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It was about the 20th sneeze from Stacy that hour.

“BLESS YOU!”  said Tony.

“Dthank you” Stacy said miserably and slightly embarrassed.  She was always embarrassed about how loud her sneeze was.

Tony said “I think we need to take you to the doctor.  Your allergies are worse than usual.”

Stacy says “Don’t be silly, it’s just a few snee…..AH….AAAACHOOOOOOO

Bless you!  Honey, we seriously need to go.  You have been sneezing all morning and you have already taken both of your allergy meds.

Stacy says “Hondy, I am find, the pollen count is just h……AH”

Tony knew what that pause meant.  Stacy’s eyes were closed as her nostrils flared. “AH….”

Tony took out two tissues from the tissue box (they had plenty around) and handed them quickly to his sweetheart.


“Honey, BLESS YOU!!”  Tony exclaimed.  He had gotten pretty good and not showing how starting he found his sweethearts sneezes.  He knew it already embarrassed her.

Tony continued “Honey, I know you don’t like the doctor but I am concerned.  I know you don’t want to just sneeze your head off all day.”

Stacy resolve was breaking.  She looked embarrassed and frustrated “Ugh, I just don’t was to start sndeezing in the waiting roomb.  I don’t want people to stdare.”

“Honey, it’s a doctors office, it’s where people go who don’t feel well, no one cares”

Stacy just sat with her eyes closed to calm her anxiety and make a decision.  Sure enough her poor reddening nose made her decision for her.


“Bless you honey” Tony said calmly.

Stacy wiped her nose “Thandk you.  Ok let’s go”  Stacy had had enough she needed relief.

Tony and Stacy grabbed the tissues box and headed out the door.


Part 2 coming soon.

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13 hours ago, JohnnyOxn said:

Nice beginning! I love giant sneezes.

Me too! If this continues, hopefully [in the next chapter(s)], Tony will help Stacy hold back her sneezes. BTW, if you need some help as to where/how to find more giant sneeze stories, I'd be happy to direct you (there)!

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Thanks for the feedback everyone

Part 2

Susan had been the secretary at Dr. Williams office for years.  She was known for her calm welcoming demeanor and her ability to put people’s mind at ease for what can be an uncomfortable place.  Dr. Williams and her were a good team.  He was of a known more for his humor and high energy to lighten the mood of his patients.

“Dr. Williams office.” Susan answers in her trademark calm tone

“Hello my name is Tony Jones and I am calling about my wife.”

Susan remembered the couple from their winter appointment

“Yes sir, I recall Ms. Stacy” Susan said

“Well, Stacy’s allergies are really bad today and we were hoping to be seen for maybe getting her on some new meds”  Tony said.

“I see sir, I will say that Dr. Williams is booked today but we definitely could make an appoint…….”

Susan was quickly interrupted.


Susan had to jerk her head away from the speaker.  These sneezes were some of the loudest she has ever heard and she has been doing this a long time.  Dr. Williams just so happened to walk in at this time to see a wide eyed look from Susan.

“I understand mamn, is there anyway at all we can be seen today?”  Tony said a little desperately

Susan said while looking at Dr. Williams “Well, sir, Dr. Williams just walked in, may I let you speak to him?”

“Of course” said Tony.

“Thank you sir, I am going to put you on hold briefly.”

“Yes mamn.” Tony said

“What’s going on Susan, is everything alright?”

“Yes doctor, I think you may want to speak to Mr. Tony.  Seems his wife is having quite the time with her allergies.”

Being ever the professional Dr. Williams remembered immediately.  “That’s very strange we put her on new meds just a few months ago”

Forever the diagnostician he wanted to get the information straight from the horse’s mouth and maybe listen for obvious symptom.

He hit the speaker phone “Hey Mr. Tony, Dr. W here!”

“Hey there doc.  Did Susan tell you what we’ve got going on?”

“Yes sir, do you mind if I speak to Ms. Stacy really quick?”

(Hmmmmm, this might not go well, oh well doctors orders) Tony thought

“Um…..yes sir, her you go.” Tony said

There was a brief pause and slight muffled discussion as Tony passed the phone.

