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So I'm at work and everyone has caught something. I enter and my nose starts to tickle. The perfume from someone. I sniff and try to ignore the tickle. Occasionally rubbing my nose. I need to sneeze but I also don't want anyone accusing Me of being sick. 

I finally get to the bathroom at some point and hitch. The sneeze is stuck. I can't believe it. I had 3 false starts, about 5 hitches a piece. I give up and move to the front again when this ladies perfume hits me like a truck and my nose gives me seconds of warning before blasting out 9 sneezes.

I blush and move on like nothing g happened. Even loudly saying bless ypu to make sure Noone knew it was me. 

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Bless you! It sounds like the sneezes kept you in suspense before they came out. I can definitely understand not wanting to sneeze in front of others but wanting relief from the tickle.

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