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Caught a few sneezes on the radio (F)


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It's true that it's very rare to hear sneezes on the radio. Logically, the person who sneezes should have stifled their sneezes much more. Even though his microphone was off, the power of his sneeze is such that it echoed throughout the room. Bless her. And thank you Demosthenes for this little find. I can imagine this scene of uncontrollable despair quite well. Already it can be embarrassing to sneeze in front of 10 people, what must it be to sneeze in the ear of millions of people ? :razz:

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On my favorite radio morning show, one of the hosts has allergies and has talked about his sneezing on air in the past. I don’t listen as religiously as I used to, but he has definitely sneezed on air several times to the point where the other hosts have blessed him. 

It’s … very fun 😇

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6 hours ago, Demosthenes said:

This really made me do a double take as I heard it while driving in my car today.  Usually radio people mute their sneezes, but she let several out right on the radio and talked about her Christmas tree allergy. 


Hey, you had by any chance put up a drive back in September containing videos of sneezes from YouTube etc.  right? Can you share that link again. I have lost it.

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Thanks for those.

There was a recent KFI show where the host vividly described almost sneezing.  Something like "Don't you just hate that?  The way that it builds and it crests..."  And a co-host remarked, "Yeah, it's like, does anybody have a feather?  Can I look at the sun?"  I forgot which show it was and lost it though.  There wasn't any actual sneeze, but a rather memorable conversation. 

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