“Hello” Stacy said in a very conjested voice

“Hey Ms. Stacy!  So as I understand our allergy med change isn’t up to par!”

“Ndo doctor it’s ndot, (sniff)” Stacy said miserably)

“I see, so when did all this start, tell me about your symptoms” Dr. Williams said with his kind tone.

“It started this mornding, really I just woke an………huh…excuse me”  Stacy said as she quickly removed the phone from her face.  She at least didn’t want to entirely blow out the speaker.


As the phone vibrated Dr. Williams was taken aback.

“Excuse bme.” Stacy said in a monotone voice.

“Bless you Ms. Stacy!  Well, it sounds like we need to see you today, why don’t you come on in and we will get you in.”  Dr. Williams said with his normal jovial voice.

“Thandk you so bmuch” said Stacy.

“Not a problem” said Dr. Williams.

They hung up and Dr. Williams spoke with Susan.

“Poor thing!” said Susan

“Yeah, seems like she is needing some different meds.  Are you able to shuffle some things around?” said Dr Williams.

“Will do.”  Susan said. 

Part 3 coming soon


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I've read an older, but slightly similar story (by a different author), and, well, at least the doctor in THIS story doesn't act like the patient's just "making a mountain out of a molehill" and her allergies are no problem worth worrying about (for now). The doctor in that OTHER story learned [his lesson] the hard way.

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                                                                               Part 3

Tony and Stacy walked into the Dr. Williams office.  Stacy was visibly slogging around with labored breathing.  She had a wad of tissues held up to her nose trying her absolute best not to sneeze in the waiting room.  She could tell it was a packed house today.  The high pollen count was probably bothering more than just her.

“Hey, it’s me Tony Jones here with Stacy Jones.”  Tony said.

Susan responded in her typical soothing fashion “Hey Mr. Jones.  I have your forms all ready to fill out.” 

Tony took the clipboard, they both knew Stacy was in no condition to.

Tony filled out the beginning of the forms.  It was easy as he knew the information.  Symptoms, well self explanatory.

“Love, what was that one spray you used to use?” 

Stacy just sat with her eyes closed and shrugged.  She was trying like mad not to have another sneeze attack.

“Frank.”  Susan called into the waiting room.  A gentleman got up and walked back.

“Pauline.” Susan called again.  A young lady walked back.

Tony was impressed at how fast they were being seen.

“We’ll get seen in no time.” Tony said

“I certandly hopeb so” Stacey said.

“You haven’t sneezed in a while honey, are you feeling any better?” Tony said.

“A littdle.  It’s good to be ind here away from the pollen.”  Stacy said.  She blew her nose hard and cleared herself up just a little bit.

In just that moment, as if by some awful twist of fate, opens the door to the office.   In walked Whitney Straub.  Whitney was normally a welcome sight.  She was a slightly overweight, extremely buxom 50 year old lady with a fun attitude and a great laugh.  She was known for her loud and fun personality and her extremely colorful makeup.  Unfortunately, she was known for one more thing.  She always wore a lot of very strong perfume.

“Heyyyy Ms. Susan!”  Whitney said with her usual sass.

“Hey Ms. Straub, how can we help you?” said Susan

“Oh girl, I’ve got an appointment, my poor eyes.  I’m about to scratch them out, hehe.  This dang pollen.”  said Whitney.

“Oh yes, we have gotten a lot of that today.  Here are your forms if you could fill them out.  You know the drill.”  Susan smiled and winked trying to match Whitney’s energy.

“You got it hun!”  Whitney took the clipboard, and picked the worst possible place to sit, one chair down from Stacey.

“Hey y’all my name’s Whitney!”  Whitney chirped and waved.

“Hey there!” Tony said.  “Hello there mamb.”  Stacy said with a polite smile and slight wave.

“Ooooohhh girl.  You sound downright stuffed!  You sound like me this morning.  This pollen is  dang awful!  I even got me some allow tissue right here!”  The pointed right to her denim jacket pocket that was tight upon her massive chest.  Stacy smiled at her country style that she somehow pulled off.

“That sounds dnice and relieving, hehe, (sniff)”  Stacy said.

