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Friend of mine( F)


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Now, this friend and I have been talking for a long time. I never really thought I would get to where I am now, and it may be too late to talk to them about my emotions. Anyway.... we both have the fetish but this time has been differnet. 

She was sneezing and as we talked and I was enjoying, cause she rarely ever sneeze. When she does it's amazing. Huge yet girly EEEYY..YEETT...CHHHHOOOOOOO. With a long "ooo" at the end. Makes my heart flutter. Now that day I felt myself get very connected. This is not normal for me cause I have a mental disorder that make this very hard to get connected. 

Well I think this connection may be late. It hurts a bit and it scares me. Anyway. It was an amazing observation and I can't go too much further, so. Hope you enjoyed. 


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She sounds like an amazing sneezer; and she has the fetish, too? WOW! I’d love to have her, as my friend, as well; and, if I did, I’d probably suggest a love relatoonship; maybe even propose to her :wub::D.

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