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Roommates (Alhaitham/Kaveh - Genshin Impact) [M]


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Hii! These two are my new obsession, and I was like crazy looking for fanfic of these two and I couldn't find even one sickfick, so I said: why not write one myself?
For context, these two are scholarly roommates, but only Alhaitham pays the rent.

-Alhaitham, the Scribe of the Academy: https://preview.redd.it/ltby57m1zs891.jpg?width=640&crop=smart&auto=webp&s=96b8997fd05091f3fff3cb980d4b1cb33d229d5a
-Kaveh, a famous architect: https://progameguides.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/kaveh-genshin-impact.jpg?fit=1200%2C675

I loved the dynamic of these two. Tell me what you think ❤️



Alhaitham has been mentally praying to the Archons about whom he doubts their divinity so that his roommate is not home today. Maybe he could be at one of those pompous parties to which he’s invited to strut his stuff, or maybe he's visiting Tighnari in Avidya Forest for inspiration. His heart sinks when he sees the living room light on from outside. He sighs. He has just returned from Port Oormos from his mission with the traveler and, to tell the truth, he is too lazy to deal with the sometimes absurd, sometimes highly stimulating discussions that he has with Kaveh.

Alhaitham carefully opens the door and reaches the living room. Kaveh has installed his architect's table in the living room because his room, which was previously intended to be a pantry, is too "tiny, uninspiring and with little more than despicable light." Kaveh turns when he sees Alhaitham enter. He has removed his cloak, and is wearing his usual loose white shirt, which exposes part of his shoulders and back.

“Wow, the prodigal son return home”  says Kaveh, with a hint of annoyance.

Usually it’s Alhaitham who greets him in such a poignant manner, and not the other way around. Alhaitham frowns.

“I don’t want to argue.”

“Argue? Who talked about arguing? It's not worth arguing with who can't even leave a measly note when he leaves for a six-day trip and comes back as usual.”

Alhaitham rolls his eyes.

“You went to the desert for half a week and you didn't say anything either.”

“I left you a note on the counter!”

“That’s true?” Alhaitham is about to smile, but he holds back the sneer.

Kaveh's expression looks genuinely annoyed, but he holds back a frustrated sigh and turns to continue with his plans.

“Where the hell have you been?” Kave asked.

Alhaitham certainly expected more noise.

“Handling my business.”

“Oh, how specific. Lest you share classified information from the Academy, Mr. Scribe.”

“For your information, I will probably stop being The Scribe shortly.”

Kaveh, this time, puts down the brush and looks at him with wide eyes.

“What the actual-“

“Tomorrow.”  Alhaitham interrupts him. “Now I'm tired. I've been traveling all day, I don't want to give you explanations.”

“Explanations are the least you usually give.”

“Technically, that's wrong. I give you explanations of how to place my books, how not to leave your brushes scattered throughout the room, how to wash the dishes correctly so that there are no lumps-“

“I don't leave lumps on the dishes, you're the one obsessed with ceramic, which is incredibly difficult to wash because it has holes! You know? I don't care about your business. I'm busy.” To reassure himself, Kaveh turns his back, for what seems to be the final time, on the scribe.

Alhaitham is grateful for the haven of peace that the conversation has given him and goes to his room. He removes his cape, boots and beads, and makes himself comfortable. Then he heats the pot in a slow and satisfying process, and while he waits for the tea to be ready, he sits on the sofa and start reading. He has gotten used to Kaveh's comfortable presence, but this time it is something different. The blond seems more…calm? That little disturbance causes Alhaitham's attention to stray slightly from the book and onto his partner, and even more when Kaveh shifts uncomfortably in his seat. Not more than five seconds pass before Kaveh's arm goes to his face and, with a desperate inhalation, buries it in the crook of his elbow.

“Ahh-Tsxhi!” It is so stifled that seems to get stuck in his throat, and it seems, in Alhaitham's eyes, unsatisfactory. As his roommate, Alhaitham has seen him sneeze on more than one occasion, and he knows that Kaveh has acquired that special ability so that his sneezes get a graceful finesse when dealing with wealthy nobles.

Alhaitham doesn't give it a second thought, and he goes on with reading it. Then, the kettle whistles, and Alhaitham reaches for a cup of tea.

“Do you want?” He asks Kaveh, as a kind of truce.

“No, thanks.”

Too simple, Alhaitham thinks. Kaveh is not one to leave a discussion halfway through.

“What are you working so hard on?” ask Alhaitham. “I hadn't seen you really focused in ages.”

“That's not true, I can concentrate even if I have a side conversation.” Kaveh answers almost immediately, using a ruler to make a straight line between a lot of complex lines that intersect. Alhaitham has always found architecture extremely boring. Semiotic, on the other hand, is changeable but precise, and much more entertaining. “And it's not your business either.”

“I see, so you're going to behave like the spoiled child you are.”

Kaveh turns and is about to reply with an angry comment, but his expression suddenly crinkles up and his pre-sneeze expression becomes very noticeable when he desperately brings a hand to his nose.