This sniff was awful mistake.  Even a light smell of Whitney’s perfume would have set Stacy off but this was no light sniff.  ‘Oh no’ Stacy thought.  ‘Just try to breath through your mouth and hold it in’ she thought still.

“So how long y’all been waitin?”  Whitney asked.

Tony could see his wife was struggling and answered for her.  “Not too long, about 5 minutes.”

“That ain’t to bad.” Whitney said.

Stacy was really struggling now.  Whitney was obviously a sweetheart but her perfume was just too strong.  Stacy’s eyes gently closed and her nose flared as her head tilted back.  “……….Ah.........” Stacy was losing this fight.  Tony had smelled the perfume and had looked over at Stacy.  He knew what was about to happen.  “…………AH……….” Stacy continued.

Tony bent over to get some tissues but Whitney beat him to the punch.  The whipped out two tissue from her front pocket and reached them out to Stacy.  “Bless you hun.”  Whitney said.  She was always known for blessing people ahead of time.

Stacy took the tissues.  “Tha………AH…AHHH…AHHHH…..

Tony rubbed Stacy’s back to comfort for the coming eruption.  Stacy couldn’t stop it.


“Good lord!” “Bless her.” “Holy shit.” Stacy heard from a person in the other section of the waiting room along with some snickers.  She was one thousand percent mortified.  She also had to sneeze more.

“………BLESS….YOU!!!”  Oh honey, Bless you, Bless You, Bless You!”  said Whitney, wide eyed and compassionately.

“Thandk you bmamn, excuse me!”  Stacy got up fast and sprinted to the restroom in the hall.  She had to get away from the perfume and absolutely was about to sneeze again….a lot.

(Please don’t let anyone be in here)  Stacy thought.  “AH….” Stacy ran to the restroom door.  “AH….” Stacy slammed the door open as opened it.  (Oh thank God, no one)  She thought as she closed the door with her back. “AH…….” Stacy readied the tissues for this loud, terrible attack.

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                                                                                                 Part 4


The walls of the bathroom barely muffled Stacy’s massive sneezes.  “Oh my God! Haha!”  Tony overheard someone say.  “She should get seen now, hehe.” said another.

“Oh my goodness!  Your poor lady friend!  Do you want me to go check on her?”  said Whitney.

Just in the nick of time Susan entered the waiting room.  “ Susan.” she said.

Something told Tony this wasn’t a coincidence.  He shot up and knocked on the door of the restroom.

“Oh thangk God!”  Stacy said gratefully.  She came out after a very audible nose blow as they were both

grateful to have been saved from Ms. Whitney’s perfume.  Very nice lady, just not the time for such a

strong scent.

“I hope you seeing the doctor helps!”  said Whitney.

Tony waved and smiled politely and Stacy waved with her non-tissue filled hand.  “Thandks.” Stacy mustered.

Susan took the couple to the examination room.  Stacy changed into the robe and took off her shoes and such.  She also went through about half a box of tissues as she sat with Tony.

“Well, bless you time a hundred hun.  That woman was a sweetheart but it was her perfume that set you off huh?”  said Tony.

“Oh bmy God.  Tell bme about it.  I would norbmally have loved to bmeet her.  Oh man, did I startdle peoplble in the waitding roomb?  Shit, were they laughing?”

“Yes and yes.”  said Tony laughing.

Stacy went took hug Tony is absolute shame.  “Oh shitd, oh dno, I am so damb embarassedt!”

Tony rubbed Stacy’s shoulder.  “Honey don’t worry about it, if you are going to sneeze this is the place for it, you know.”

“Yeah I guess so.”  Stacy said.  She sniffed big and then blew her nose hard.

She sniffed again.  “You dknow, this clean office is pretty good, I feel like I can actually breath a little.”

“That’s great honey.  Yeah the doctor should be here soon and hopefully he can figure out what’s

making your allergies act up.” Tony said reassuringly.

“I hopeb so.”  Stacy said with another blow.

A few minutes later there was a knock at the door and in walked Dr. Williams.

“Well hey there all!”  he said kindly, chart in hand.

