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The Giant Jellyfish Sneezes - F-induced


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A fun story that came out of a what would a jellyfish sneeze be like... lol 
I hope you enjoy :)





Dr Vrank was in his sting proof wetsuit, and he was looking forward to this immensely. He had just finished his work on the Lion Jellyfish, one of the biggest in the world. To see if he could alter its genetic structure when he cloned it.

Why? Because! Every creature on earth should have the pleasure of sneezing!

He climbed into the tank with the Jellyfish he has named, Hella. Now if his experiment had worked she would have reduced sting potency. He had also given her gill slits, and given them extreme sensitivity, this Maaaay have accidentally increased its intelligence a smidge, well to human like levels…but who’s to say.


Hella, the two legged land creature had called her that for the last few days as he ran his tests. He liked to talk to her, and so she learned. Words. Simple words. But language was hers now though she didnt know how to speak on her own yet.

He was in the water with her. The two legged and he was reaching a long piece of stiff seaweed up to her center. To her slits. She wondered what for. He wanted to give her a gift, he had said. Something no other of her kind had ever had. A sneeze. The seaweed was pointed at the end but flexible and it started to wiggle back and forth on her …what had he called them. Nostril slits. She felt a strange tingling sensation. A itchy twinge and she sucks in through those slits. Her top puffing outwards slightly. Her tentacles flaring to the side a bit. Bubbles moving into those slits and out again as she shuddered a little. 

That felt very new, exciting the sensations were pleasant, powerful. She thought to herself. She wanted more.
She leaned into the tickly weed, letting it slide into her nose slit.
Vrank let out a gasp of surprise at her leaning into the weed, a plume of bubbles escaping his mask and drifting up to her other nose slit. Popping on its surface tickling it.
Both nostrils now had a tickly buzzing sensation inside them one from the bubbles one from the weed. She felt herself compelled to suck in through the slits deeply. Water and bubbles and the irritants sucking in deeper.
Her massive top puffing out wider and bigger as she sucked in the water. Her tentacles flaring out to the sides. Her whole body vibrating from this sensation.

Vrank was deeply intrigued that it was working!! He gasped again in his excitement, more bubbles floating upwards to the irritated nose slits. He started to wiggle that long piece of seaweed even more.
“BBBLLLLLBBBBHHHHHHHHAAAAA” Her top pulsed as she felt that tingle building and increasing. “BBBBBBBLLLBBHHHH”
“BBBBBBBBLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!” A geyser of fluid gushed out forcefully from her nose slits pushing Vrank back and expelling the seaweed. Her top collapses inward and tentacles bind into a tight pillar from the force as she is propelled backwards by the sneeze. Hella blooped afterwards hovering. She rather liked that sensation.
Vrank was ecstatic. She was definitely sensitive. Now to see if the allergy program had worked. He rubbed his hands together and pulled a massive tank the size of a bowling ball out of his back pack and opened it. A swarm of sea monkeys. (tiny antsize creatures) was released under Hella. In their panic they swam straight up right into the Jellyfish’s waiting slits.

Hella was still reeling from her first sneeze, when she suddenly felt that tingling sensation all over her slits. No one was touching her. Vrank was just watching. But something was tickling.
She felt her slits instinctively open, sucking in water, in a powerful BLLLLLUUUUUBBBBBBBBHHHAHAAAAAAAAA. The seamonkeys vanishing inside the nostrils. The tiny creatures now trapped in the dark tubes of her nostrils. They twirled around inside them. Trying to escape.
Hella could not longer think of anything else. The tickling buzz in her nose was to intense. BLLLUUUUUUUBBHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AHHHHHHHHHHHH Her top swelled her tentacles flared.
BBBBBPPPPPSSSSSSSHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! She was propelled backwards as she exploded. Her  who body collapsing in for the powerful sneeze, but another was right on its healz the tickling increasing.
She couldn't stop sneezing. The tickle returned almost immediately after she sneezed.

Vrank is amazed and keeps trying to catch up to her. Noticing the inky blue substance she is sneezing out. Noticing that the sea monkeys were sneezed out on the first sneeze but the allergies were definitely triggered. He wanted to get close enough to give her the allergy shot. But everytime he tried she’d sneeze blasts of water that pushed him away.
So instead he swam to the side and came at her from behind waiting for her to sneeze herself into him.
“HHHHPPPPPPPPPPSSSHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU” her whole form collapsed onto herself as she was propelled towards him. Her sneeze was the most powerful he’d ever seen. And he petted her top as she reached him even as it pulsed and filled for another sneeze. “BBBLUUUUUUUUUUBHHHHHHHHAAAAAAA” He pushed the needle into the top and administered the allergy med.

Vrank pets her top and holds on. He can feel the power of each build up pulsing beneath his hands as she sucks in the water with her hitches. Before the powerful release.
Hella feels Vrank petting her as she sneezes holding her close. She enjoys the sensation, all the sensations.
“BBLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAA–AAHHHHHHHh HHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAHHHHHH” She puffs up under his hand, the tickle starting to fade. Her nostril slits full of bubbles and buzzing with the need to release, but not enough tickle to do so. She blubs over to the seaweed at the bottom of her tank swimming though it so it will tickle her but she can’t get the angle right. Her tentacles are in the way.
“BLLLLAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH AAHHHH!” She trembles under Vrank’s hand with need.
“Oh… stuck… sneeze.” He burbles, reaching down to pluck some seaweed, holding onto her top with one hand he reaches up with the other. “Tickle tickle tickle.” He bubbles through his face mask and diving gear.
The seaweed goes right up the slit. The sensation tipping her over the edge.


The Jellyfish floats with relief. Vrank continuing to pet her top having been carried with her through the sneeze. “Bless you. What a wonderful girl you are.” He says with a smile and lays his forehead against her top. Hella is very happy with this interaction and she twirls around with joy. 

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12 hours ago, Mimaneneko said:

Im impressed this came out as well as it did, very unique, well done!

Thank you :)

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3 hours ago, Tyko93 said:

I never thought I would see a story that had a jellyfish sneezing...and yet here we are.  Great job on this :)

Was fun to write. Glad you enjoyed it! 

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  • 6 months later...

This is the kind of creativity I wish I had.  I'd never have even considered an idea like this

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  • 7 months later...

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