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So today, I woke up in the morning for college and my throat was sore and dry . I had breakfast, got dressed and left for college. When I had arrived to college , my throat was still sore and I had also started coughing . At lunch , I had something to eat then I went outside and sat on the benches to relax but then suddenly I felt a tickle in my nose , it built up and then Ashooo , I sneezed in my elbow. I sneezed a few times during the rest of the day and by the end of the college day , my nose was stuffed and I was sniffling . I then walked back home  and when I got home, I changed my clothes and then went to make some green tea and then lay on the sofa with a tissue box next to me , and I grabbed a tissue and blew my nose loudly

My nose is still stuffed and I am sniffling as I am writing this


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