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A close friend of mine has been sick for around a week or so. I've lost track since I hadn't seen him in that long. Regardless, I saw him today, and he had a very clear stuffy nose. And I mean clear as in his nose was stuffy and he had that congested speak. His voice was slightly raspy and 'm's and 'n's didn't come out quite right. So my friend is fairly short with straight, shaggy dark brown hair. He's also fairly thin with a button nose and a septum piercing. So, after a while of talking, he took out a pocket pack of kleenex from his bag. I remember that the packet was green. He opened it up and got out a tissue and unfolded it. He wrapped his slightly pink, chapped nostrils in the tissue and gave a really wet, congested blow. It burbled slightly, but it didn't sound like he got everything out because of just how blocked his nose was. He blew into that tissue 3 times before wadding it up and throwing it away. He then whined about how he wanted to go home, snuffling and rubbing his nose on his sleeve. Unfortunately, no sneezes. Hopefully I'll have better luck next time. 

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