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Tactical Sneeze game on Itchio


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I found an interesting looking game on itchio. It's mostly a proof-of-concept demo, but it shows a lot of promise! I'll leave the link here:




Tactical Sneeze is about a race of aliens colonizing Earth and introducing their fauna. The problem is that humans are allergic to the new plants and sneeze all the time! So, your job is to infiltrate the alien headquarters to an alien spaceship to hopefully find a cure!


The game has you sneaking past alien guards to get to the ship, but every few seconds, you sniffle and then sneeze! You even leave globs of snot behind on the walls!


Sneezing doesn't seem to really do anything. It doesn't alert the guards, nor does it hurt them. It's mostly there for continuity. If you get caught, you just get sent back to the beginning.


The game is only about five minutes long but honestly an entertaining time!


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