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See How They Run (M)


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Finally got around to watching this movie after being enlightened to the fact that Sam Rockwell’s character catches a cold during it. It occurs within the first half hour, after he’s left to wait in the rain. Unfortunately the plot point is dropped quickly, but we do get a spectacularly acted double from him.

And here it is!

There’s also a cute moment later on when the leads are inquiring about a character whose nickname is Choo, and when Sam says it, Saoirse’s character blesses him. :razz:


(P.S. I finally found the sneeze from Saoirse in How I Live Now! Apologies for cropping it to hell; the actors surrounding her are all u18, but she herself is an adult here.)

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I just watched this movie, holy crap 💯 I think I found one of my new favorite movies, even without the scene in question. In regards to it, though, holy CRAP 💯💯 What a great performance. What a spectacular sound. I'm glad I watched this by myself but I highly recommend just watching it in general, it's a delight and an instant classic detective comedy.

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I dug out this thread because I watched this movie for the first time a few days ago. I agree that the sneezes are well acted, if that's the type of sneeze you like.

But more importantly, I agree with you guys that it's a great movie in general and well worth watching, especially for something light-hearted around Christmas time.

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