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My Stoner-buddy Kristen. Huge sneezes. Very messy


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I was broken out of my "medicated" state very suddenly as my friend Kristen burst forth with a sneeze that shook the walls with its incredible volume.  It echoed down the hall  It honestly startled me. Kristen and I had been friends for months but I'd never heard her sneeze before. Short girl maybe 5'0, dirty blonde. Thicc but slender at same time. Curvy, and thicc in just the right places. Now that I think about it she does have a rather large nose. With large nostrils that I hoped I'd see flare up. I wished she would sneeze again. I got my wish faster than even I wanted.

We were sitting at her dinner table in her apartment. I sat across from her maybe a foot and a half in between.

"Bless you Kristen", I said

She turned to me. Rubbed her nose and sniffed. "Ahhhiii i never sneeze just ahhhh once, haaah haaah oh god they're coming"

Her beautiful wide nostrils reddened and flared in and out. She took deep breaths and her hitching was absolutely beautiful to my ears. She was facing me, and kinda looking at me so I didn't wanna be weird and not like react, but I was mesmerized by this (only to me) severely erotic situation going down right before my eyes.

Heeeeeh heeeeh.....HATTschooOOOOO!!!






It was one of the best fits I've personally seen in a while. The last few she absolutely screamed out, and since she only sat less than two feet away from me. I was directly in the "splash zone". She sprayed alot. ALOT. All over me. My glasses even looked like they were sprayed by a fine mist. While her sneezy expulsions didn't blow my hair back like in my gigantic sneezing fantasies, I could infact feel a ever so slight movement of air each time she let loose a huge sneeze.  

Kristen's eyes were still closed. She tilted her head down. Took some deep breaths. And began to rub/massage her nose.   

aahhhh....ahhhhh...HA-GGNK!! ggnk!! Ggnkkk!!

She stifled three sneezes by pinching her nose shut.


HUUUUUUHHHHH!!!!! She yelled out this deep inhale.  

"You okay Kristen?" I asked, stupidly.





Her body snapped forwards with the immense force of her first sneeze, literally throwing herself across the table. Right into my face. We could've kissed she was so close and I didn't move. She's like family to me though I'd never cross that line. And I didn't have time to move, and the chance to be sneezed on point blank by my hot friend was just too good to pass up. The first one sent a fine mist from her mouth all over my glasses and face. She reeled back slightly and exploded again even louder this time. Once again hurling her body across the table, my face being ground zero for the sneeze hitting something. Even wetter this time. And I swear I felt my hair move a little bit. She was literally inches from me and screaming out these sneezes like her life depended on it. These were huge sneezes.  

The last one she leaned back and started squealing as she took her final breaths. She snapped forwards and literally about an inch from my face she screamed out the biggest sneeze I've heard in years. This time I felt something thick sprayed on my face, glasses and my hair. Yes it was snot. Kinda gross. Kinda hot.  

"Oh my god Nate!! I'm so sorry bro, I didn't mean to sneeze all over you. It just happened so fast!"

"It's okay Kristen, bless you holy shit, I didn't know you sneezed like that"

"Yeah bro, I sneeze alot, i should've turned away from you"

"Hahaha, it's fine, i know you cant control it, lemme just clean this shit off my face"

I went to the bathroom. My shirt looked like I walked a bit outside in light rain. And there was stripes of snot on my glasses, face and hair. My hair actually glistened in the light.  

I couldn't wait to hang out with this cool chick again. Maybe ill get to see her sneeze again. I'll definitely update yallz but yea this whole thing was a blessing. Getting sneezed on by accident is a life changing experience.  

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