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Partner induced with chhinkni (plus bonus self obs)


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My partner has used chhinkni before, but normally through videos and calls because we don't live together at this moment in time. However, we do visit each other from time to time and during one of our recent visits (and the one after that) he pulled out the little vial which immediately got my heart going in overdrive because holy shit this was a rare erotic sight. They made a show of using a very bristly brush to tickle the edges of their nostrils, causing their sensitive nose to twitch and then let out a wet "ngtshiew!

At this point alone I was already about to implode on the spot when he dipped the brush in the vial and used it to get the chhinkni into his nose. A few seconds passed before:

"Hng't-HK'tch-HNGchiew! Hmptschu! HHhH-hhaH! HehHngshiew! Hetschiew! Hh'tch-TChoo! HhHahh-hmptch-ngtchiew! IiHhtchoo! Hh-TSCHUU-Hh! HhHEH-tt-tCH-TCHIEW! 

Each one sprayed directly onto my chest and the crook of my neck. I think my heart literally stopped, I was barely able to stutter out a weak "bless you..." 

After he blew his nose messily into my shirt which was just woah, he decided to screw with me and rubbed the same chhinkni brush under my nose causing me to let out a few "HhH-hehHtchuu! IhhTchii! Huptchu! Mmpschuu!" 

I have a very sensitive nose, one because of really bad allergies and two because I have a slight muscle tic in my nose that causes me to sneeze more, so just that little brush got me to have a mini fit, which was surprisingly very few sneezes for me.

So yeah, that was quite the experience I had and have continued to have each visit and sorry its so long lol

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2 hours ago, Gemmia said:

That’s cute ! Thanks for sharing ! Hope you won’t make each other sneeze too often X)

Yep, not too too often! We know limits each others limits pretty well :D

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