“T-TSsshi” He turns a bit so that Alhaitham doesn't see his as completely vulnerable, but the desperation in the vocals and that evident humidity give Alhaitham a clue as to what may be happening. "Px-ssts!" Already on his back, Kaveh squeezes his nose with his thumb and index finger and stifles a painful sneeze. Alhaitham sees his back and head shake.

Then he understands. He notices for the first time the two handkerchiefs on the table, along with some notes and plans, which at first he thought were to clean the brush, but they lack traces of ink. Also, that weird disturbance in Kaveh's voice. Congestion. Alhaitham decides not to comment on anything, because he is not one to make hasty guesses, and he knows that observation is the basis of all research. So he waits.

“Ah-mng!” And again, the same formula after a few minutes. An almost entirely stifled sneeze, which, if they not been in that absurdly tense silence, would hardly have been heard. Now, accompanied with a congested sniffle.

He should blow his nose, Alhaitham thinks. Then he realizes that he hasn't made any progress in reading his book, and that Kaveh, one way or another, always manages to distract him. Dammit.

He is tired of waiting.



“I have met The Traveler, have you heard of her?”

He gets the indicated effect: Kaveh turns around.

“The legendary traveler?” Sniffle. And Alhaitham sees it more and more clearly: the red nose, that slight blush under his eyes that spreads across his cheeks. “Where?”

“In Port Oormos. They were looking for a Canned Knowledge.”

“What the hell, Haitham? What are you up to?”

That nickname. He's the only one Alhaitham lets call him that, and he doesn't even know why, ‘cause he doesn't like it at all.

“Nothing at the moment. I think the Sages of the Academy are planning something shady.”

The commissure of Kaveh rises.

“You and your conspiracies. You already know that I don’t absolutely care about Sages of the Academy. I don’t live for their wishes, but for the wishes of art. Why do you think that?”

Alhaitham refrains from commenting on the absurdity he has just said about art and notices the slight gasping for breath, and the sniffles that precedes it.

“Because it's true. I've heard rumors about the Sages. They may want to get rid of the Lesser Lord Kusanali, Kaveh.”

"And why are you telling me all this s-S-sorry…" He cups his hands to his face and he shiver before sneezing. “Hh-Atshi-Tschsi! –T-TsShi!” The softness of his sneezes contrasts with that feeling of desperation that barely leaves space to breathe between one and the other. Alhaitham sees the vibration of his chest and his head with each release, and wonders how long maybe he is holding it in front of him. "Archons…" he exhales, congested, and turns to pick up a used handkerchief.

“So you're sick.” Alhaitham says.

“Wow, we are insightful today.” Kaveh says, before blowing his nose slightly and exhaling charged again.

“I thought you never got sick.”

“The academic who thinks that perfect immune systems exist.” He replies, now rubbing his nose with curved finger, with an elegance that gives Alhaitham a shiver.

“You know what I mean. You've been here half a year and I've never seen you get sick.”

“What about this interest in my health? The rain caught me yesterday on my way home and all my plans got wet. I'm repeating them, for your interest, so I don't want unnecessary analysis about me, Haitham.”

Alhaitham raises his hands in disinterest and, after a while, says:

“Bless you.”

Kaveh, already on his back, groans.

“Thank you.” Silence. After a while, Kaveh ends up putting down the brush and pressing the bridge of his nose before sniffling. “ But I want you to tell me about the Sahes when I finish…”

“You could blow your nose. “  Alhaitham interrupts him. He doesn't like to have too many unnecessary words, but seriously, Alhaitham thinks he'll go crazy if Kaveh keeps sniffling like that.

“Could you let me finish a sentence? And that’s not necessary. I just…” His expression turns annoyed and instantly cloudy. He lets out an angry "fuck" before grabbing the handkerchief and bringing it to his nose. "Hh-hh... Hh…" his breath hitches with a false start that if already leaves Alhaitham feeling unsatisfied, he doesn't even want to imagine Kaveh. He soon takes several breaths before sneezing again. "Hh… h-hh-T-tShu! TTch!” The sneezes are stifled and tired, but very wet, and seems incredibly unsatisfying.

Alhaitham sighs and closes his book. He gets up.

“Where are you going?” Kaveh asks, his voice cracking a bit.

“Go for tea.”

“I told you I don't want tea.”

“Yes, you want.”

Kaveh sighs and chooses to take a break. He sits on the sofa, and Alhaitham hands him a cup of steaming tea, palatable and delicious. He sits next to Kaveh.

“You always get what you want.” Kaveh sniffles  “At least, you can tell me about the Sages.”

“Tomorrow.” And Alhaitham opens the book again.



Do you want more? :) 

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How wonderful!!  I’m not caught up on Sumeru’s archon quest, but I am excited for these two.  Very cute, thanks for the content :D

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Eeeek this was so good!!! You're an incredible writer, and I have yet to see some Kavetham fics myself. I wrote a little Alhaitham drabble I shared on snzblr a while back but that's all 🥺 Would love to see more!

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just now seeing this and this was so good!!! i agree with MikiSan, would love to see Al-Haitham catch the cold if you plan on continuing this :D

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Oh finally, another Genshin snz fan- love this, can’t wait for these two idiots to come out so I can pull for them 💕💕💕

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