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Hey all. This is sort of a continuation of my fic 'Recommendations', although it takes place in a different place and atmosphere so I thought I'd post it separate. I love the idea of Steddie, and thought I'd explore that a little bit. Let me know what you might think. ❤️



The two were quiet as the car pulled into the long driveway. Eddie let out a breath as he put the car in park, unable to stop himself from staring up at the house. It was bigger than he’d pictured. Although the colour was a bit dreary - flat grey, including the tall brick chimneys that reached towards the night sky. Steve’s body was slumped in the passenger seat, leaning his head against the window.


“Wakey wakey,” Eddie said gently. Steve grunted. His features contorted into a yawn, as he stretched out his tired muscles. He sat quietly for a moment, blinking his pink, weary eyes. “Hey, Steve?”




“You need me to carry you inside?”


Steve’s expression broke into an unexpected laugh, which triggered some weak coughs. “Mm… please. *snf!*” He seemed to be waking up a bit more, rubbing at his sore eyes.


Eddie stepped out of the car and shut the door, then made his way over to the passenger side. He opened the door. His heart sank as he watched Steve reluctantly swing his legs out and heave  himself out. Eddie held out a hand, which Steve grabbed and pulled for support. “Oookay. Come on, big boy. Let’s go.” He helped Steve to his feet and closed the car door behind him. “Jesus. Come on, let’s get you inside.”


“heh’KGSCHh!!” Steve let out a sudden, congested-sounding sneeze, without fully turning away. Eddie quickly turned to look at him. “Sorry,” he said quickly. “‘B so sorry, *hsnff* I did’t- that was ub, disgustig-“


“No worries, bless you.” Eddie said calmly. He’d had a split-second urge to tease him, but he still looked pretty allergic and uncomfortable. Steve wiped his watery eyes, which led to rubbing. “Hey. Careful. Your eyes still hurt?”


Steve’s face was prickly-hot, and he felt slightly more woken up by his embarrassment. “Ub…” The truth. Just be honest. “Yeah, they’re just itchy, though.”


“Yeah. You should take a nice shower, get all that gunk off of you. Have some drugs. And uh…” As he reached the door, Steve glanced back. Eddie had stopped by the porch steps, swaying awkwardly.


“You cobig?” Eddie opened his mouth to respond. He stared at a small tree on the lawn, then at the many windows on the facade. It was minimalistic, clean. The front had big wooden double doors, lit warmly from above. “Mby paredts ared’t hobe.” Steve added softly.


Eddie’s eyebrows raised. His attention had focused in on an expensive-looking barbecue grill, which had reminded him of something he couldn’t quite place. He opened his mouth again to speak, then closed it. Steve diverted his gaze.


“Yeah,” Eddie finally responded. Steve’s gaze connected with his again. There was something hiding there, soft and genuine. “Yeah, no, of course.” Eddie climbed the porch steps to join Steve. He felt the need to come up with some excuse for his hesitation, as if there was another possible explanation for why he’d stopped at the bottom of the stairs. But there wasn’t.


“Good, cuz,” Steve chuckled softly. “You still have my keys.”


Eddie’s hand plunged into his jacket pocket. “Oh. Sorry.” He grinned at Steve, trying not to act so flustered. “Yeah, we’d probably need those.”


Eddie handed the keys back to Steve, hoping that his palms hadn’t gotten too sweaty. Steve unlocked the door and stepped inside, as Eddie followed behind him. He let out a low whistle, looking around the immaculate foyer.


“Nice place, Harrington.”


“Yeah, thanks.” Steve ran his fingers through his hair, sniffling self-consciously. Memories of past friends and people he’d brought here from school lingered in his memory like ghosts, inducing a strange feeling of nostalgia with a bit of sadness. Steve cleared his throat. “I’b godda take a quick shower, you cad help yourself to adythig id the fridge.”


“Thanks.” Steve put his foot on the first step, when he heard Eddie say something in a low register: “You’ll be back?”


Steve laughed softly, lowering his head. In a similar deep voice, he responded: “I’ll be back.”


Eddie grinned, as Steve turned and headed up the stairs. He slowly walked around, keeping his hands in his pockets. Even though Steve had said they’d be alone in the house, he still felt a bit reluctant to make himself comfortable, as they say. He looked down at his sneakers, which were worn and dirty, making quiet steps across the smooth, polished wood floors. Don’t be so stiff. This is Steve “the Hair” Harrington’s house. There have got to be people way worse than you who’ve traipsed in and out of here. That thought made him feel a bit gross, considering how much of a different person Steve seemed to be compared to years before. He couldn’t keep thinking of him like that, it couldn’t lead anywhere good.


