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Cute vanilla friend


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I think I might have the cutest vanilla friend.
She started coming down with a cold at the start of this week so she was careful not to hug me or whatever. But I hated this new distance so we talked about it and agreed that I didn’t really care about getting this cold. I brought extra tissue for her little nose all week and tossed them to the bin when she was done.

She’s finally starting to feel better today and we were playing with each other in biology class. Little cute things I’d poke her and she’d poke me too. But then she decided to bump her nose to my ear. Which was already super cute. I looked at her with a puzzled look like lol what did u just do. To which she decided to sniffle right against my left ear. Oh lord. It was so wet. She’s toward the end so all the gunk is just leaving now but she’s still congested so she can never blow it all out and ughhh

I gotta go scream of happiness now

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