“Hey there Doc.” said Tony.  “Hello Doctor Williamsb.” said Stacy.

“Well I heard you allergy meds we got you on aren’t up to snuff!”

They both laughed at the pun.  Dr.  Williams was always able to lighten the mood.

He proceeded the with the normal stuff and small talk.  Blood pressure, listening to breathing and basic questions.  He even was able to look in her nose with his device with no sneezes.  Stacy’s poor nose was so incredibly swollen and red on the inside.

“Well, I’ve got good news and bad news, good new is you’re not dying.”

“What’s the bad dnews?”  Stacy said cautiously.

“Well mamn, I unfortunately am going to have to administer an allergy test.”

Tony sat and looked slightly concerned as Stacy asked “Why is that bad dnews?”

“Well Ms. Stacy, the allergy test involves a Q-tip being inserted far up each nostril.  I know you have been having a hard time sneezing but we need to do it to see what’s going on with your allergies.”

“Oh shitd.”  Stacy said.  She absolutely didn’t want to have another sneezing fit in front of the doctor.

“Hehe, it’s alright mamn, I have heard more sneezes over the year than I can count.”  Dr. Williams said as the readied himself with rubber gloves, mask, and got the allergy tests ready.

“Is there any other kind of test doc?”  Tony asked.  He asked largely because he knew how embarrassed his love is sneezing in front of people, but he secretly asked somewhat on behalf of his eardrums, he knew Stacy would absolutely explode in this small room.

“Unfortunately this is the best test.  We’ll get results the fastest.”  said Dr. Williams as he readied the test.  He was moving quickly in a very “rip the band-aid off quickly” type of way.

Dr. Williams placed a box of tissues in Stacy’s lap.  “Those are for you girl if you need them.  You ready?” He said in a funny tone, trying to keep things light.

Stacy said,  “Ugh, one second bplease.”  Stacy sniffed.  She readied herself and took a deep breath in her mouth.  “Okay Doc.  I’mb ready.”   Stacy gently tilted her head back.

Dr.  William inserted the Q-tip in deep in Stacy’s nostril.

“OOOOHHHHH, that is so uncomft……….AH…..  Stacy quickly removed three tissues.

“Hold on Ms. Stacy, almost done with the first one,”  Dr. Williams said wiggling the Q-tip to get the sample.

“I’mb try…….AH……”  Stacy was holding back as hard as she could.

“Alright done with the first.”  Dr. Williams said while quickly readying the second.  He stepped out of the way to let Stacy basically blow up the room.



Stacy erupted.  It actually wasn’t as bad as she thought.  Tony was amazed at how un-phased Dr. Williams was.

“Bless you girl!  Ready for the next?”  Dr. Williams said.  He obviously thought it was better to get this stuff over with which Stacy found very comforting.

“Oh…..not yet……..”  Stacy held up her hand.  She hitched as if she was going to sneeze.  False alarm.

“Ok Im’b ready.”  Stacy said.

Dr.  Williams did the other nostril.  Suprisingly, there was no incident, at first.

“Alright all done!”  Dr Williams said.

“Thankg goodness” Stacy said.

“Alright, we are going send this off to the lab.  We should get results soon.  Then we can see what med…..”  Dr. Williams turned around to see Stacy’s eyes closed and nose fully flared.


“Bless you honey.”  Tony said calmly.  He knew she was embarrassed especially in this closed room.  Dr. Williams just remained unphased despite the walls basically shaking with these sneezes.

“Yes, bless you indeed girl!  Well, we should be done here.  We will give you a call soon with the results!”  Dr. Williams said.

Stacy blew her nose,“Thangk you Doctor.  Before I leave may I have one of those bmasks.”  Stacy said.  She was concerned about the way home.

“Good idea hun.”  said Tony.

Stacy masked up and they checked out and headed home.  Hopefully the phone call from the doctor would be a lifeline.

                                                                            Part 5 ending coming  soon.

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On 12/4/2022 at 3:27 PM, DLC said:

I've read an older, but slightly similar story (by a different author), and, well, at least the doctor in THIS story doesn't act like the patient's just "making a mountain out of a molehill" and her allergies are no problem worth worrying about (for now). The doctor in that OTHER story learned [his lesson] the hard way.