He came across a console table with some framed photos on top. Pictures of well-dressed families smiling with their hair done up nicely and their posture perfect and straight. Eddie grinned softly as he found a solo picture of a tiny Steve with bangs, smiling from ear to ear.


“HURRESSCHHIEWW!!” A rather loud sneeze came from upstairs, startling Eddie.


“Bless you!!” He called out, straightening the picture frame in the row.


“Thagk you,” a sheepish, stuffy voice replied.


Eddie wondered if he’d always been this allergic to dust. Was it the only thing that made him react like this? I mean, if his house was always this immaculately clean…


Eddie wandered into the dining room, where a round, white chandelier hung above a dark, sleek-looking dining table surrounded by matching chairs. To his left, he encountered a city of cream-coloured wooden cabinets and an island in the centre of the kitchen. He slowly removed his jacket and hung it on one of the chairs at the dining table. Right. Medicine. He took a wild guess and opened one cabinet at the far right. Nope, plates. He tried another one. Mugs. He tried the other side. Coffee and about fifty types of tea. Not what he had in mind, but useful, maybe. He sighed, not meaning to have created such an expedition into the Harringtons’ kitchen cabinets, but here he was.


“You hungry?” Steve appeared in the doorway, drying his hair with a towel. He’d changed into a dark green t-shirt and grey sweatpants. Eddie noted that the swelling around his eyes had gone down quite a bit, but they still looked a bit red and sore.


“Uh,” Eddie leaned on the counter. He let out a soft laugh. “Was trying to find some some Benadryl for you, but, clearly my intuition sucks.”


“Ah,” Steve grinned and threw the towel over his shoulder. He walked over to a cabinet next to the fridge - a completely different area of cabinetry - and opened it to reveal a lazy Susan with different types of medication. He reached up and grabbed the Benadryl, the aluminum rustling as he opened the box.


“How’re you feeling?”


“Uh… a bit better.” Steve’s voice was still a bit thick, but had improved in comparison to before.


“That’s good.” Eddie nodded vaguely, watching Steve grab a couple of glasses and fill them with water. He slid one of them over to Eddie.


“You know, it’s funny,” Steve swallowed the pill with a swig of water and wiped his lips with the back of his hand. “A couple guys I used to hang with back in high school, they, uh… actually said they got their stuff from you.” Eddie nodded vaguely again, staring at the floor. Ah, yes. He could recall. “Me, I… already knew this guy. *snf* Was a dumb habit, so I didn’t intend to change… any part of it, really. Which was probably dumber, because… well, anyway.” Eddie glanced at Steve, who leaned on the counter, his dark eyes shining in the light above the sink. “Then my life got turned upside down. This one time, a few days after, um… I stopped seeing Nancy… I had this bad trip. And while I was in it, I… I could see everything differently, it was clearer. Had me thinking about everything I was doing. Those guys I used to bring around, all gone. It was just… so dumb.”


Full disclosure. Eddie hid behind his glass, unconsciously turning over the phrasing in his head. “Reality hits you pretty hard.” He said after a moment.


“Yeah, no kidding. Well, it just had me thinking now,” Steve set down his glass and sat on the pristine, marble counter. “I used to get so fucked. And now I’m here. With the drug dealer who I ignored throughout high school. And he’s getting me OTC’s.” Eddie chuckled. Their eyes met in the gentle light coming from over the sink. Steve looked softer in his comfortable change of clothes. His damp hair was flatter, sticking out in little pieces above his forehead as it dried. “Anyway.” Steve grinned faintly, pushing off from the counter. He went to the fridge and opened it.


“You’re not a bad guy, Harrington.” Eddie said, after a few seconds.


Steve paused thoughtfully, his head blocked from Eddie’s view behind the fridge door. He sniffled and kept looking. “Yeah, I don’t know. I did a lot of things I’m not proud of.” He said casually, removing a container and leaning back to show Eddie. “Pasta?”


“Sure, sounds good.”


He set it down on the counter. “Want a beer?”


“Sure. Thanks.” Eddie replied absently, scratching his nose. His focus returned to the moment, as he noticed Steve remove two bottles from the fridge. “What’re you doing, you just had Benadryl.”


“Oh yeah.” Steve glanced down. His eyes narrowed a bit. “That’s not- it’s not-“


“No,” Eddie appeared at his side, and slowly took both beers from him. “Look, never mind the beer, I’m okay.”


“I don’t mind, you can still have one.”


“I’m good.” Eddie placed them back in the fridge.


“Whatever floats your boat.” Steve grabbed a couple of bowls and started spooning cold tri-colour bow tie pasta and sauce into them. He put them into the microwave to heat up. After setting the timer, he took a few steps back, lifting an elbow to his face. “Hh’RRESCHHh!! - Jesus, *snf!* ‘Scuse me.”


