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Socks off. I cannot handle the feeling of socks without shoes.

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I never have a simple answer to ANYTHING, so for me it really does depend on very exact circumstances.  I don't like clothes getting all tangled up on me while I'm flopping around like a fish on land while I sleep, and I need to sleep surrounded with cool fresh air BUT I also need my body to be warm.  So that means no clothes, open window and blankets piled high if it's cold out.  But sometimes if it's really cold my feet need a bit of extra help so I will wear big fluffy slipper socks that can keep my feet warm but are loose enough to come off without effort when my body decides it's had enough of things touching it while it's trying to sleep.

Long story short, don't share a bed with me. :laugh:

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Socks off during the summer, socks on during the winter. If it gets cold enough, I even have some flexible fuzzy slipper/boot things that I wear to bed too.

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Always socks off... Except one or two nights in the winter when I just can't warm up. But those nights, I can't win for losing. Can't sleep because I'm too cold, can't sleep because I'm wearing socks.

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For the most part, socks off, though it isn't impossible for me to sleep if they are on, which I do tend to do on particularly cold nights. I just find it is easier for my body to breathe with them off.

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On 11/3/2022 at 2:35 PM, RosieB said:

Do you sleep with socks on or socks off....? 

(There is a correct answer)

Depends … I’m kind of neurotic about lotioning my feet so I love putting some lotion on and fuzzy socks to start the night (especially during colder weather) but inevitably I wake up in the middle of the night and take them off because they get too hot. 😋 So both I suppose! 

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I think socks off is the way to go. Even if my feet are cold, I'll try to wear socks and then get really irritated that they are on my feet while I'm sleeping lol. 

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No socks for me. I don't really like the feeling of having too much on me while I sleep. And even when I fall asleep forgetting to take my socks off, during my sleep, I sometimes take them off without realizing it. As if the embarrassment caused me to have a fit of sleepwalking so that I take off my socks while I sleep. x)

I love your answer, it's quite original. :razz:

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Socks off but if I'm cold, I will get into bed with socks on until my feet are warm. 

My heated underblanket is a godsend for not having to wear socks in bed!

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