, or at least dusted, and had apparently set Kat off. 


Kat screamed out sneeze after sneeze.  The volume so loud it actually eclipsed Annalise’s huge sneezy breaths, they were still huge though.  By the time Kat had gotten a grip on her nose, Annalise was ready to blow.  She was rocking back and forth in her chair.  While no one sat directly in front of her, we were smack dab in the middle of the dining hall, so there were innocent bystanders all around us.  Annalise was about to sneeze, HARD.  “Anna, you cant, not here, please girl, hold it in!” I pleaded.  “Wait, Isabel, try your thing with Annalise and quick, she’s about to blow us all away!”. I yelled out. 

Isabel moved to the chair next to Annalise.  She said to her, “This is gonna feel weird, Im gonna touch your nose.  Please try not to sneeze my hand off, it’ll take a minute to get working, but you should slowly feel the tickle recede and your breathing will slow down and even out.”

Isabel placed her right hand on the bridge of Annalise’s nose and began massaging, her left hand went under her nostrils and attempted to calm down her flaring nasal cannons.  Annalise almost lost it once or twice.  It wasn’t like with me, like within thirty seconds or so of Isabel rubbing my nose that it calms down.  Isabel’s hands were made for my nose.  Meanwhile Annalise’s nose was fighting for the right to let rip.  It was really fighting back, and Isabel seemed to adjust her technique as the tickle rose and fell in Anna’s nose.  Isabel was fearless even as Annalise took breaths that blew around Isabel’s hair and ruffled her clothing.  If Annalise let it go, Isabel was surely dead.  She’d be blown to the other side of the room, like a ragdoll, at speeds approaching 200 mph.  This was serious business. This was life or death, but Isabel was fearless, I really admired that about her.  After five minutes of frantic yet skillful massaging of Annalise’s nose, Anna gave the thumbs up, Isabel eased her grip on her nose ever so slightly.  Annalise then gave a few experimental sniffs, and looked up at Isabel and smiled.  The tickle was gone, and we were safe.  You could hear the whole cafeteria sigh in relief.  It was really shaping up to be quite the hurricane, but Isabel, really had magic hands.  It was a gift that she was given, she could stop even the biggest of sneezes with just her hands.  And she was skilled at it, she trained it, probably on herself and maybe her friends, maybe family.  She knows what she’s doing when she places her hands on your nose.  It was impressive.  It was downright sexy.  Annalise thanked Isabel for saving us all.  “You’re very welcome Annaliii— ATschooOOO!!!! ATschooooOOOOO!!!! AT-ggnk! AEEESSHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Isabel let out three huge sneezes and one stifle.  The last one she really screamed it out in a very unIsabel like way.  It wasn’t really girly, it was just loud and huge and wet.  “Bless you Isabel”, Annalise said. 

“Thank youuuu---AISSHOO!!!! AEESSHOO!!!! HARRASSHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Isabel roared, and said, “Holy shit! My nose!  I cant…”

Ten more huge sneezes followed.  Isabel was rubbing her nose, but the sneezes kept just flowing out. 

“I can stop just about anyone from sneezing even the biggest of sneezes, but I can’t stop myself from sneezing to save my life.  Ironic, I know.”, Isabel muttered in between huge sneezes.

Kat let loose a few huge sneezes again too.  The overall talking in the room had began once again, but it was still quiet enough that Isabel and Kat’s sneezing was easily heard over everything being said by everyone.  We had finished our food, and I was starting to feel sneezy again, but I pinched my nose shut, and closed my eyes and manifested the words, “I will not sneeze, I will not build up”, and somehow the tickle receded once again.  I looked over at Isabel and Kat, who were both in the middle of their own violent sneezing fits, and said “Lets get out of here, lets go back to the dorm.”

