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Wife allergy obs again (f)


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I was sitting on the couch with my wife an hour ago. She's been sniffly all day from the pollen but not as bad as earlier this week. 

Suddenly she says, "I need to sneeze". 

At the speed of lightning or something, she whips a handkerchief out of her pocket - a small purple bordered one with purple and blue floral design - and holding it semi folded in one hand:

"Hit-chieww! Hit-chieww!"

"Bless you", I said. 

"Hih-Chhxx" attempting to stifle. 

She then held up a finger, readjusted the handkerchief over her nose with two hands, 

"Huh-CHUH! Huh-CHUH! Chu! Chu! CHOO!"

Snfff, "now i'b done", she said winking and sniffled wetly. 

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17 hours ago, Hankysneeze said:

Bless her, love the hanky description.




Yes, handkerchiefs can be artforms, deserving description. Every month between the 1930s and 1960s Burmel, a US handkerchief manufacturer, ran illustrated advertisements for their 'Handkerchief of the Month'. For example, with their August 1963 headliner, the promotional description read, 'Fashion flair at your fingertips. This Fall's knowing sophisticate pulls a snowy-white Burmel beauty from her purse or pocket and captures the Fashion handkerchief scene. Made of sheer cotton batiste, Burmel hankies for August feature roses, poppies or African daisies surrounded by delicate hemstitched borders. Look for the Burmel collection of whiter-than-white wonders at your favorite stores - there are no nicer handkerchiefs!' Plenty of these Burmel 'Handkerchief of the Month' illustrations, and some of the actual handkerchiefs, can be found on eBay, mainly in the US 

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