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(F) roommates friend at the theater.


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So we went to the movies. Mind you I don't get out much. But anyway my roommates friend d was with us. 

She was dressed in decently revealing yet tasteful red dress, the hugged her curves nicely, a light, black vest (cause it was cold), and heals. Her red hair was up in a messy ponytail and her glasses that she doesn't wear often were actually very well formed to her face and accented her cute turned up nose. 

Anyway, we were watching movie and a person with strong perfume came in and sat behind us. My nose immediately tickled and burned, and although I sneezed more then her, this is about her not me. 

So I noticed her rubbing her nose and sniffling. I looked at her and saw her fanning the air. Her nostrils were flared but she was managing to keep back a sneeze fit. A fee false starts and my mind was no longer on the movie... (it sucked anyway)... till finally she sneezed. This hold back and sneeze lasted the remaining hour of the movie where both her and I rushed out and she let sneeze after sneeze rip. 

Ehtcheeoo chiieeooo atchheeooo heptchheeooo... ect.... she must have sneezed 20 times before it stopped. 

I managed to get her tissues and into clean air before we went home. 

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Oh that's incredible control on both your parts to keep them back until a better time. Are you both naturally good at holding back sneezes, or willing them away?

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