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Obs at lecture today (M)


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Pretty sure this is my first obs I've posted here? This moment stood out to me a bit.

Today in a lecture I was sitting next to someone in the back of the lecture hall who was either suffering from allergies or a cold, most likely a cold. I was just recovering from a cold myself, so I wasn't really paying that much attention to him, but they were sniffling quite a bit. He got my attention when they brought their elbow to their face and let out a pretty strong sneeze(I don't really know how to spell sneezes yet). I peeked over and watched as they muffled the three more sneezes of similar strength into his elbow. His body heaved a pretty noticeable amount each sneeze, it was surprising to watch. He sniffed and blew his nose into a tissue. I set some attention aside to see if he would sneeze again but alas, no luck there.

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