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New Wav Page Location


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New location is http://bondiwavs.online/ None of the other previous locations are guaranteed to work any longer. The wav page is paid through November 2026. After that, I can decide what I want to do but for now this is the guaranteed location. Hopefully everything works properly. External links are old and not guaranteed to work any longer but maybe I'll test them later. 

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Awesome, thanks for letting us know @Bondi :) I've updated the URL in the website links section, so anyone going through that should go straight to the new link rather than any of the previous ones :)

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You Tube has changed the dynamic for younger members, but back in the day, Bondi’s Wav page was the best place to hear sneezing fits. Which you rarely heard. 
I’d wait like a panther for those updates. 😂
I never had a chance to express my gratitude to you … so thanks very much, Bondi. 

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Bondi's Wav Page is a true legend in the SF community - cheers @Bondi for continuing to preserve its legacy :) 

I have fond memories of downloading wavs from it surreptitiously in my local library - possibly even onto a 3.5" floppy disc... :lol:  

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Some early memories here, thank you for keeping it going all these years. 


I remember getting a computer for the first time that would record. But after I'd recorded a little fit, couldn't then work out how to send what was a huge file for the time. 



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The domain name has been renewed. It should work though if it doesn't, the wav page will stop working in a month. Hopefully the wav page will not stop working in a month. :P

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