“Bless you.”


Steve wiped his eyes with his palms. “Thagk you. *snf* God, I really shouldn’t have stayed in that room for so long.”


“I agree.” Eddie hopped up and sat on the counter. Then he took his glass and swirled the water around a bit. “Why did you?”


“I don’t know. Slow business day. Robin and her tangents, sometimes she can go on for hours about movies.” Steve grinned fondly and shrugged. “You gotta find out what happens next.”


“Ah,” Eddie took another sip of his water. “I can imagine.”


The microwave beeped angrily at them, and Steve stepped forward to push the button for the door. He grabbed a couple of spoons and handed one with bowl of steaming pasta to Eddie, who started eating eagerly. Steve sat down on a stool at the middle island. His eyes fell on Eddie’s grey Scorpions t-shirt, just noticing the design. Below the band’s name in bold red letters, there was a screaming man wearing strange goggles, surrounded by broken glass. Or pirate swords? Something unusual that probably had a deeper meaning behind it, something that Eddie could relate to. He recognized the image, though - he was sure Dustin borrowed that album from Eddie. It was one of the ones he didn’t seem to mind that much.


“Sorry. I didn’t mean to bring the mood down.” Steve finally acknowledged the darker shift in the kitchen’s atmosphere, sheepishly stirring the pasta in his bowl.


“Can’t make me sad.” Eddie said casually between chews. “That’s a twenty-four-seven mood, baby.”


Steve blinked. God, what an edge lord. “Well that’s concerning.”


“Not all the time, but,” Eddie assured him, covering his mouth. “It’s okay. Really. The world’s not all rainbows.”


Steve let out a breath. He glanced up at Eddie, sitting with his knees peeking through his black ripped jeans on the counter, just short of wolfing down his food. Steve speared a single piece of pasta with his fork and put it in his mouth. The two ate in comfortable silence.


After a bit, Steve noticed Eddie scraping the bowl with his fork. “You want some more?” He asked softly.


Eddie paused, and grinned self-consciously. “I’m good.”


“Here.” Steve gently took Eddie’s bowl and got the container of pasta from the fridge, and began scooping out another serving. Eddie didn’t protest. He crossed his legs atop the counter, leaning his cheek on his hand.


“It’s good. Did your mom make it?”


“Uh, no, I did, actually.” Steve put down the spoon he was using to serve the pasta and turned away, quickly lifting the hem of his shirt over his nose and mouth. “’AESCHHhiu!! -Jesus Christ. *snrf!*” He jerked to the side with a smaller, but desperate-sounding sneeze. “Oh god. I’m sorry. Sorry, you probably don’t want me handling your food all gross… *snf!*” Steve rubbed his nose hard and went over to the sink to wash his hands.


“Bless you. No, I mean, it’s fine, it’s not like you’re sick.”


“Yeah, I know, but… *snrf!*” he turned his head to rub his nose on his shoulder, his nostrils twitching around. Steve quickly dried his hands and started itching at his eyes with his wrists.


“Jeez, it really gets you, huh?” Eddie dropped his legs back over the edge of the counter, watching with concern.


“No, I’m fine…”


“Shut up. C’mere.” Eddie hopped off the counter.


“I’ll be fine.” Steve insisted.


“I know.” Eddie said softly. He took the towel from Steve’s shoulder. It was a smaller one, it would work. “Why don’t you go sit on the couch?” He suggested, lightly wetting the towel with some cold water.


“Hmph,” Steve grunted as he slowly went over to the living room.


Eddie turned off the tap and followed him, folding the damp towel lengthwise a couple of times. He sat next to Steve on the couch. “Here, lie back.”


Steve peeked over at him. “What’re you-“


“Just lie back.” Steve did so reluctantly. "Now close your eyes.” As his eyelids fluttered shut, Eddie gently placed the cool, damp towel over his eyes. Steve’s chest fell with a sigh of relief.


“Why’re you so nice to me?” Steve breathed out.


“You’re such a baby, Steve.” Eddie smirked, adjusting the towel so it wouldn’t fall off.


“Yeah, well you’re… a nerd.”


“I don’t take that as an insult.”




Eddie’s hand brushed over Steve’s arm. His fingers slid lightly over the pad of Steve’s thumb, then between his fingers. Steve felt the coolness and bulkiness of metal rings against his fingers, one on each finger between his thumb and pinky. Eddie’s hands were softer than he’d expected, though the tips of his fingers were calloused. All of this Steve felt through touch, skin against skin, muscle against muscle. He felt something else - lingering there in the silence, stopping him from going any further. Or perhaps it had for quite some time. Something he’d felt the need to address, but never found the right moment to.


