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I'mb so sick... (self obs, non-binary)


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I have the worst cold right ndow. I've beed worki'g at a kindergarten sidce September and guess what, I've basically beed codstadtly sick. Sdff! Guess I jusd dod't have ad immude systemb adymbore. I was lucky (read: healthy) for about two weeks but thed it happed agaid. Snrrk! 

I woke up yesterday with a slightly scratchy throat and thed started to get a headache later id the day. At ode poidt I was doi'g the dishes at work and I suddenly had to sdeeze, I muffled a quick "hd'tshh!" idto mby shoulder and thought ndothi'g of it - udtil this mbordi'g.

I've beed a little achy and feverish sidce I woke up, I'mb super sdniffly and- snrrk! stuffed up, got a cough ndow too and I c-cah.. cad't stop s.. s.. uhh.. sdeezi-ihh!  Hd'TSHh! Hah'eSCHh! Snrrk! ... sdeezi'g. They combe id pairs but every half hour or so I'll have a- snrff! longer fit. They take a lot out of mbe, I've barely got ady energy and I'mb just curled up in mby bladkets and goi'g through tissue after tissue.. I wish I had sobeode to take care of mbe, I could really use a hug or five.. Only, I thigk I'mb probably r.. reh.. really cod- hehh! codtagious- 'sSHhiew! Hah'eSCHh! Hah.. ETSHhiew! ... scuse mbe... SNRRK!

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Aww, bless you - sounds like you do need those five hugs, plus someone to gently help you unblock that poor nose properly, contagion or not...

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