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Chhinkni not working?


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So I've finally gotten my hands on some chhinkni and decided to try it today. And while it was very, very itchy it didn't make me sneeze. I used quite a lot as well. Any ideas why it isn't working? It's not expired, the experation date is in 2024 and it smelled very strong. 

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It certainly does not seem to work for everyone. There seems to be a range of responses to it, from nothing at all to out of control extended fits! Maybe try using a little less, as I think that too much might actually hamper the sneeze response. Good luck with your experiments :D 

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I've never had a chance to try it, but I think you should only put a little bit on at a time, just enough to tickle your nose. You should also not put it on regularly, if you do that every day of the week, it's a bit like your nose will get used to the powder. You also need to keep your nasal passages clear so the powder can go deep enough. Not too deeply either because the powder must tickle the nasal walls and not go to the brain. And then, it seems that it does not work for some people but I do not know the reason. For now, wait a bit before trying again, maybe in a week or two.

Well, I've never had the opportunity to try so I may not be the best person to advise you, but these are points that I have often heard about. :razz:

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The first couple times I used it it just tickled like mad but I didn’t sneeze at all either. but I’ve been slowly perfecting my technique and I have something that works every time for me now. Maybe you could try it and let me know how it goes. To start my nose has to already be clear so the powder can get in easiest so if I’m stuffy or something I don’t usually try. One way to clear your nose if you aren’t totally blocked is to just smell the chhinkni without letting it in your nose or some other type of decongestant. When it comes down to the actual sneezing I use a method I learned from an old Andrea Fray video. You bundle of some very frilly feathers with an elastic and put the bundle in a ziploc bag with a bit of chhinkni, close the bag, then shake it around for a bit to coat a those little tiny frills of the feather. Then you run the feather under your nose while slowly and deeply inhaling. Using this method I find the chhinkni is dispersed more finely in the nose and can cover a greater surface area instead of entering as a big lump. I find this also yields more sneezing for the same amount of powder so you can go longer before you need to buy more. Give it a try and let us know how it goes!

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12 hours ago, Moose said:

The original video where I learned the method ^

What a brilliant idea. I've been using the edge of a business card to break it up. It works ok, and I pretty much don't have any issues. The chhinkni definitely makes me sneeze.

This feather method looks like it'd make me sneeze even more. I'm definitely trying this when I can get some feathers. Thanks for posting this!!

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