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I just found something crazy !


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Hello forum !

I just searched some things about the fetish in my native language and I’ve been shocked !
Do you know that médias are talking about us and this forum ?! It’s crazy !

They also took some stories or commentaries from here for their articles !

It’s not bad but I never thought the medias in my country will talk about this forum !!

(I know I’m overreacting but I found that incredible !)

Did you ever saw something like that ?? (Like an article or something else talking about this forum or the fetish)

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What is your native language ?
I have already done research in this direction, find articles where one speaks about fetishism of sneezing in French. There are some that shocked me in particular because they are more in the mocking sense and can give a bad image of us. Fortunately, these are usually articles on sites that are not really taken seriously and where their articles are not widely read.

Sometimes I am so shocked by what I read that I want to contact those who wrote these articles. But I never do it because in the end it's useless to try to make our fetishism understood by someone who knows nothing about it and who is totally hermetic about it. :unsure:

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There's been multiple articles, interviews, etc. over the years so it's nothing too new but it's always mildly interesting to read I suppose.

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I vaguely remember this one video talking about us specifically it was like a barbie newscaster cause everything was pink in the studio....I can't remember what it was called unfortunately.

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It has been mentioned on a popular morning TV show here in the UK before, interviewing someone who sells clips and then briefly mentioning the forum and fetish generally.

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Hey ! Thanks for all your answers !

My native language is French actually so I found this site :https://www.vice.com/fr/article/wdmbmn/rejouissez-vous-les-fetichistes-de-l-eternuement-vous-n-etes-pas-seuls-763

And another one but I can’t find it anymore… I also found that our fetish is very very rare ! We are in the rarest fetish in the world ! (For all the mucus, sick day, sneezes things…)

I also found some articles where people where making fun of us or criticized us. I find this sad.

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Read it as a French speaker as well, this one is well written. I find it kinda surprising, but what is on the internet, stays on the internet. If we found it everyone can found it :)

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Yeah even in English I have definitely found some articles of general media stumbling across this place. I always find it funny to see their reactions as they try to make sense of it 😂

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My native language is also French, if you want to discuss fetishism in our language, contact me. Normally, you can see my email on my profile. I've been looking for other French speaking community members to chat with for years. I'm always open to on-topic or even off-topic discussions.

I also made my own website, which you can see in my signature below. I explain what our fetishism is, what it represents for me, how I perceive it and what I feel. If you want to go take a look. It's not the kind of site like an article where everyone has the right to go and see, but I share it as I can mainly here on the forum or on other social networks where we find the community. :razz:

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Seeing this site / fetish picked up and discovered via mainstream methods doesn't always end well for us. 

Sometimes we get so comfortable with all elements of it and the sanctuary of places like this forum that we forget that even though tame in most respects, it would still be viewed as bizarre to those with small minds. Kink shaming becomes easy with the requisite audience and also a reason why huge numbers of us will take this to the grave.

I stumbled across a tweet this morning where someone who seems to be a fangirl/boy over someone called Pete Wentz - (idk who that is) but apparently he mentioned having a cold and their search ended in discovering SFF and they were shocked to the core.

I'm annoyed because they have also posted screenshots from here of other stuff they found and of course the comments are not overly considerate of us all.

I do understand that this is a standard reaction but still it is always a reminder and a little disappointing - however makes me ever more grateful for this community being able to gather together and in some ways makes me sad for them because they will never realise the utter fabulousness about what they are mocking.

SFF Forever!!! ❤

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I just looked up that tweet out of curiousity and...well, the maturity levels of the person who posted that are not impressive.  Oh, man.  People in glass houses, man.  Sheesh.  I know it probably sucks a lot to have your posts put out there like that but if you are someone affected take solace in the fact that it's a small account, the tweets there get VERY little engagement, and the posts are 12 years old and our screen names completely anonymous and that person's own tweets are more embarassing that what we've written. 

"I wanted to know how he sneezed so I looked it up and found out other people also wanted to know how he sneezed!"  Jesus Christ are you serious?

Anyway, I have advice for people who are upset by articles and stuff like this: with the fetish and with life in general, it's important to cultivate the ability to not care.  Some people have this ability naturally, the rest of us have to cultivate it. But, it's worth it.  People out there are ALWAYS going to make fun of stuff or criticize it, and sometimes it's going to be things you identify with.  They're going to say that people who like media you connect with are brainless morons, they're going to say "Ew, people who wear XYZ are so lame, am I right, guys?", or say everyone from your particular generation is a stupid loser, or make fun of fetishes.  People are gonna people.  It is SO important to be able to brush it off or else you will just drive yourself crazy.

Look, every single one of this on this planet thinks that something that other people do or enjoy is weird or dumb.  There is stuff I think is weird and dumb, and everyone reading this has something they think this about too.  Yes, you totally do.  Nobody is perfect.  The difference is that some people have the awareness not to shout like a three year old "GUYS LOOK, THERE'S WEIRD PEOPLE, LOOK OVER THERE" and sadly some people are not yet that mature.  Some people take a while to get there or never do, as evidenced by people shouting like a three year old "GUYS LOOK I SAW AN OVERWEIGHT PERSON AT MY GYM AND I TOOK A PICTURE LOOK" and then being utterly surprised when not everyone laughs along.  Their immaturity is their problem, don't make it yours. Brush it off and move on, just like if you heard a random three year old screaming something inappropriate.

(Before anyone says it, YES people say genuinely harmful stuff, like racism and homophobia, NO I am not saying to ignore that, that is not part of what I'm talking about here at all.)

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Clarity in a sentence.
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It isn't something that bothers me so much at all really but for those just getting to grips with all of this and going through the internal twists of acceptance it's a shame to read such stuff.

Beautifully put response.

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I've seen numerous articles and other media applications mention sneezing fetishists. They make a big deal out of it laugh and joke, just shows how narrow minded they are. Like mentioned earlier in this thread, it's pretty tame compared to other fetishes. I'm so glad I have this one, and I love it, so laugh away social media, we don't care.

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Oh my… I disappeared for so long now X)

Thanks for all your answers ! And since a few time, I don’t feel like it anymore. The fetish gets me more nervous and I feel uncomfortable about it or thinking about it with other peoples around…

Any help ?

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On 11/21/2022 at 11:17 AM, Gemmia said:

Thanks for all your answers ! And since a few time, I don’t feel like it anymore. The fetish gets me more nervous and I feel uncomfortable about it or thinking about it with other peoples around…

Any help ?

It saddens me to know that you are so uncomfortable with fetishism. If you need help, you can always air your fears in a new forum post. I think we have all gone through doubts or discomfort at some point in our lives. To accept it more easily, it is important to be able to feel free to talk about it. Here on the forum, you already know that you can express yourself to people who have the same attachments as you for sneezing. ^_^

If you need to talk about it and you want to be able to express yourself in French, you know that you can also do it with me by email. I don't know if my email address is displayed to newcomers? But otherwise it is visible on my profile.

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On 11/5/2022 at 1:01 AM, Mr Sneezy said:

I don't think our fetish is that rare.

And it's tame compared with some.

I think it’s much more common than it’s perceived to be but it’s rare for people to say that they have it 

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2 hours ago, Coolio said:

I think it’s much more common than it’s perceived to be but it’s rare for people to say that they have it 



Spot on. 

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I'm not sure of how rare the fetish actually is, but I have personally experienced that it's not as well known/received as some of the other kinks/fetishes out there. I have lots of friends pretty heavy into what some might consider the Kink Community, and even they were taken aback when I shared my fetish with them. It's definitely one of the odder ones out there to people. 

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