“Ed,” he breathed, so quietly Eddie almost didn’t hear.




Steve’s Adam’s apple bobbed with a swallow. “I said things I regret.” He mumbled, grateful his eyes were covered. Eddie listened, gently forming a grip on his hand. “Before. Dumb things.”


“I know.”


“No,” Steve breathed. “It was… bad.”


Eddie was quiet. He didn’t know what to say. He just stared at the smooth, polished hardwood flooring underneath his tattered sneakers. “There was pressure on you,” Eddie said after a few seconds. “You did what you could to protect yourself.”


Steve’s lip trembled. Eddie felt the fingers between his squeeze back. He felt a sinking sensation press into his chest as Steve replied quietly. “It’s no excuse.” His voice had taken on a different tone, almost whispering.


Eddie brushed his thumb over Steve’s, glancing calmly around the dimly lit room. “I know you’re not a bad person.”


Steve scoffed, and lifted the towel with his free hand to peek at Eddie. “How do you know that?”


Eddie glanced down to find Steve peeking at him. His round, brown eyes had never looked so vulnerable. Eddie coughed and cleared his throat. “Your soul is pure,” he said in a high-pitched, raspy voice, impersonating an old wizard. “I can feel it in my bones.” Steve actually laughed, covering up his eyes again.


"Such a nerd," Steve scoffed, and sniffled softly. Then, after a calm beat, “Seriously, man.”


“Seriously?” Eddie smiled at the wall near the ceiling, still subconsciously stroking Steve’s hand with his thumb. “I just know. You…” he glanced down at Steve again. “You never gave up on me.”


Steve peeked from under the cloth again, meeting Eddie’s gaze. His eyes seemed to ask a million questions, his breath coming soft and slow. Letting the towel slip off his head, Steve reached up with his left hand, cupping Eddie’s jaw. He leaned in closer and kissed him. It lasted for a moment, quick and gentle - then they drew apart. Eddie’s frame rose and fell, as he stared at Steve’s chest, then met his eyes, as incredulous as his own.


“Sorry,” Steve mumbled quickly, his hand falling from Eddie’s cheek. He blinked rapidly, sitting up rigidly.


Eddie put a hand on Steve’s bicep. “For what?” he breathed, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips. Steve let out a sharp breath, like one of shock or realization or relief, something that seemed to open a new door for him. Their lips met again, this time for longer. Eddie’s hand found the side of Steve’s face, the other rested on his shoulder.


He paused, panting slightly. “Steve, your eyes, are-“


“Don’t worry, they’re fine.” Steve huffed back.


“You sure?”


“Yeah, a lot better now, thanks.”


Eddie nodded, and they kept kissing. After a moment, he paused again. “We left the pasta on the counter.”


“Oh yeah, the pasta.” Steve breathed, actually pausing for a moment. Then- “Screw the pasta.” He leaned in again. Eddie chuckled, letting it go on a for a bit longer before drawing back.


“Go close it,” he teased.


“Ahh,” Steve groaned, standing up. “Still hungry? Sorry, I totally, um…” He raked his fingers through his dark brown hair.


“I’m okay,” Eddie followed behind him, a grin plastered to his face.


“You can take it home, if you want. Like I said, I made it. I can make more.” Steve pressed the cover down on the container.


“I mean, if you say so.” Eddie cozied up to his side, leaning his arms on the counter.


“Do you have work tomorrow?” Steve asked, putting the bowl in the sink.


“Nope. Day off. Free as a bird in a stadium-sized cage.”


Steve grinned. What was that, a lyric? “Me too.” He slid the container into the fridge, and closed it smoothly. “Well, I was wondering if you’d maybe wanna stay over, cuz my parents aren’t gonna be home until this weekend, and-“ Eddie kissed him gently as he turned back around, taking him by surprise.


“That works for me,” Eddie breathed.


The gap closed again between their lips, a passionate kiss that lingered sweetly like a breath of fresh air, in a season long awaited. And like seasons, it would come with a significant form of change. Inevitable, but undeniably sweet.

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Sooo sweet and soft. I love Eddie calling Steve big boy as he’s helping him out of the car, trying and failing to find Benadryl for Steve while he showers, and the cold towel on Steve’s poor red eyes 🥺 and the kiss. Basically I’m such a sucker for steddie and this was perfect. Your writing is sooo damn good. Thank you!

(PS - would you ever consider writing for Eddie? I’m trying to work up the courage to try!) 

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I love this!!! Steve and Eddie are so cute, I wouldn’t mind seeing more sneezy Steve!!! Eddie could also be cute too! I just need more of this couple!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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