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Encanto art that I found


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Hey guys! First things first: I did NOT create these. I found these on Deviantart. The user who drew them is ProPonyPal.


This first art piece is Isabela Madrigal. She is 21, and she is from Disney's Encanto. Here's the webpage where I found the art: https://www.deviantart.com/proponypal/art/Encanto-isabelas-sneeze-909460200



This second art piece is Luisa Madrigal. She is also from Disney's Encanto, she is 19, and she is Isabela's younger sister. Here's the link to the webpage: https://www.deviantart.com/proponypal/art/encanto-the-strongest-build-up-913651978


Cool, huh?

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…I honestly don’t know why I didn’t include this one before. I meant to…I just forgot, then when I remembered I procrastinated…anyway. This one is in color! Again, didn’t create this. Found it on Deviantart, the artist is ProPonyPal.


Character is Dolores Madrigal, ALSO from Disney’s Encanto, she is 21 and is Isabela and Luisa’s cousin. And the webpage link: https://www.deviantart.com/proponypal/art/Doloress-painful-sneezes-913650197

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16 minutes ago, Jess Starseed1111 said:

Ooo Encanto art 🖼- considering they all have their own unique powers I think these are very good! Imagine the different powers of sneezing, different ways that make a person sneeze 🤭🤣

I can see that. I actually have a few Encanto ideas myself. Like I think Isabela post movie sometimes likes to prank people with a powerful pollen. Think sneezing-powder potency. As for what happens when they sneeze…I think the main times they lose control of their gifts are when they’re sick. I know Julieta can make healing food but I personally believe it doesn’t heal sickness instantly. Rather it just dulls the worst symptoms for a time and gives the immune system a boost. Moving on: Isabela DEFINITELY creates crazy plants with every cough and sneeze, and any plants she tries to grow intentionally look withered. Luisa…I believe she alternates between feeling weak like in the movie and losing control of her strength. Definite bad time to be holding something when she sneezes! Dolores alternates between over-sensitive hearing (like way worse than normal) and partial-deafness because her sinuses are so clogged. Julieta…I believe her healing gift just stops working, or is weaker than normal. Pepa, definitely crazy weather. Like maybe the weather changes every time she sneezes and coughs create thunder. Bruno probably gets weird vision-dreams of things that’ll never happen. He also definitely gets involuntary visions with every sneeze. Definitely annoys him. Sorry for the word splat btw

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7 hours ago, Jess Starseed1111 said:

Awww wooow this so amazing, you are amazing with all these in-depth details of the characters sneezing with their powers. This will make such an amazing story! I love this 🥰 I cannot wait to see if you write a story from these amazing ideas  💎🌸 are you are a writer? I have never written anything sneeze fetish related really. I did one thing on here but it wasn’t too good as I am not used to writing this type of content. But certainly interested in writing content on sneezing. 🌟 Got a few ideas 😎

I SORTA write fanfiction sometimes. I’m a huge fan of sickfics tbh. But I’ve never written a sneezefic though. I have ideas…it’s just putting them into story form. Would you be willing to take Encanto/general requests and try to write them? It’s fine if you don’t want to, just curious

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3 hours ago, Jess Starseed1111 said:

Aww that soo cool 🌟 I love your idea for an Encanto sickfic story 🌟🌟 I can definitely look at your amazing idea with my ideas and maybe we could collaborate on a story? Not sure if there is collaboration stories on this forum but it would be fun to do one 🥰🌟

I think that would be possible. I mean..I can TRY. Like I said, I’ve never written a sneezefic before. And even with general fanfiction, it’s just getting my ideas into actual STORY form. But as for now, how about we move this convo into DM’s? I can send you my ideas there

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39 minutes ago, Jess Starseed1111 said:

Aww I totally get that 🌟 I studied writing  for a couple of years in my degree so I know how hard it can be to put your idea into a full story. I am not validated yet as I am a new member and only joined just over a week ago 😳😅 so I cannot DM at the moment, but if I go get validated I will love to share our ideas  You could give it a go and write a story of Encanto 🥰 You have the base of the idea 💡 you always have the characters sneezing with their powers too. Now you need a scenario to happen in the world in your story. Something needs to happen in order for your characters to end up having their sneezing fits. This would be called “The inciting incident” - where the audience are introduced to the world of your story and then something happens to change/ shift the story. 

So take the movie Jaws as an example - A couple is on beach playing around - the world of the story seems to be good - fun and playful - then they go into the sea 🌊 all is well right? Wrong …. Suddenly the inciting incident happens…. The lady is pulled from the shark underneath her… and boom is gone…. Now the world of the story has changed… things can’t be the same, the world we were shown is disrupted… so we as audience members are now propelled into the new world & the dramatic question is formed “Will this shark strike again?” We then have the shark strike again on the beach … and we know then as audience members that this is not a good thing, the stakes are higher, so the chase for the shark begins, and the movie plays out with this cat and mouse chase on a boat in the water. 

As a writer it is trial and error really, to get better at writing you have to keep practising🌟 We as writers are always learning something new with our work and our writing 🌟 

Thanks for the advice…maybe I’ll try. And once you DO get validated we can discuss ideas and maybe collaborate on a story together

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4 hours ago, Leon said:

All of these are very good

Ikr? I just wish there was more Encanto content on her tbh. I know a few sneezefics on tumblr that include Bruno though, so that’s cool. 

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