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Summer Cold (Parks & Rec)

Lady Blessington

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Ben’s sick, but he still drives April to work.  

He grabs up crumpled tissues off the seat.  His nose is pink.  His hair is Einsteinesque.  “Your destination, ma’am?”  

“Follow that car!”

The sky is turning gold around the edge.  The speakers thrum with Letters to Cleo.  Ben sings ecstatically and nasally.  

She lets this slide.  She lines her eyes in kohl.  She points out roadkill and gives eulogies.  

“Be good, okay?” he tells her at the curb, then frowns and holds a finger to nose.

“Gesundheit,” April says.  She taps the roof.

He gasps, then moans, and sneezes.  “Summer colds.”


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