What was the name of that story? Would love to read that one too

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                                                                             Part 5 (one year later)

Stacy was off to a productive day of errands.  She had hit up the grocery, the home goods store, and even the flower shop.

“How can I help you mamn?”  The flower shop owner said.

“Hello sir!  I would like to see those purple ones!”  Stacy said.

He got them off the shelf and let Stacy see them.

Stacy put them up to her nose and gave a big wiff…….she looked at the flower shop owner and paused.

“…………..Wow, those smell great!  I’ll take them!”  Stacey said.

“Sounds great.”  said the flower shop owner.

Stacey started driving home and put Tony on the cars speaker phone.

“Hey babe what’s up?”  Stacy said very happily.

“Hey hon!  What’s going on today!”  Tony said

“Oh you know just finishing up some errands.”  Stacy said.

“Neat.  Hey, you remember last year when the pollen count was so bad?  When you had that allergy attack?” Tony said.

“Oh how could I forget, I thought I was going to blow the house away!  Thank goodness for these meds they work great!”  Stacy said.

“That is great hon……real great.  You took your meds this morning yeah?” said Tony in a weirdly suggestive tone.”

Stacy took a big clear sniff of fresh air “Oh yes.  Why what’s up?”  Stacy said curiously.  “Oh just asking. Hey, we actually have a visitor right now from then.”  said Tony.  Stacy knew something was up.

“A visitor?  Is Dr. Williams at our house?”  Stacy said confused.

“Nope.  Do you remember Ms. Whitney we met in the waiting room.  She is here hanging out right now, she is our new neighbor.”  said Tony. Stacy thought for a second and then remembered Whitney and her perfume. Stacy understood his weird tone.

“I see!  Well, am I on speaker phone?”  Stacy said.

“No hun.”  Tony said.  They were on the same page.

“Ok, should I take another half dose before coming home?”  Stacy said.

“That may be a good idea babe.”  said Tony.

“Got it, well I guess I will see you guys in a second.”  Stacy said

“See you then babe.”  said Tony

Stacy quickly broke a pill in half and took it.  She really wasn’t that worried though.  The pollen count was through the roof today and she felt wonderful.  She was actually looking forward to getting to actually meet their new neighbor.

Stacy came in the door “Hey everybody!”

Tony and Whitney were at the table having coffee.  She immediately recognized this fun, busty character with all her colorful makeup.  Whitney waved.

“Hey!  Do you remember me?  We met last year at Dr. Williams.”

“I do!  How have you been?”  Stacy asked.  She could start to smell Whitney’s perfume.  (This will be fine, the meds are great) Stacy thought.  Stacy unloaded the groceries and other supplies and they all sat down at the table and chatted.

“Girl, I remember when we met you were having a time!  I have never heard no one sneeze like that in my life!”  Whitney said in her southern twang.

Stacy sniffed lightly and scratched her nose talking about it  “Oh yes.  Ugh, I am sorry about that.  I am on a great new medicine now.  Thank goodness!”  said Stacy with some embarrassed laughter.

“Oh that’s great.  I thought you were going to sneeze your head off.  I am so glad you feel better.  Dr. Williams is great inn’t he?  He got me on new meds too and I feel awesome!”  Whitney said in her charming way.

“Oh yes.  Dr. Williams is a life saver for sure!”  Stacy said.  She sniffed again.

“Absolutely.  Hey Mr. Tony could I use your restroom I have had a little too much coffee.”Tony laughed at her slight TMI.  This lady was a trip.

“No problem Whitney, I will show you where it is.  Our normal one is getting worked on.”Tony took Whitney to the back of the house to show her where the other restroom was as it was sort of hidden behind a column. As Tony returned to the kitchen, he saw Stacy, tissues in hand, eyes gently closed, and nose flared.

“AH……..” Stacy started into what looked like it was going to be a huge sneeze.

(I think we are going to have to speak to Whitney about the perfume)  Tony thought.

                                                                                 The End

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I'm sure eveyone would love you to carry on with these characters if and when you're ready again.

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