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Allergies acting up (self-obs)


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The allergy wave thats been getting my partner has finally made its way to me and it got bad fast

I'm going for a major in psychology to be a trauma therapist so here I am in class listening to professor and I'm already a mess, extremely sniffly and can ba we ly breath through my nose when all of a sudden the dull constant tickle just erupted out of nowhere.  I didn't even have time to stifle out of embarrassment I just started sneezing openly and towards the ground fumbling blindly for a tissue or even just the sleeve of my jacket. Each sneeze sounded extremely desperate and wet: H'Hahhtchii! it hiii'nKT-Hng'tshh-tshuU! Hh-TSCHUU-HhaTschuU! Ehh’hESCHhiu! TSCHUu-hhmptCHii! Hh... Hahh... Het'CSHeew! TscHOO! Ngt’shhh-ngt'X-hHnggTx-heh'Hngtshh! EeHtschiuu! H'HehH-TShiew!!

I kept going like that, each sneeze getting wetter and messier and if I hadn't been so focused on directing the explosions of mess away from other people I would've much more mortified. I had my head between my knees just sneezing at the ground because I was further away from others and after sneezing 50 times with no sign of stopping, it was less exhausting. Finally, the fit subsided to just a few HhH-tschustchuu!! HMp'ngtshUu!'s every couple minutes. I was the color red and had to excuse myself to go blow my nose and hide in a campus bathroom to let the sneezes subside until I came back and had to try to subtly clean up the mess I made around my area and the floor. I got a lot of looks and some very tentative "bless you's" (including from the professor I'm surprised I wasn't sent out of the class) and I just wanted to sink into the floor and disappear. Just a little longer then I can go hide in my room and be able to let out the rest of the sneezes in peace lol

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Wow, what a wonderful series of sneezes, I love it, thank you for this very detailed sharing. Bless you. 😍

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Thank you!

Update to this:

I'm still sneezing on and off, extremely wet and messy sneezes that make absolutely drench me and whatever's in front of me. Just now sneezed a huge "HhH-hehH-TsCHOO! HmPtSCHu! HehH-ngtCHtsCHu! NGT'SHH-EH-hhH'tcHUtchuu!" 

Worst (best) part of it is, I have no allergy meds that work and not much time to go out and get any at the moment hehe

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Bless you!!! Mortified for you for the classroom situation, I would have died. You handled it like a champ. 

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