Isabel and Kat nodded their heads in agreement and then went back to sneezing sneeze after sneeze like their lives depended on it.  Kat’s sneezes were echoing down the whole hall.  Isabel was just sneezing so tastefully and beautifully, desperately, violently yet still dainty and girly.  The four of us, Kat, Isabel, Annalise and I departed from the dining hall and began the long walk down Montclair city streets to our dorm building.  Anna lived in the building across the street from us, but she was coming to hang in our dorm.  My room this time.  We entered the building, smiled at the security guard keeping watch in the lobby, and then got into the elevator.  Kat couldn’t hold back, and roared a mighty rapid triple in the close quarters of the elevator, the sound was incredible, and tremendous, my ears hurt from the sheer volume.  The elevator was slow, but eventually we got to the 8th floor.  As we approached room 813, my room, we could hear sneezing from down the hall. As we got close, yep it was coming from inside my room, and it was two different people sneezing their heads off.  I unlocked my door, and I told the rest of the girls to wait outside for a minute.  Charis stood by the bathroom door to the left of the dorm door, cross-eyed, eyelids fluttering, her right hand pinching her nose shut and her left hand, frantically fanning her face.  Clearly she was caught in a terrible sneezing fit.  To my right was Dina, and she was just sneezing huge wet sneeze after sneeze.  The only one not sneezing was Kaitlyn, and she was the most allergic out of us four roommates.  I looked over to Charis and said, “I got someone who can help you.  Isabel! Come in here please!”

Isabel scurried into the room and saw Charis building up to another sneezing fit.  I told Isabel to work her magic on Charis’s nose, and Isabel did.  She took her right hand and placed it on the bridge of Charis’s rather large and wide nose.  She began massaging the area, and placed her left hand under Charis’s distinctly large nostrils that were flaring so wide you could fit a quarter up her nose and have still have wiggle room.  “HUSSHOOOOO!!!!!”, Charis roared out, spraying Isabel’s hands, luckily Charis didn’t have the biggest of sneezes, they were still quite wet and sexy in my opinion.  Not as sexy as Isabel’s but still; more than enough to get my hormones excited.  Isabel adjusted her technique and Charis’s breathing began to slow, her eyes finally uncrossed and her facial expression turned to surprise as Isabel’s hand techniques actually had caused her tickle to seemingly vanish.  “Still sneezy?” asked Isabel.

“hmm *sniff* no its gone” replied Charis.

“cool, you’re welcome, my name’s Isabel, I’m in room 101. What’s your maj-“

Their conversation was interrupted by a slew of huge rapid fire sneezes from Dina. 

Dina was a tiny 4’10 ish skinny Korean girl from Fort Lee, and had a small face, small nose and small mouth, yet roared with enormous sneezes rivaling Kat Seo in volume. 

Charis looked to Isabel and said, “You think your magic hands would work on Dina over there? She’s been sneezing for a while now.  She cant get any work done because she’s either sneezing or building up to a sneezing fit.  Isabel walked over to Dina.  “I’m gonna touch your nose, are you okay with that?” Isabel asked.  Dina nodded before screaming out three huge sneezes, spraying Isabel and making her ears ring.  Isabel placed her hands on Dina’s nose and did her thing.  Dina’s nose was relentless and aggressively.  Frequently sneezing all over Isabel, eventually her nose called it quits and gave up, the tickle receding until it was completely gone. Dina looked up at Isabel in amazement.  “Girl ive been sneezing non stop since 2PM, god bless you.”

I brought the rest of the girls in.  We hung out in our dorm, playing board games, and then around 9pm.  I felt the tickle return.  It was unbelieveably huge.  Bigger than any tickle I’d felt before.  The scary thing was, all those times Isabel had stopped my sneeze, yeah she stopped my sneeze, but all the air I inhaled during the build ups? I never released that air, all of it was still in me.  I’d never edged my sneeze this far or this long ever before.  I really didn’t think Isabel was gonna be able to stop this sneeze this time, and honestly considering the amount of air inside me, it was too dangerous to let my new best friend stand near me as I fought back this leviathan of a sneeze.  “Isabel, I think I need to let this one out.  Do you know of anywhere we can go do that?” I asked.

