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1st of many to come. F obs. Roommates friend


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So I had a way to finally add things here. They observations are amazing, and I do get tired having nothing to share. So here it goes. 

My roommates friend frequently comes over to hang out and pick up my roommate to swim or go to the gym. We'll she is also allergic to my cat and dog. I don't ask questions I enjoy the sneezes. 

Well she came in one day and sniffled a but. I thought nothing of it as she rubbed her nose and pulled out a tissue. I start to watch cause that is typical of someone suffering from allergies. 

She hitched a few times and it would stop leading to a rubbing of her nose. She keeps the tissue out however and in a minute or less she is hitching again. Trying to stop the sneeze from coming. 

Well this would succeed for a bit and then she would erupt in about 3 sneeze a piece and sometimes 7. They are strong, yet slightly feminine. I wish I could spell it out. It's so hard to spell out a sneeze and do it justice. 

I always find myself with a bit of my stomache feeling weird. More nervious really. But she is nice. I always bless her and sometimes she will stop me. 

I know there will be more. But this is just an introduction. We will call her "T". 

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Exciting! Out of curiosity, do you bless each sneeze or give a “bless you” for the session. I always struggle with that.

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I try to get there. I don't always get my mind straight before starting to bless people. Always thrown off when a sneeze starts. 

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