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Hi, I'm new(ish)


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Hi all! I've recently joined after lurking in the fanfiction bit of this forum for literally years. And will probably continue to hang around there now. You are all insanely talented at writing and I now hope to contribute some stories too! Additionally, I really want to get over my deep-seated shame of having a fetish, so I hope that chatting with you all will also help with that. I think it will. Anyway, hope you're all having a great week and see you round!

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Welcome! Do you mind if I ask what fandoms you enjoy the most?

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Why hello, here I am a year later, finally replying! xD My fandoms mostly come and go in phases. Right now, I enjoy Legend of Zelda the most. Specifically BotW and TotK as I'm playing them both right now! Also had a long Marvel phase, James Bond and also Good Omens comes and goes. (That one's one of my favorite books since I was little. And now a favorite tv show!) 

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