“There’s an alley out back behind the building, should be fine to just vent your Vesuvius of a nose there” She replied. 

“Its coming, and you nor I can do anything to stop it.  We gotta go, now.” Annalise rubbed her nose and said, “Im coming too, gotta let a few big ones rip”.  Kat came out with us too.  It was indeed an alleyway, dark and dirty, nothing but a few dumpsters fifty feet from us.  I let the tickle fully take over.  “Haaahhh!!! HAAAAHHH!!!”

I was hitching up a storm.  Even though Isabel, Kat and Annalise all stood behind me, their hair still blew around in the breeze.  I was taking the biggest breaths of my life.  Huge amounts of air were being drug into my lungs, my boobs were HUGE, like F cup at least.  Id never seen them swell so big.  Then my head leaned back,  I was passing the point of no return. 


The tickle was so strong, I kept taking in more and more air.  The tickle burned so much I thought it tickled too much for the sneeze to come out.  I just kept sucking in HUGE amounts of air, and I cant stress how HUGE they were.  The dumpsters were now a few feet away from me, I had literally sucked them towards us.  I felt it, it was coming. 


The dumpsters flew across the alley like a paper ball caught in the Jetstream of a hair dryer. 


Even bigger this time.  You could see the air in front of me breaking, as this sonic boom of a sneeze tore through the air.  Cracks formed in the walls on both sides of the alley.  I couldn’t rip another sneeze in this alley, I feared for the buildings around us.  So I turned around.  Kat, Annalise and Isabel all ran away in fear because I was now facing their direction.  In front of me was nothing more than a tall wooden fence and behind it, trees for miles. 




A literal gale burst forth from my nose and mouth, this triple completely demolished the portion of fence in front of me, and tore down several trees in the area.  Several large trees, I should add.  I continued to blast out sneeze after sneeze, each one larger than the last.  Many more trees fell.  In the distance I could hear Annalise roaring with her huge sneezes and every so often I’d hear Kat’s nose explode with her great big sneezes too.  By the time we were done, probably a hundred or so trees bit the dust collectively between Annalise and I’s tremendous nasal blasts.  I’d sneezed at least forty times, but my breasts remained enlarged.  Not to the size they were right before I let loose, but they were at least a C cup rather than my normal A cup.  Meaning I still had air left inside of me.  A lot of air, but no longer had any more tickle to force it out.   I thought about inducing, but I thought that could end up really bad, inducing usually made me sneeze much harder than normal so that’s a no, but I ended up just going back to my dorm room and hanging out with Isabel, Kat and Annalise some more.  Yeah I had a lot of air within me and that could be dangerous, but I had no tickle to worry about so, maybe I’d have a crazy huge fit the next day, but that’s for tomorrow to worry about. 

To be continued??





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Nice, another part even better than the last! I love how this entire part was basically building up to that last sneeze. I'd love more parts!

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Great job! The only things you could do that I think would make it better are some finger under nose holdbacks and totem pole trench scenarios, but otherwise, this is excellent (so far)!

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Bravo! And thanks for the compliment! I loved the epic delayed monster sneeze. 

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On 11/12/2022 at 7:02 AM, Mr. Black Cherry Berry Tea said:

Bravo! And thanks for the compliment! I loved the epic delayed monster sneeze. 

Did you mean little ol' me?

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Amazing. The detail in the sneeze feeling and description. I struggle with that on a day-to-day basis. Trying to work on it, and be authentic.

Keep up the good work. I can't wait for part 3

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I love Isabel's skills at controlling another girl's nose, beautifully written! "Magic hands"! Given how loudly she blows her own nose, I wonder if she's just as good at blowing the others' noses as she is at stopping their tickles?

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Amazing job with the story!

Isabel's ability to induce would come very in handy in case Cara ever gets a stuck sneeze. (Wich considering her vast lung capacity, could lead to nuclear consequences if postponed.)

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