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Do you ever wonder?


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Does anyone else ever think about how people without the fetish feel about sneezes? 
Is there any part of them that wants to watch someone wind up for a sneeze? Do they notice different types? Do they think anything when they sneeze themselves? Hmmm

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From some Internet threads, it seems like people without the fetish love the relief that comes with a sneeze and feel disappointed when a sneeze goes away. I’ve also seen many threads where people complain about loud sneezers or dad sneezes. 

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Think about absolutely anything that you do not have a fetish for, but which you might see in daily life or would catch your attention if you came across it.  That is probably a good idea about how people without a fetish feel about sneezing.

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I had the best of intentions to answer this post but I dont think there is a better way to than how SleepingPhlox has.

Literally anything you don't have a fetish for be it a bodily function or an inanimate object -how you see that is how the rest of the population views sneezing. 

They are wrong and we are right btw 😅

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