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Thorough and purposeful nose-blowing


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Recently I was at an event, and there was an attractive woman, late 30s, red hair, sitting nearby. Somehow I knew she looked like she might sneeze or need to blow her nose soon. Anyhow, at one point she sneezed, moderately dramatically, a few times. She sat there sniffing a bit immediately afterwards, clearly having built up a fair amount of snot from the sneezes. Another woman next to her offered her a tissue, for which she looked very grateful. She held it to her nose with both hands, and gave neither a faint and ‘shy’ blow, but not a harsh honking one. Rather, she paused and let out one which was really purposeful, so the snot would flow out plentifully in a steady stream, as you could hear from the clear and productive gush. She then put the tissue down, and not long afterwards picked it up again and gave another really thorough blow in the same manner, full sound of rich snot filling the tissue throughout. Then afterwards a third one! Her tissue must have contained a lake by the end. All very unselfconscious - glorious to see and hear. 

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