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Cold and Flu Season (Three M)


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So I've already been hit this year with one nasty nose cold. (For those interested, I'm 5'5M, dark brown short hair with hot pink on the top, brown eyes, and a Roman nose.) Every sneeze hurt my sinuses and yellow snot erupted from my poor tender, pink nostrils. I would wipe my messy nose on my sleeves and sniffle and snort nearly constantly until I got home. From that point forward, I was blowing my nose wetly into thick wads of toilet paper. Each wad would get mulched by the snot. Sometimes it was too wet to even fold and use again. When I would go to sleep, I'd make nose plugs with a square of TP and leave it there, just hoping that it would stay til morning. I've woken up with snot all over my upper lip and then sneezing and ropes splattering all over me. Then I'd have to go reaching for the TP again. I've only started feeling better recently. 

My boyfriend, however, was sick last week and is still feeling some of those nasal symptoms. He had a slight fever, a chesty cough, and one heck of a runny nose. He had damp tissues in his pockets at all times. Each blow was absolutely explosive compared to mine. Each one started with a harsh, gushing gurgle and ended with a loud congested honk. His nose was damp and red. He'd rub his nose furiously against his hoodie sleeve. He was tending to his nose today with his hoodie, using the inside of the sleeve. 

And oh boy, and a science teacher! Oh boy was the guy feeling bad today. Yesterday he was talking about not feeling his best and saying that he had actually wanted to stay home. I felt bad for the guy. Today, he came to school, too. I sit really close to wear he normally teaches our lessons. He had a large box of lotion Kleenex nearby. During the lesson, he plucked two of the tissues from the box and held them up to his nose. He gave a loud, wet, congested honk. I could hear his congestion drain into those tissues. He blew his nose the same way multiple times through the lesson. Near the end he had plucked two tissues and blown loudly and wetly again, just holding the tissue in his hand afterwards. I could see that the tissues were slightly tinted yellow. I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't show tomorrow.

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