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This is my first day off in what feels like ages, so I decided to dress up and go out in cosplay.

Wigs always make me itchy, and in combination with my current (weeklong) allergies it was rough and I sneezed about 3 times while shopping, all of them wet (and thanks to congestion) messy.

When I decided to go on home, I thought I'd stop for some icecream where I work. I went through the drive and got a cherry dipped cone (my favorite, and unrelated to the sneezing).

I sneezed between the order being taken and driving to the window, and once I got my food I started heading home again.

While I was less than two blocks from my house I had a fit of four uncontrollable sneezes at a stop sign that left me gasping for breath as I finished my drive home. They went, "hH'tchiew! HehH'tschiew- hmptsChoo! Hh-TSCHUU-Hh!" Once I was in the door I managed to sneeze another two times, both let out  "aHtChiew"s

My partner, shastalaska has made several posts In the past couple of days, by the way. :D

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