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Allergies still going (day 8)


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So like the title says, on day eight of extreme allergies (don't worry I got some allergies meds so I'm not suffering as much).

But I still have to go into work and with me living in an extremely dusty area combined with seasonal allergies, my five daily sneezes has increased to around 10-15 a day (make that 25 to 40 without the meds) Today was no different. 

I had an everpresent tickle deep in my nose and sounded so congested. I sneezed seven times while at work.

The first right as I walked into the door (pressure change and temp change)

the second about an hour in as I was taking an order (luckily on headset so I was able to mute) and then had to finish taking the order while trying to get a napkin to clear away the snot.

The third and fourth were back to back and nearly made me fall to my knees as half my face and my shirt got covered.

The fifth was pretty uneventful but messy while the sixth and seventh "ahH'tchIEW! Hmp'tchiew!" were as I was getting the cleaning solutions ready and mixed. Bleach and chemical scents always make me sneeze no matter what.

As I got off work and back home I had a triple sneeze on the car ride home. A very messy "hup'tCHiew! Hmp'tchiew! HhH'tcHOO!" (In the same spot I had my first yesterday, hmmm wonder what's up with that spot?)


In fact I can feel another absolutely messy sneeze as I type this on call with my partner eheheh ;)

He wasn't lying he really got me with the double "huptchoo! UhH'tCHOO! -Shastalaska (my wonderful editor) 

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